Five Finger Death Punch — Bad Company

by The Daily Walk with Love I always thought of the CIA, in particular, in terms of the featured photo, as “God, guts and guns.” Certainly they are the original “Bad Company.” Cross ’em and you’ll find out just how bad! With a proposed alliance between the United States and Russia(read it, it makes sense) Donald Trump 2017 “Make America Great Again!”

Mix: Five Finger Death Punch – Wrong Side Of Heaven (But the righteous side of hell)

by October 25, 2015…and God Bless the Yuhanick Family! Free Music57The Best Free Music Blog:*American *Truthful* Christian *Nonpolitical* Independent* Mix: Five Finger Death PunchWrong Side Of Heaven(But the righteous side of hell) Why the Hell?(for our troops and veterans) Free Music57, October 25, 2015, selections by Paul Evans courtesy of YouTube. Read the Wikipedia article on Five Finger Death Punch, which says: "Five Finger Death Read More …