The Death of YouTube as we Know It?

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— OK, all these critical events are taking place, many in the near future. Please do read some of my very recent articles to understand. However, come January 1, half the YouTube site will be under direct attack by the FCC. Due to an existing 1975 ruling by the FCC, as revisited in 2013, come January 1, 2020, “thousands of YouTube channels are gone.” This is mainly a question of marketing products in YouTube ads to children under 13. (So, among other ramifications, all those annoying ads in YouTube videos we adults might otherwise enjoy, for the adult viewer, the user experience just might get somewhat better….) But it’s much easier, in terms of a recent class action lawsuit and the FCC’s demands to just delete the videos. And faced with this huge loss of revenue, will YouTube, as we know it, even survive?

November 29, 2019
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The Death of YouTube as we Know It?

There simply isn’t enough time
before next year begins, so, faced
with the probability of huge fines, YouTube will
very likely just shut down thousands of channels,
also digging a huge hole in their own revenue.

MIR: The Land & Peace (Link to Home page and blog), November 29, 2019, by Paul Evans, as related to me by my good friend David (who makes the evenings here bearable, and who gave me the lead information for this article). Featured image is from the movie, Young Frankenstein and courtesy of Manjaro Linux Os’s. We are all indebted for all this information to Ian Corzine, “What YOUTUBE’s Not Telling You About COPPA,” dated November 19, 2019, for almost all the information here, I just wanted to give my readers a heads up on some very important news, which basically affects all of us. The first video here is linked to above. Also, we bring you the latest update with actual video, “What MORE YouTube Is HIDING, from November 23rd.

YouTube is not telling you the WHOLE TRUTH about COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). And the consequences are disastrous … FTC fines of $42,530 per video, video de-publication, and worse … LOSS of YOUR CHANNEL. In today’s video, I take you through an in-depth history of COPPA, YouTube & the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), including when the FTC fines YouTube….

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