The New Age ~ 3rd Force

by The Daily Walk with Love Welcome to the New Age, brought to us, actually because of radioactivity, genetically modified food and pollution (insecticides and herbicides), all of which are changing the human genome. But the planets ARE aligning, too (the Age of Aquarius). Here also for you is some wonderful new age fusion music, The Very Best Of 3rd Force.

How to End Global Warming

by Subscribe to The Daily Walk’s RSS Feed!     God Loves You!     Midnight Blue Internet March 21, 2016 The Daly Walk with MiraclesThe Best Free Music Blog:*New Age *Truthful* Christian *Nonpartisan* Independent* How to End Global Warming Luv Yer Muther(I think we’re going to be here a while) The Daily Walk with Miracles, updated March 21, 2016, by Paul Evans, with Read More …