David Gilmour – “On an Island” 2006

by The Daily Walk with Love Donald Trump 2017 “For Jobs, Faith & Values!” David Gilmour was the former lead guitarist and vocalist for Pink Floyd. “On an Island” from 2006 was the third solo album Gilmour produced after Pink Floyd broke up for the final time. It has a very cool, smooth, enjoyable sound.

David Gilmour * Live In Gdansk

by Jesus Loves You! Donald Trump 2017 “Make America Great Again!” Gdansk is the Polish port city where Lech Walesa led the “Solidarity” labor movement that helped bring Poland independence from the former Soviet Union. So probably this concert had a special meaning to David Gilmour. Subscribe to The Daily Walk’s RSS Feed! September 20, 2017 The Voice of Freedom in Ohio! Justice is Coming! Read More …