Better, Alternative Drugs and Treatments for Major Illnesses

While Big Pharma is pushing drugs which aren’t effective, and often have terrible side effects, Dr. Spreen and the Health Sciences Institute are offering better alternative treatments for major types of illness, with no side effects and which have a very low risk of causing death. I certainly am not trying to step on Big Pharma’s toes with this. However, these treatments are available right now and could save countless thousands of lives. And there are plenty of “new” pharmaceuticals here to profit with, it’s a “win-win” scenario. It’s about time. You owe it to yourself and your family to read this. Read More …

The Vaccine Revolution for Truth on Autism and Other Disabilities

this and THEN see if you are still scoffers, but you owe it to your children to at least read this. The pharmaceutical industry must stop pushing toxic, little-tested and unsafe vaccines and other medications and food additives on us and our children. There must be
much more testing and oversight, and the FDA must cease being the corrupt, money-hungry institution it is. Flu shots, for example, which scientists admit are only
ten percent effective this year (25 percent most previous years), contain way too much mercury, which is a neurotoxin and also has been shown (OSU research) to weaken the body’s natural immune system. Once you have read this article you will at least admit there is doubt and see that MAYBE vaccines cause many illnesses and also disabilities in our children. Read More …