Sunday Musings on New Testament Understandings of “Sin”

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thinking about sin, morality and the Bible
and what you should do and what the best
moves we men should make are.

August 18, 2019
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Sunday Musings on New Testament
Understandings of “Sin”

In such areas as relationships and sexuality
and following God’s Old Testament Laws,
there is a Fundamental Difference in our
Understanding: the Price has already been Paid.

The Daily Walk with Love, August 18, 2019, by Paul Evans, already published on Facebook, with minor additions and corrections here.

Being Kind, makes you Kind, and living like Jesus taught makes you like Jesus, in important ways that count.

Following Galations 5:14, Matthew 22:39-40, and Romans 7:7, see what you think. For friends, fellowship and maybe dating, email Paul at

The New Testament, starting right with the Gospel of Matthew, makes us think and feel about “sin” and what God requires of us in a fundamentally different way than before Jesus death and resurrection. There is, then, to begin with, The Great Commandment, Matthew 22:39-40, to Love God with all our hearts and our minds and our souls, “and the second is like the first, (to Love our Neighbor as Ourself), 40: “All the Law and the Prophets depend on these two commandments.”, which is further buttressed by Galations 5:14.

Look at the Garden of Eden story as well as our understanding of sin and lust in terms of Romans 7:7 — “I would not have known sin, had I not known the law, and I would not have known lust had I not covetted.” First off, realize that covetting made “the big ten” Commandments and lust did not. I feel that chasing after women is covettiing them as well as dating and sex, yet if a woman offers herself in terms of a relationship, this is not covetting and therefore is not lust, whatever sexuality may be involved. I have thought and prayed and even written an article or two about this, and the way it seems to me in terms of the Garden of Eden is this way: God was not surprised or particularly angered that Adam and Eve had had sexual relations (of whatever kind). God is God, of Course he knew that they would do this. Rather, God became angry when they showed that they were ashamed about it. To me, shame is strong evidence of guilt. Feelings of guilt are just about proof of sin. If you can see the differences, there are are quite a few things in our morality and in terms of living life as a Christian which have changed verses what they were in Old Testament times. “The price has already been paid.” This is not any kind of license to just go out there and do what we please… As you live day to to day, follow that tiny little voice and feelings you have about what you are doing… if you feel guilty, you probably are.

A Note of Warning to Men: in my experience, women ALL do ESP, they pretty much know what you are thinking, they just about all have cell phones, and they all gossip, a Lot. Do not do a woman wrong, you Will be sorry. Believe me, I know. Also, from many tears cried and much lost time and effort, it is unusal to find an honest, true love from dating sites. What you should probably do is to start attending a large church.

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