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The Daily Walk with Miracles Celebrates Five Years on the Net as Your Truthful Christian Politics, Health and Psychology, Inspiration and Music Provider

a fierce bald eagle and flag expresses our very real patriotism God Loves You! a fierce bald eagle and flag expresses our very real patriotism

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As President Trump exits the Paris Climate Accords,
called Clexit by some, the evil globalist forces
of Bilderberg Group and others prepare
to strike back (from INFOWARS)
I am certain in my mind that the CIA
will help and empower President Trump!
(but the Left must help, too)

Donald Trump 2017
“Make America Great Again!”

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The Daily Walk with Miracles

June 5, 2017
Ohio’s Voice of Freedom
Justice is Coming!

The Daily Walk with Miracles
The “Official” Music Blog of the CIA
*Spiritual *Truthful* New Age *Christian* Independent*
Support the NEW CIA!
(Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World!)


With INFOWARS video on CLEXIT:
Where America makes our stand
( if interested in a face-to-face, real relationship, or even a life-long friendship, email )

The Daily Walk with Miracles, June 5, 2017, by Paul Evans. Here is a simple pledge or plug for Alex Jones INFOWARS, where the news you get is actually the Truth. Sexy Linux Mint (free of Illuminati control) hot girl by tungudeep at DeviantArt, with download link, below. Ladies, I remain “single and wishing,” please contact me, Paul, at, thanks.

See The Aliens Worship the Light; But the Illuminati are Corrupt & Evil, The Daily Walk with Miracles, June 6, 2017, by Paul Evans.

Watch More Islamic Attacks In Europe – Trump Goes Full Patriot (6-6-2017), The Alex Jones Channel, June 6, 2017 — Live

From my Facebook page: THE CIA IS CHRISTIAN AND PATRIOTIC: Please see “Trump Decapitates World Government, Bilderberg Prepares To Strike Back” at The Daily Walk with Miracles, June 2, 2017, by Paul Evans: the video is given below. I am sure, for example, that CIA may be quite conservative, and may be (obviously) quite Christian and patriotic, as I am, but NOT neo-nazi as the leaders of the globalists are. That’s right, the neo-nazis through their control organization the Bilderberg Group, which controls Microsoft by the way, are in full control of the Democratic Party right now. But the true warriors of the left should want NO PART of this and should cooperate with Republicans in congress to pass Donald Trump’s budget. I am calling on a full ALLIANCE of the right with the real, true left against influence and the evil neo-nazi forces behind the Clintons, led by the Prussian Junkers and the Bilderberg Group. To get an unbiased environmentalist’s point of view, watch EPA Chief Pruitt: Trump put America’s interests first, Fox Business on YouTube, June 2, 2017 — 1:47.

See The Right in Politics AND the Left Must Support Donald Trump, The Daily Walk with Miracles, May 31, 2017, by Paul Evans: “You know they only made the situation from 2008 worse. If global economic collapse happens, it will be twice as bad as the depression of the 30’s. Brothers and sisters on the left and on the right, SUPPORT DONALD TRUMP (for jobs, faith and values: America First)!! (please read the article before you ‘gainsay’ me): The Right and the Left Must Both Support President Trump!” Did you know that one-quarter of Bernie Sanders supporters polled said that they’d support Donald Trump over Hillary? Regardless of your particular faith and ethnicity, be patriotic and support the President!

About computer operating systems: since Canonical and Ubuntu are apparently colluding with Microsoft, we should all get a different Linux operating system (different than Linux Ubuntu) on our computer ASAP, such as Linux Mint 18.1 “Serena” with the popular Cinnamon desktop. This is one way to stay free of Illuminati, neo-nazi interference on the internet.

CLEXIT: Trump Declares Freedom!
(Keeps campaign pledge)

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