The Dangers of Muslim Sharia Law in America

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July 16, 2016

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The Dangers of Sharia Law in America

Conservative Christians and the Left
must stand firm before all
our Constitutional liberties are taken away

The Daily Walk with Miracles, July 16, 2016, by Paul Evans and Dan Hershberger. Video courtesy of Fox News and YouTube.

photo showing Muslim determination to dominate the world using Sharia Law

As a thinking, compassionate Christian I find Sharia Law barbaric and inhuman. We must never allow Muslim churches, municipalities or “societies” within the United States to institute Sharia Law, even for their own people: To me, Sharia Law is something which is strictly out of the dark ages and it has no place in the United States of America. People, the danger is for real. The mid-sized town of Dearborn, Michigan instituted municipal Sharia Law on a 4 to 3 vote TWO YEARS ago. (Ultimately, this was invalidated, though.) Opinion in the conservative community is divided, although Rush is strongly against any Sharia Law in America. So are most progressives. It fits in though, with New World Order ideas about utterly controlling the population.

The left is finally also learning of the danger. See Sharia Law In The USA 101: A Guide To What It Is And Why States Want To Ban It, The Huffington Post, July 29, 2013, by Omar. The danger is very real. Dearborn is 30 percent Muslim, yet they rammed it through. Personal freedom and rights: gone. Our Constitution: history. STOP SHARIA LAW in AMERICA before it’s too late. Donald Trump is right!

Six percent of Muslims globally, (only half of whom are Arabs), are jihadists and want Holy War. It’s amazing to me, but some 30 percent of Muslims want political expansionism. That’s a good reason to work for green energy so we don’t send every last dollar of ours to the Saudi’s. This means that about 64 percent of Muslims are “OK,” and not a problem for America, but how do you tell who is who? Trump is 100 percent right: allowing Muslims to immigrate to the United States while this war with ISIS is going on is like it would have been if we encouraged Japanese immigration during WWII. And in comparison, this looks even worse, doesn’t it?

UPDATE: See The ugly truth about Sharia law, The Washington Times, July 13, 2016, by Kelly Riddell.

Trump: We have a problem
with radical Muslims

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