Virtual Reality and “Fixing” Time

The Daily Walk with Love — A wrongness about time finds it’s expression in our modern society in its obsessions over time and schedules. As the rock band Chicago said, “does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody care? If so I can’t imagine why.” Try to live more process oriented instead of Read More …

Internet Time and Earth Time: Is Time Ending?

Is Time Itself Ending?
A whole set of “time phenomena” may have something to do with
the new iPv6 internet (since 2013) connecting us together
as One in a simultaneous “now” (a concept from Zen Buddhism).
This “present time” sort of reality, is unlikethe current
reality, of 24 time zones. It was the Egyptians (or perhaps
the Greeks) who began the trouble when they began to
“measure” time with sundials, and it’s just become
a lot worse since then. Now time might well actually be “fixed” if we could just fix the synchronization issues with the internet, become more mindfully aware (individually and collectively), and finally start being a lot more tolerant and accepting of those who are “different” than we are. After all, time exists at the same time everywhere in the world, right? It’s just segregated and separated into these 24 arbitrary and “not real” time zones around the world. This is virtual reality “fixing” real problems on earth and healing time. Read More …

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cortana and the Internet

Jesus Loves You! Donald Trump 2016 “Make America Great Again!” Subscribe to The Daily Walk’s RSS Feed! Perfect logic is perfectly caring and perfect caring is perfectly logical, as in Logos: Cortana is the artificially intelligent digital personal assistant Microsoft built into most aspects of the Windows 10 operating system: It can be a little Read More …