Midnight Oil – “Forgotten Years” (Mix)

by The Daily Walk with Love I would describe Midnight Oil as “Indie,” alternative and (somewhat) punk, too, but they really are great rockers. There’s nobody else quite like Midnight Oil, and I would say they are the conscience of Australia, environmentalist and they espouse more justice for the Australian aboriginal culture, though that’s only a very minor part of their story. God Bless Midnight Read More …

Staind – It’s Been Awhile (Video playlist)

by The Daily Walk with Love Here is a thoughtful music video playlist about suffering and perseverance, highlighted in the first video by the band Staind with their hit, “It’s been Awhile,” which was a big radio hit for them. Donald Trump 2017 “For Jobs, Faith & Values!”

Collective Soul – Afterwords (2007)

by The Daily Walk with Love I first got to know this 2007 Collective Soul music in 2009. They’re one of my very favorite groups, I love to hear them rock on YouTube in various live performances. Really, nothing has “spoken to me” better, in terms of love, since: this music really “reaches me.” And it’s really romantic, too. This is for Judith in Tennessee.

WALK THE MOON – Live at the House of Blues

by The Daily Walk with Love Our coverage of a video of a live “Walk the Moon” performance from the new wave, indie rock group with a new wave sound has links to get music downloads of their newest album “Talking is Hard,” discussion and much more!

4 Non Blondes – What’s Up (Mix)

by The Daily Walk with Love These girls do some very seriously good indie-alternative rock, the message is emotionally very strong & Linda Perry is sexy. This is a cool playlist by various artists which speaks about psychology and revolution! Donald Trump 2016 “Make America Great Again!”