Christianity Supports a Caring, Sharing Society (Not necessarily a liberal one)

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I believe that the outward “form” of any political system is
nowhere near as important as the men who run the government and IF
they are able to pass caring legislation. Something like China’s planned, mixed economy
seems to work best of all methods tried so far:
Here I show how the early Christian church supports a caring, sharing society.

November 28, 2019
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
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Christianity Supports
a Caring, Sharing Society
(Not necessarily a liberal one)

The Gospels and Acts Support a Caring, Sharing Society
(and Political CARING verses old, Ideological ideas)

MIR: The Land & Peace, revision of November 28, 2019, originally published October 31, 2015, by Paul Evans. Video courtesy of Peter, Paul and Mary and YouTube.

With thanks to my friends, Wooster, Ohio, to the many people who work hard on Linux OS’s (Microsoft, too), to my old liberal friends, my friends in Google Plus (which I greatly miss), especially in Anonymous, in the CIA, and everyone whomever has helped me out over the years.

[(So,I am Paul, 62 and “single & looking” in Wooster, Ohio, and I get all these girls from Ghana, writing to me under false profiles. “Ghana” is thus a CODE that means “they” are just torturing me… I guess because they don’t “get it.” It doesn’t mean that if a person disrepects me, it doesn’t hurt, it does. I’ve finally made up my mind: if I get any more chats from “Ghana,” I will block you right away. For over nine years now, I have consistently supported the common man and a more caring, sharing society. The earth cannot sustain our relentless economies based solely on growth: we need to make a more sustainable economy. It’s not rocket science, too many people, static or diminishing resources, therefore share the resources we have intelligently. It could start with something as simple as carpooling Please, if YOU “get it,” if you value a guy who tries hard to be kind and caring, and would strongly try to show you how much he would appreciate you in his life, and are single, write to me at sailingtokansas@gmail. com. Thanks, ladies!)]

Both on the basis of pure materialistic (philosophical) arguments and from philosophical idealism and the world of faith, it is strongly apparent to me that we need a more caring, sharing society. It’s not rocket science: too many people, too few resources, therefore share the resources we DO have, and share them caringly and intelligently. Here we will explore arguments from the Christian faith supporting a much more caring and more sharing (socialistic) society.

First a few definitions. “Socialism” is an economic system where the government owns the “means of production” and infrastructure. Big C Communism such as Leninism, Stalinism and Maoism are variants on this where the government is a dictatorship and there is a police state. Fascism, is, unfortunately the basis of any political system which has two primary characteristics. First, a corporate-government partnership (and in the U.S. more than half of all Federal employees actually work first and foremost for private companies and corporations), and secondly, what is referred to (in a self-explanitary way) as “the security state,” as in Homeland Security. So the United States under any political consideration IS a fascist government. ((Let me be the first to say that there IS NO direct comparison with Nazi Germany, the U.S. retains its democratic forms and in some ways is also rather socialistic as now constituted, and that American fascism is largely an equal opportunity employer)).

That the early Christian church existed under a communal economic regime is undeniable. For example, consider, “and there was no poverty in the church, because whenever the church had need, a rich, pious landowner would sell off a piece of his property and give the proceeds to the church” (paraphrase). Thus, in this relatively small association, economics was handled in a fully communal, but also somewhat “top down” manner. In larger social groups, the experience has thus far been somewhat unsuccessful. The only exception I might point at would be China, but here notice that China has a mixed or “economically pragmatic” economy. As Deng Xiaopeng said, “I don’t care whether a cat is black or white as long as it catches mice.” China is expected to have a GDP growth of about 7 percent this year, and 8 percent in the tech sector. And the introduction of of capitalistic enterprises into Red China has appealed to the Chinese peasants selfish but VERY understandable wish to better their status and enter the 21st century in matters of consumerism and technology. Men are basically selfish, and need to chance to profit from their own efforts and entrepreneurship, but China does it in a controlled and planned way. To me, there is little wrong with that. Communalism or socialism in large societies has thus far always needed to be coerced from somewhat unwilling citizens. If the whole world suddenly went communalistic, though, there would be no “enemy,” no reactionary forces in the world opposing this government, but only a caring, sharing society without the need for coercion and the horrible waste of war.

There is another, very vital consideration. Jesus gave Christians only two commandments, to love God, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. I think on this, and then, for me, the economic-political expression of “loving your neighbor” is nothing other than “from each according to his abilities to each according to his needs.” That has to be modified because mankind is essentially evil or fallen or selfish, and so China’s mixed economy sounds to me like a fairly good compromise. What could be more of a straightforwardly loving way to base a society than this? Probably a rich, died-in-the-wool hyper-capitalist CEO would declare otherwise, but, to me, socialism, or some kind of communalism, is the very essence of a Christian way to base a society. So far in history, due to competition with other purely capitalist regimes and people’s selfishness, as well as their attachment to the “old order” of things, communalistic regimes have had to be top down or dictatorial.

If humanity is to survive, ultimately we must embrace a more sharing sort of economic system. We are on the cusp of greatness as a species, yet we are also so very close to nuclear war and the “end” of things. It could go either way, couldn’t it? We MUST make our own society much more caring or sharing, or, it logically follows, we are likely to go extinct as a species, and take most of life on earth with us. There are now too many people and too few resources left for things to just go on as they have been. And I believe the world is ripe for change in this direction.

Quo Vadis, United States?

The United States, with our obsession about money, is far (perhaps a couple of hundred years?) away from popularly embracing any sort of caring socialism. This is a FACT that America’s left must face. [(Aren’t the only “things” that matter in our lives not these “things” at all — not our fancy houses and cars — but our good friends and lovers (once we have the bare necessities): isn’t that outside of money and free for everyone? “They can’t take that away from me.”)] How I wish those with wealth and power could perceive this deeply enough.

So these are some thoughts about all this political ideology, and the plain fact that it doesn’t matter that much, all that matters is that we Be CARING in thought and in word and in deed. If we call ourselves Christian, how can we not be CARING and build a caring society? A democratic and somewhat more sharing, more caring and sharing society would be an ideal form for this, but any form will do: we need to stop killing and hurting each other over these ideologies. All this does is cause the whole world pain.

People are mostly selfish and fallen and evil in their hearts (and behavior). People’s selfishness naturally supports a capitalistic sort of society, if you think about it. And America’s own forms work fine, we just desperately need the kinds of measures and reforms which Donald Trump is bringing us. I feel the GOP may soon again be “The Party of Lincoln.” I also believe that the outward “form” of any political system is nowhere near as important as the men who run the government and IF they are able to pass caring legislation. Nazism vs. Communism doesn’t matter so much, WHAT MATTERS IS THAT WE PASS CARING LAWS, laws that help and encourage the People. Do keep in mind, all you conservatives (of which I am a libertarian example) that it is written in the book of Acts: “…and they held their goods in common.” Please God, could we just have more caring laws from Congress?

I am a sort of very pragmatic, Democratic Socialist but believe in a mixed economy because capitalism appeals to man’s selfish, fallen nature…. and China, who’s already got a mixed economy, is growing at 7 percent a year with their GDP. Maybe in a couple hundred years we might start Actually trying to build a better, more caring society and “loving our neighbor as ourselves.” Because that’s why Jesus died for you! I do also support Donald Trump’s attempts to reform America and hotwire our economy using the methods of hypercapitalism. You see, the outward forms of government DO NOT MATTER, what matters is that we take care of our people and pass laws which do that effectively. May it Be, in Christ’s name: Amen.

Peter, Paul and Mary
If I Had A Hammer (1963)

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