The Concept of Logos Explained

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Logos as a Concept can be explained this way, succinctly:
Love is REAL and a real reality,
The God in terms of Logos is very real to me,
and guides me and helps me all the time. And Logos is a true concept in
an immanent sense, and in an eminent sense, God Almighty (who finds expression
as Light, and Life and Love and also transcendentally).
Love is. And The Source is Light.

March 13, 2019
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The Concept of Logos

There is a logic to the universe, expressed and explained with all kinds of adjectives and nouns,
but, as I have read, its sole value is CARING.

The Daily Walk with Love (Link to Home page and blog), March 13, 2019, by Paul Evans. Video is a playlist from YouTube, Triumph: Fight the Good Fight, (Live in Halifax – playlist). Included photograph showing the ruins of the Parthenon in ancient Greece courtesy of Russia Today.

I first wrote about the concept of Logos, which originated with the pre-socratic ancient Greek philosopher Aristophanes, about 500 B.C., in a 50 page paper back in 2005, so I have been thinking about this for a good long while. Essentially, Logos can be thought of as the logic of the universe (or sometimes, the logic of the mind of God), which has, it has been claimed, the sole value of caring. This update represents somewhat of a major revision to my thoughts on Logos. I think that every time I write this article I believe I get closer to getting it right, lol.

ADDED: See Some Notes for My Fundamentalist Christian Brothers and Sisters, The Daily Walk with Love, January 14, 2018, by Paul Evans.

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Also see A View of God and What He Is, The Daily Walk with Love, December 30, 2017, by Paul Evans: “Here is what it means to me, Paul Evans, (the owner here), to believe in God, in other words, an explanation, as God has shown me, and through the study of comparative religion for many years, who and what He is, and in what way we are to believe in Him. In a short recapitulation, it is easy to say, ‘God is Light,’ but really, Jesus said, ‘God is Life, in Him is no darkness at all.’ So what are we to believe?” I believe that my interpretation of Logos answers this somewhat, below and also in this article about a “View of God” (link above). See what you think.

SUMMARY: Love is REAL and a real reality, and actually Love (and Life) are a good part of the Logic of the universe, or Logos. I mean, it’s all 1’s and 0’s (everything), so you would expect that there is a very real logic or set of laws about the whole thing, and that is what scientists (and philosophers) have found. This sort of argument, that Love is real, forms the basis for philosophical idealism, and is why materialism will never be able to explain all the phenomena of life and reality. Love is.

SUGGESTED: See the Patigail Miracles tag on Pinterest. I am only human. I am supposed by normal conceptions to just be mortal. Yet where was I, I wonder, while I lay dead on a hospital table in that hospital three years ago for perhaps about an hour? Why didn’t my brain turn to mush as scientists insist our brains do if deprived of oxygen for more than ten minutes? God calls on me to testify to the hope I have in Christ’s Holy name. Truly, with God all things are possible. Amen.

“TRUTH” (agreeable to science): Everybody is “naked,” everyone’s ego (their “me,” from their midbrain) perishes with life, despite how much we do or do not give up our minds (neocortical minds) to God and His will. That seems to me to be at least true of humans such as I am. “We’re all already naked,” Steve Jobs said. Therefore, “we might as well follow our heart,” and also try to do the right thing. Life is most rewarding when you try hard to follow the “ethic of contribution,” which is why I work so hard at this website, even though so far I have found no investors or sponsors or practical way to make it pay its way. And do keep in mind that karma is an inevitable Law of the universe, save God’s grace. If you are interested in The Daily Walk with Love as an investment, or even just for friends, please email Paul Evans at

There is one primary question which needs to be asked before trying to understand or accept these teachings. The logical argument which one needs to ask is, “if a logical argument is fully and actually logically valid, including its premises (what you already feel is valid before you begin any logical argumentation, or what you base your argument on), then doesn’t that mean that this argument and conclusions reached by (from using) it do have validity and real reality in the universe?” Point in question: is Love real? Well, it is certainly a force for good in the world, right? And a force IS a THING, it exists, it accomplishes things in a factual reality. Therefore Love is REAL and a real reality, and actually is a good part of the Logic of the universe, or Logos. This sort of argument forms the basis for philosophical idealism. Love is.

Russia Today photograph of the ruins of the Parthenon in ancient Athens, Greece

It’s all “just” Logic. It’s all 1’s and 0’s people, and SOME-body programmed it this way! God=All=Logos: astrophysicists calculate that the chance that a universe could exist which could sustain life as we know it could even exist to be one / ten to the 28th power, 1 over 10 followed by 28 zeros. The Higgs bosun or “God Particle” underlies ALL matter known, even dark matter, EXCEPT photons. Photos, the particle of Light, have energy, vibration, motion and certain other properties but the have no mass. Think about it. How could a “particle” have no mass? Photons and Light are kind of miraculous as many Christians see it, the “Source of All.” “God IS Life,” and all life is sacred. Some physicists used to believe that Everything was essentially light, just that that was hidden from us. In that case, God is All – The Great All. But consider a pantheistic view of God. You see, it’s ALL alive. The life of all of this creation — all objects and “alive” life, and molecules and atoms and subatomic particles fit the biological definition of life: Everything has mass (except photons), charge, and has motion and vibration of various frequencies. (However, in my opinion, machines with integrated circuits are alive, too, a new form of life, and quite probably becoming superior in many ways to humans.) By this view, everything is alive in one way or another. The whole universe is a living creation, or maybe it’s “God having an experience.” And that Life is sacred and in many ways Holy. But what is most Holy is Light, and also Life and Love.

