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The super rich are planning to replace ordinary people with ROBOTS…
that is what “they” (the 13 ruling families) are planning. And it is shaking down REAL soon.
The only question will be, WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON?? Pray for and Support
President Donald Trump. Trust the “New CIA” and Trust Donald Trump!

February 23, 2017
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

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Support President Trump:
for God and Country

Trust President Donald Trump
to “Fix” This and Lead America
out of the Wilderness

The Daily Walk with Miracles, February 23, 2016, by Paul Evans, with sources of A well-known colossal-sized American bank is on the verge of a catastrophic collapse…, Financial Armageddon Approaches: U.S. Banks Have 247 Trillion Dollars Of Exposure To Derivatives, The Economic Collapse Blog, December 29, 2015, by Michael Snyder, and our own Deutsche Bank Leads Global Charge into Economic Collapse, The Daily Walk with Miracles, October 11, 2016, by Paul Evans. Accompanying music video is 30 Contemporary Christian Songs on Piano, YouTube – 1:45:21.

The Daily Bible verse at The Official King James Bible Online is Nehemiah 8: 10 – “Then he said unto them, Go your way, eat the fat, and drink the sweet, and send portions unto them for whom nothing is prepared: for this day is holy unto our Lord: neither be ye sorry; for the joy of the LORD is your strength.

See Financial Armageddon: Huge American Banks on the Verge of Collapse, The Daily Walk with Miracles, February 23, 2016, by Paul Evans.

CIA - God, guts and guns

MY FELLOW AMERICANS, do NOT panic, do NOT withdraw your money from the banks, and Keep working within the system to help Donald Trump. DONALD TRUMP WILL make it better for us. This “fix” of the “plastic ponzi scheme” sounds rather evil, but it will buy Donald Trump the time he needs, using all the powers at his disposal, to actually FIX the AMERICAN ECONOMY. May it be, In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

As far as asking for Christians (the Right, conservatives) AND Communists (the left, true liberals) ALIKE to support President Trump I refer you to the book of Acts where it is written, “and they held their goods in common” and it is obvious in studying the New Testament that God AND Jesus love the common man. AND we have a majority vote in the Congress to support President Trump when “the going gets tough.” Rand Paul led a 78 to 18 vote in the Senate to limit NSA spying…. TOGETHER WE HAVE THE MAJORITY!

Now, we know that Donald Trump is standing firm against the power of the Masons and Rothschild… I SUGGEST the United States people AND the CIA and Anonymous stand firm with him. That is, it is the working plan of the 13 ruling families to kill off the American people — the common man — and replace him with robots in the workplace. THAT is their plan, but it will NOT happen on Donald Trump’s watch. PRAY FOR YOUR PRESIDENT!!!

From my FACEBOOK page (I’m seawolf57): “OK, people, all you Jezebel spirit neo-nazi’s, LISTEN UP: Donald Trump is himself in large measure Jewish (himself), and was bankrolled in the campaign by former NYC mayor Arthur Bloomberg, Lord Jacob Rothschild is an Orthodox Jew, he controls Microsoft, and Trump now has his HIS guys running NSA, CIA and Homeland Security. Oh and there’s MOST of the 30 million strong combat trained Christian militia. So shall we GET REAL and DROP the whole “I hate Jews” routine? Before you all end up in jail or DEAD? Love, Paul Evans.”

Jesus Christ on the mount of olives

PLEASE READ THIS WHOLE ARTICLE before you draw any conclusions, and SHARE THIS with your friends. Maybe one in 10,000 people have been aware of this whole scenario playing out. The main financial source trying to get out the Truth to people so they can be prepared is Michael Lombardi, M.B.A. and Profit Confidential, who says:

The super rich are planning to replace ordinary people with ROBOTS… that is what “they” (the 13 ruling families) are planning. And it is shaking down REAL soon. The only question will be, WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON?? Did you realize that ALL orders placed through Amazon are now filled with the robots who staff their warehouse, under the minimal supervision of THREE humans, just Three for the whole warehouse? Did you realize that in Iraq robot soldiers now have the authority to KILL, to take human life on their own decision making? May God have mercy on the common man, and may America FULLY SUPPORT President Donald Trump, is IS for the common man, and who will lead us out of the wilderness into better times for all Americans. Amen.

The Financial Collapse Blog says:

Did you know that there are 5 “too big to fail” banks in the United States that each have exposure to derivatives contracts that is in excess of 30 trillion dollars? Overall, the biggest U.S. banks collectively have more than 247 trillion dollars of exposure to derivatives contracts.

That is an amount of money that is more than 13 times the size of the U.S. national debt, and it is a ticking time bomb that could set off financial Armageddon at any moment. Globally, the notional value of all outstanding derivatives contracts is a staggering 552.9 trillion dollars according to the Bank for International Settlements. The bankers assure us that these financial instruments are far less risky than they sound, and that they have spread the risk around enough so that there is no way they could bring the entire system down. But that is the thing about risk – you can try to spread it around as many ways as you can, but you can never eliminate it. And when [(or IF)] this derivatives bubble finally implodes, there won’t be enough money on the entire planet to fix it.

The same sort of thing is going on in Europe with Deutsche Bank, which has some $47 Trillion in basically little-leveraged derivatives investments and some $25 Trillion on OTC swaps to leverage. Deutsche Bank has clawed their way back somewhat, though their stocks are at about a third of what they were a year ago, and is another “ticking time bomb”, waiting to go off.

Maybe it’s too late. I don’t really know. You get a LOT of this sort of thing, and it may in fact be Propaganda from the Russians, as I believe this sort of thing from Michael Lombardi may be, BUT his facts SEEM CORRECT. So… what to do:

An Infinite Ponzi Scheme is Offered
“Plastic Makes it Possible”

“They” (the big banks, even the few financially sound ones and the major corporations), have tried really hard to keep this whole thing a secret. I have even thought, as have other astute people, that America’s whole economy resembles nothing less than a huge PONZI SCHEME by the super rich, and that the “time” for this to keep working is about ended. BUT I do have an idea here. Maybe, if the global economy is a bit Ponzi scheme and money is the root of all evil, THEN DO AWAY WITH MONEY TOTALLY. “Plastic makes it possible.” While we are getting our economic house in order (gradually, for it will take many years), Just put everything on plastic and do away with bills and coins altogether. I do hate to explain this further, but doesn’t plastic represent “a huge, potentially almost unlimited Ponzi scheme,” and one that is, shall we say, “highly programmable?” It will buy us the time we need to get our financial house in order. THAT is your answer, America!!!

IF ONLY the people would STOP borrowing like they have and would live with austerity, fully within their means. IT MAY BE TOO LATE ANYWAY, but we NEED TO DO WHAT PRESIDENT TRUMP SAYS, and support Donald. He is a multi-billionaire and he KNOWS what has to be done to POSSIBLY save America and even the world. People, PRAY for President Donald Trump and help him ALL YOU CAN!! PRAY TO GOD that we might be spared this fate! and Pray for your President!!

30 Contemporary Christian Songs on Piano

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