David Crowder’s Illuminate & Christian Comparative Religion

REVISED AND UPDATED:The best theological thought I understand
of is explained here, with a cool playlist from the Christian
contemporary artist David Crowder based on the song
‘Revolutionary’ from the album Illuminate, with some ideas on Christian
comparative theology (religion). The basic idea is that
the same reality of Light as source of all
and most Holy pervades most religious thought.
In that sense the Egyptian sun god Ra, the Greco-Roman Apollo
and the Judeo-Christian God YWH represent the same reality,
which is discussed here. Read More …

Pope Francis on “the God of Mercy”

by The Daily Walk with Love — Pope Francis on mercy and forgiveness: The pope “noted how God is waiting for us to open the doors of our hearts to Him, and said that we must have the certainty that He waits for us as we are, not as we are told we ought to Read More …

On 2 Corinthians 5: 10-12 — Commentaries

by The Daily Walk with Miracles Donald Trump 2016 “Make America Great Again!” Subscribe to The Daily Walk’s RSS Feed! Here are two commentaries from 2 Corinthians, with my conclusion that we are ALL sinners and evil before God. It’s even OK to realize that some cynicism & an understanding of the irony and absurdity Read More …

The Third Force of Life, Duality and The Doctrine of Coexistence

by Jesus Loves You! Donald Trump 2017 “Make America Great Again!” Subscribe to The Daily Walk’s RSS Feed! Rush hits all the high notes in this YouTube playlist, including a full discussion of what is actually sacred (Life, the Third Force), as explained from science, comparative religion, the Gaia Hypothesis, the Bible and Eastern thought, Read More …