Tangerine Dream – Melrose (full album)

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— Tangerine Dream ‘defined’ the Berlin school of electronic
music. In Melrose are several of our favorites, performed
by the definitive lineup of “TaDream” of Edgar Froese, Paul Haslinger,
Jerome Froese, & Hubert Waldner. This album was recorded
compositions. I’ve listened to Tangerine Dream for decades
now, and this is one of their best efforts.

February 7, 2018
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Tangerine Dream — Melrose
(full album)

More Electronic Music at its Finest,
the best Germany ever gave us.

The Daily Walk with Love, February 7, 2018, by Paul Evans. Video is Tangerine Dream – Melrose, Richard W. and YouTube — 59:25. This is another Tangerine Dream album which is not at all “dark,” as some of their other albums are. Moreover, unlike some electronic music, Melrose is quite accessible to the average music listener who doesn’t normally listen to this genre. Melrose can be directly listened to, or used as a sort of propulsive background music. Featured photograph courtesy of Tangerine Dream and Facebook.

According to Apple Music,

Without doubt, the recordings of Tangerine Dream made the greatest impact on the widest variety of instrumental music during the 1980s and ’90s, ranging from the most atmospheric new age and space music to the harshest abrasions of electronic dance. Founded in 1967 by Edgar Froese in Berlin, the group progressed through a full three-dozen lineups (Froese being the only continuous member with staying power) and four distinct stages of development: the experimentalist minimalism of the late ’60s and early ’70s; stark sequencer trance during the mid- to late ’70s, the group’s most influential period; an organic form of instrumental music on their frequent film and studio work during the 1980s; and, finally, a more propulsive dance style, which showed Tangerine Dream with a sound quite similar to their electronic inheritors in the field of dance music.”

Saying that Tangerine Dream “defined” the Berlin school of electronic music, Apple offers 15 of their albums for purchase in iTunes format. If you prefer high quality digital mp3’s, Amazon also has a (smaller) selection of albums by Tangerine Dream, mostly greatest hits collections, but different than what Apple has and worth a look.

There are two different seemingly “official” Facebook pages for Tangerine Dream, and it’s hard to tell which is which, since both are well done. But please feel invited to visit Tangerine Dream’s Facebook page, or another good Facebook page about Tangerine Dream, which may be the official one since the photos match what’s on the band’s website. See the band’s official website here, www.tangerinedream.org, where they have a moving tribute to Edgar Froese, the band’s founding member and heart, who has passed away.

According to Richard W., who has a nice description on the YouTube page for Melrose:

The 1990 studio album Melrose is the only one featuring the short time line-up Edgar Froese/Paul Haslinger/Jerome Froese. After his guest appearance on a single track on the album Lily On The Beach (1989), Edgar Froese’s son Jerome had joined TD officially in January 1990 for a live performance, and Melrose was the first record composed and performed by the reformed band. But after a lengthy stay in the USA and the release of Melrose, Paul Haslinger wished to leave Europe and live and work in Los Angeles. So TD did an already planned tour in the UK in autumn 1990 and then Paul Haslinger left the band at the end of the year, making TD a duo again.

The Daily Walk with Love also has Best of Tangerine Dream, which I’m sure you will like if you like Melrose.

Tangerine Dream – Melrose

0:00:00 – Melrose
0:05:47 – Three Bikes In The Sky
0:11:49 – Dolls In The Shadow
0:17:01 – Yucatan
0:22:18 – Electric Lion
0:30:37 – Rolling Down Cahuenga
0:37:23 – Art Of Vision
0:42:56 – Desert Train
0:53:16 – Cool At Heart

Tangerine Dream – Melrose

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