The Concept of Logos, God, Goddess & the Life Force

by The Daily Walk with Love Life is a real force on earth, this “oasis in space,” and it is Holy & should be reverenced. Life a good part of the Logic of the universe, or the Divine Logos. In a sense, everything is alive, it all has mass, motion, charge and vibration, which is the biological definition of life. Love is.

Understanding the Logic of The Universe and What is Holy

by   Smile, God Loves You     January 24, 2016 Free Music57The Best Free Music Blog:*American *Truthful* Christian *Conservatve* Independent*Brothers and Sisters,Peace, Love and Unity! Understanding the Logic of The Universeand What is Holy (Prayer for Peace Between God & Satan) Free Music57, rewritten January 24, 2016, by Paul Evans. I would like to welcome our new partner Dan Hershburger on board. The third Read More …