YouTube 80’s Alternative Mix

by The Daily Walk with Love This “12 inch extended” 80’s mix is one of the coolest mixes I’ve run across on YouTube in some time. But then I’m a new wave fan, listen and see what you think, yourself. Donald Trump 2017 “For Jobs, Faith & Values!”Support Your President!

NO, Dummy, NOT the Brain Marked “Abe-Normal”

by Jesus Loves You! NO, Dummy, NOT the Brain Marked ‘Abe-Normal,’ and other weird sh*t including the full movie playlist of Young Frankenstein – full movie – and a discourse on BDSM. March 3, 2017 Donald Trump 2017 “Make America Great Again!” Subscribe to The Daily Walk’s RSS Feed! The Daily Walk with Miracles The “Official” Music Blog of the CIA *New Age *Truthful* Christian Read More …