My Best Quotable Quotes, by Paul Evans

by The Daily Walk with Love The best ‘quotable quotations’ of Paul Evans – confessions of an internet addict, with love. All about life from somebody who knows (this was originally written on one of my more manic days, but I’ve worked on these quotes for years). Donald Trump 2017 “Make America Great Again!”

YouTube “My Mix” in Alternative Rock

by     Smile     There are people who Care December 18, 2015 Free Music57 + politicsThe Best Free Music Blog*New Age *Truthful* Christian *Nonpartisan* Independent*Rock On! YouTube “My Mix” in Alternative Rockfeaturing Nickelback The internet is the greatest revolution in the history of mankind “I blog therefore I am” Free Music57 + politics, December 18, 2015, by Paul Evans, video courtesy of Nickelback Read More …