Can Human Growth Hormone or DHEA Transform Your LIfe?

by The Daily Walk with Love What’s the truth about HGH (human growth hormone) — does it cause muscle gain and burn fat? Somewhat, but it’s HARD to get (except from Switzerland), very expensive, and DHEA (testosterone/andresterone supplement, which is cheap and readily available), does about as well. Donald Trump 2017 “For Jobs, Faith & Values!”Support Your President!

Men’s Health: Cheap & Better Than Viagra for ED

by God Loves You! Viagra Obsolete? I am only basically republishing an ED cure article carried on Fox News (with commentary), which out of altruism I wanted to share with my male audience. I take no responsibility, legal or otherwise Donald Trump 2017 “Make America Great Again!” Subscribe to The Daily Walk’s RSS Feed! June 18, 2017 Ohio’s Voice of Freedom Justice is Coming! The Read More …