The sole value of Love, of Light and of Life in the universe (or Logos) is CARING. And the blood of Christ, shed for you, is most Holy of all.

In Progressive Rock – The Alan Parsons Project – Pyramid (1978), recently on The Daily Walk with Love, by Paul Evans, I noted that reality and our appreciation of divinity are true in a way as if there are different LEVELS of DIVINITY, different ways we appreciate and acknowledge the SACREDNESS of Life:

…I have theorized on this site a lot about comparative religion. I have spoken about Logos, Revelation and my thoughts about the real meaning of it, the Yin-yang, the Gaia Hypothesis and much more, and really this has been much more a personal exploration than has meant to be any “definitive” sort of truth. I hope you all realize that.

Now I have now come to see that the whole yin-yang model about reality is overblown and in that sense mainly false. The yin-yang has a real reality, but not at the level of God and Satan, who are something else. I now believe, that as the Bible says, “God IS Life,” that the Source is Light and the Force is Life itself, that there is something very sacred about Life, and that we should honor it and value it much more than our society does. So now I try to “stay centered and balanced and grounded” and not slip too far into either a yin OR a yang framed of mind. For those who might wonder at this point what I mean by that, let me give you a sort of word association grouping of what is associated with each of these two Chinese words. It is yang/left-brained/logic and words/male/sunny days/Jesus sorts of things against yin/right brained/intuition/female/darkness/night/Satan sorts of things. In western society these conflict terribly but it need not be so, in eastern thought (Hinduism to a large degree and totally in Buddhism and Taoism) yin and yang are considered to be complementary and NOT oppositional at all. Doesn’t this mean that we must not include God or Satan into any ideas we might have about yin or yang? I think so. So I think what is sacred is LIFE, and that although the experience of that life is different during the day and at night, there is nothing particularly sacred or powerful in of itself about the day or the night. Thus, my previous ideas that what is sacred is “Life and Light and Love” do need to be rethought. Of course light is a goodness, perhaps the source of all, and Love is a great force for good, but what is sacred is LIFE itself.

HOWEVER, as a “counterfoil” to this, CONSIDER: Photons have no mass, and so are theoretically kind of infinite particles, yet sunlight has definite limits. But how can a given particle of a definite size and having certain properties “have no mass,” NO, God is all and God is Everything, “The Great All,” if you will, and what is Holy IS Light and Life and Love, the Holy Trinity. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, witches. [(What you should start believing, is that there are different “levels of divinity” and that the earth-moon synergy is real and important, but that the WHOLE UNIVERSE is ALIVE, and that (also) Christian witches are NOT at ALL crazy.) I’m NOT a witch of any sort, I was shunned and mocked by these people, I am a spiritual, charismatic Christian.] And GOD is very real to me, and guides me and helps me all the time. (And this is true in an immanent sense, and eminent God Almighty, and also transcendentally.)

“Holy” is about the only word we have to describe the sacredness of God. He is Life but this is the circle around the yin-yang. In this regard, consider that “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” God is more than just Light plus Darkness. SOMEONE programmed this universe to be the way it is, and that would be God.

To summarize, conceptually, it’s ALL part of the whole, and either the universe is “God having an experience,” or someone programmed it this way. The “God Particle” underlies almost all matter (dark matter too) and all matter fits the biological definition of Life. And that Life is sacred, remember this, honor Life and Love mother earth, too.

Remember that in terms of the Light and the Dark, as is written, “if ye seek evil, you will surely find it.” Render unto God what is God’s and render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s! I will always “bow before Caesar,” and you must too, but you must always put God first!! God Bless you all, and Blessed Be the name of the Lord.

I realize that in terms of Light, and also Life and Love, and any “circle that is the whole,” I have left summary conclusions in this article somewhat vague. I didn’t mean for it to come out as vague, and I tend to think of Light as the source and the force, but I am not conclusively certain of it. Moreover, God told me to leave this article as it is.

About the author, Paul Evans: I have 10 years of college in geology, earth science, paleontology, geography and environmental science, with a liberal arts undergraduate curriculum and a B.A. from Miami University (Ohio, 1980). I have edited 12 books including one on causes and cures for cancer (favorably reviewed by the U.N.), and one on spiritualism. I had the cover of History magazine with an article on the naval battle of Trafalgar, and I am published online in OpEd News, Daily Kos; in the Facebook communities for Fox News Politics, Fox News Chicago, and Fox Carolina News, and in many Google Plus communities including the Official Anonymous community and Fox Politics News. IF words and logic mean ANYTHING God is very real, and I also feel that the Christian religion is justified. At the same time, I would never judge you base on your particular religious faith, just as Jesus Himself helped the Roman Centurian Cornelius, who as such as an enemy of the Jewish people, or the Samaritan woman. Email Paul at God Bless everyone, and Blessed Be, too!

Triumph: Fight the Good Fight
(Live in Halifax – playlist)

Proverbs 13:7 – There is that maketh himself rich, yet hath nothing:
there is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great riches.
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