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January 31, 2016

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The Association – Greatest Hits
(full album playlist)

FreeMusic57, January 31, 2016, by Paul Evans, video courtesy of The Association and YouTube.

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Wikipedia says of The Association that:

The Association is an American pop band from California in the folk rock or soft rock genre. During the 1960s, they had numerous hits at or near the top of the Billboard charts (including “Windy”, “Cherish”, and “Along Comes Mary”) and were the lead-off band at 1967’s Monterey Pop Festival.

early photograph of The Association

The Association gradually formed in 1965, in California, and had their first hit, “Along Comes Mary,” which made it to No. 7 on the pop charts. (There was some controversy as the usual “scholars of the law” said that the title refered to marijuana, which then was considered shocking.) While their sound comes across in most songs as a nice pop sort of sound, at times described by them as “sunshine pop,” some of their songs are “folk-rock,” a term which The Association actually was the first to use. There are also elements of what is described as “psychedelic folk” about their music. And while the music of The Association is “nice and easy” pop, it has nuances of folk and tendencies to have a mild psychedelic effect which must be experienced to be understood or appreciated. These guys have a great sound, and have made 6 gold and 3 platinum albums. They toured from 1965 to 1978 and then from 1979 right up to the present.

Check out The Association’s Facebook page and then stop by their Official website to learn more.

Please feel encouraged to watch The Association Live! May 2014 (YouTube – 3:40) and expecially The Association – Live at the Coconut Grove – April 1979 (YouTube – 9:36).

Like the songs of The Association? See all the 256kbs digital mp3’s of songs and album by them at

MIX: The Time It Is Today
Great Hits by The Association

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