How to Live Longer, Healthier Lives

by The Daily Walk with Love Eating a diet rich in 1) yogurt, 2) goat’s milk cheese, and 3) red wine was discovered in one of the old southern “Soviet” Republics, to achieve longer, healthier lives. This was a scientific study and so it would probably work for you! Donald Trump 2017 “For Jobs, Faith & Values!”Support Your President!

Alzheimer’s Reversing Cocktail?

by Jesus Loves You! Donald Trump 2016 “Make America Great Again!” Recently, a Tufts University educator unveiled an Alzheimer’s-Reversing “Cocktail” recipe and, after watching dramatic transformations of the patients who used it… Some researchers are finally admitting it’s a cure. Subscribe to The Daily Walk’s RSS Feed! May 6, 2017 The Daily Walk with Miracles The “Official” Music Blog of the CIA *New Age *Truthful* Read More …