…And so This is Winter (??)

have been surfing the web this
early Saturday morning, January 11th, 2020,
trying to find some interesting quotes and stories
for you about all the warm weather we have been
having this January. I found out that year-to-year
big swings in average temperature are not so very unusual
(more on this below). For me personally, if I wake up
in the middle of the night and feel like smoking
a cigarette, I have to do that out in the garage,
because where I live we are not allowed to smoke inside
at all. So it’s great for me (and I’m sure for commuters
as well) to not have to deal with all the ice and snow.
I know that global warming is real, and so this is probably
not politically correct, but gee, I can’t help smiling,
(or even grinning), at the weather and enjoying it a lot. Read More …