An Enlightened Way of Thinking

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— (An Enlightened way to think):
Really you try NOT to think but to just let thoughts occur due to your
own karma and a certain peace of mind, perhaps “in synch”
with God’s intention. It’s partly STOPPING thinking with your mind
and feeling with your heart, but the process
must be controlled by a dominant or governing yang (left
hemisphere of your neocortex, thought to be the seat
of logic), or you’re liable to slip into delusion.

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An Enlightened Way of Thinking

For me, to meditate is to Let Go,
Feel your thoughts (Just let them passively occur)
in a Musing Way and Trust the Universe
as I write, speak or live my life

The Daily Walk with Miracles, updated May 16, 2018, with video of THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND AT FILLMORE EAST – FULL ALBUM, by R.C. Metanoia and YouTube, which I listened to meditatively twice while writing this. Actually, this is basically a discussion I had with a lady about my living circumstances and how (the way or process by which) I think, most especially when writing. Beautiful yellow daisies courtesy of Material not in the original, added to the short dialogue is in (parentheses). I’ve had several people in recent weeks show an interest in this piece, so here it is. I admit it may need something of a rewrite, I hope the thoughts involved are sound, interesting and hopefully perhaps of value.

Ladies, I’m the owner here, Paul, just turned 61 and “single and wishing.” See Ladies I am Single & Looking, Looking for a Long Term Relationship in the United States, January 20, 2018, which will let you know all about me. Any lady from ages 40 to 63 who might be interested in a relationship or even a caring friend to chat with, please email me at, a new gmail address I am reserving for personal use. I love to chat and share photographs! Please also check out my personal Facebook page. I just wanted to add: Where are the hot NSA and CIA women when you need one? Also see The Dharma of the Mindful Now, The Daily Walk with Love, March 23, 2018, by Paul Evans, which is more a musing over my life rather than any sort of methodology of thinking, as this attempt tries to be. — Blessings, Paul.

In this discussion, it is good to keep in mind the Zen quote, “the mind seeking the mind, is this not the greatest of all mistakes?” Yet understanding and somewhat making a habit of thinking in particular ways is NOT any kind of mistake, it is like the admonition to know yourself and also to understand who you are and why you think in a particular way. I do think it’s important to do this meditatively, in whatever way you are comfortable doing that. I simply feel that the way in which I think is unusual and might be of use to others, so I wanted to share my methodology.

I no longer live in the unique rural setting I used to live in, and have since moved into downtown Wooster. I miss the old place, and my “second family,” but have decided, anyway, to republish this dialogue in near-exact form to what it was when I originally wrote it, on May 12th of 2017.

Girl: So, is it a commune setting that you live in?

Paul: Well it’s “sort of” communal, except there’s only four of us here on an ongoing basis, (usually) and it’s top down command wise… I’m only something like a (Christian) student of the “esoteric,” (disliking the loaded word “occult” which now has such connotations of evil (it did not originally). I am spiritual and charismatic in my Christian beliefs. Now one-fourth of all Christians are charismatic, in most denominations. I guess maybe the way that is different than spiritual belief is that everything gets in synch and everything signifies other things besides just what they are… that there are no real coincidences, only non-understood relationships….

(My thinking involves three processes going on fairly simultaneously.) 1.) I use the “Method of multiple working hypotheses” I guess you would call it, it was a paper by T.C. Chamberlain in the Journal of Geology from 1912, (I learned this way to think in 1976), that and 2.) logical free association, and 3.) strong logical inference… these are ways to give a person strong insight into situations you are in and to draw proper conclusions. (But it needs to be done in an intuitive way, in other words, you cannot do logical free association except in an intuitive way, and here mood is important, you have to stay positively directed, but it is important that you don’t get too manic or the whole thing falls apart. You must retain a yang [left-brained] control here, but this “free association” which the brain does somewhat naturally is intuitive and cannot be purely logical. You can’t do it that way.). It also helps a lot to have a good and deep understanding of language.

Everything is related to everything else, and, really we are One, one collective mind, it is a new evolutionary “way” forward for everyone, like Wendel Wilkie the Presidential candidate against Roosevelt, who had the idea, and wrote about it in a book called “One World.” (article about this here on The Daily Walk with Miracles). There are no secrets because nothing is hidden…. just not all relations are properly understood yet, but that is my own shortcoming, God knows I try.

(My mind and life now may enjoy a minor sort of Enlightenment a la Zen Buddhism, which I have studied. Nonetheless, there is a good deal of understanding of suffering involved, that’s the “dharma” of it, and it’s not for everyone. So I have a good understanding of suffering and have been homeless five times in the last five years, although not in the last two years. I was innocent and too trusting and gullible, TOO kind and gentle, perhaps, and I have learned a few lessons about that lol.)

Girl: Where does intuition fit in?

Paul: Well intuition is our yin mind, our right neocortex, really we need to make our yang mind, the rational, logical left brain, we must make that intuitive too, and we must take our yin mind, the intuitive side, and make that logical, the only real way to do this is through years of study and effort, and also you need to open your Corpus callosum, which connects the two hemispheres of the neocortex, which takes years of study and effort, but also there is a simple exercise of holding your breath and bearing down with your mind through your body… (Don’t take in too much air or bear down to hard, either.) But you have to understand (a lot) and have worked on this a lot or it isn’t going to happen…. Intuition is necessary for the rational mind to connect to other phenomena related to what you are thinking about (in free association), but the yang mind must be slightly dominant and one must not forsake common sense.

Girl: Do you meditate?

Paul: My listening to YouTube music constitutes a meditative approach to my writing, and communicating my ideas to help people on my website is and constitutes a way of meditative thought AND therapy for me, as I am considered mentally ill, but you see, I have a unified mind and simply am quite psychic (and don’t fit in too well, I am autistic in that way, and also I don’t like b.s. or hypocrisy or injustice), the psychiatric community cannot rationally deal with this, so they fill me full of their drugs, which I have learned to “feed off of,” so that they only serve to make my mind stronger and more logical, it’s the edge I need to stay yang enough… do you meditate? I admit that I have been mentally ill only in that I was emotionally distraught and that being psychic is a hard gift (the spiritual gift of prophecy, one of the 12 gifts of the Holy Spirit) to learn how to handle and show the world a calm, “normal” demeanor at the same time. I have a good understanding of the Gospels. I love to watch videos by Alan Watts, Ram Dass, Krishnamurti and others on YouTube, but mostly it is the unspoken (almost) meditation of having music “flow over and through me” while I write that is my primary meditation. (Music crafts the mood I want to be in, fortunately there is a LOT of really great music to listen to!!)

(Added) Really I try NOT to think but to just let thoughts occur and then write them or say them… (the music I listen to helps this). Thoughts occur due to your own karma and God’s grace, according to His intention. It’s partly STOPPING thinking with your mind and feeling with your heart, but the process must be controlled by a dominant yang (left brained) mind, or you’re liable to slip into delusion.

…Well the girl and I had a nice conversation, where there’s life there’s hope…. I remain “single and wishing.” Ladies, I remain your humble servant, Paul Evans at or on my own Facebook page. …Talk to you later!!

a field of beautiful yellow daisies

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