Suggested: Full NSA/CIA and Anonymous Cooperation

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a fierce bald eagle and flag expresses our very real patriotism The Daily Walk with Love a fierce bald eagle and flag expresses our very real patriotism

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— It is time for the NSA & CIA and Anonymous to cooperate
fully, not just on ISIS and the social networks but also
in the matters of surveillance and investment banking.
We must embrace “America First” as opposed to American exceptionalism,
and for example champion micro-finance as opposed to the global currency wars.

Donald Trump 2016
“Make America Great Again!”

March 06, 2018
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

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Suggested: Full NSA/CIA
and Anonymous Cooperation

Heal the world: CIA, Anonymous, let’s have a revolution of the heart,
and work Together to clean up what’s really
and truly “wrong” in the world

The Daily Walk with Love, March 6, 2018, by Paul Evans, with the spiritual assistance of elements of Anonymous and with the spiritual support of (some elements of) the Central Intelligence Agency, and for my late father Dr. Jack E. Evans (WWII Marine officer, ASA, AFSIA, NSA, CIA and Yale Ph.D.) Video is Anonymous – Message to the Citizens of the World VI by Anonymous Official and YouTube — 17:10. Featured photograph is by Anne Lamott and Guideposts. Either we change the overall attitude of the intelligence services, whom I KNOW in their hearts ARE patriotic and love the American people, and arrange some sort of more cooperative relationship between “the people” and our Illuminati overlords, or else it looks to me like actual revolution may be the only recourse of the American people, given the evil and wicked plans of the Illuminati elite. Anonymous in turn must change it’s mind and see that our current surveillance is fully necessary. We CAN change and reform the intelligence services to SERVE the American people, and not Goldman Sachs (or their bosses), and if we don’t, what is the recourse of our suffering people except something like revolution? This article was written as a good-hearted attempt to bring together two parties who together might have a better chance of helping to save America than they might have separately, and it is made with the best of intentions. God Bless America!

Four Vital Reforms for America’s Future

See my page on the coming possible (probable?) global economic collapse, which shows you how bad things might get if we don’t pull together as a nation and globally. I see it as maybe a 30 percent chance we’ll see a 40 percent market correction, a 40 percent chance of global economic collapse (I mean a depression worse than the Great Depression), and about a 30 percent uncertainty factor. But the indicators are saying economic collapse, so praying wouldn’t hurt. I am saying that global economic collapse is more likely than not. It has also strongly come to my attention that there are both Fascist and Communist global conspiracies going on. The world has become a place insane with greed and hunger for power. Ideologies themselves are no kind of answer, what is vital is that we live caring lives, each of us, and always try to do the right thing. Those rules are not hard to remember, it just “costs,” doesn’t it? Well, you can pay the ordinary citizens of the world now, or you can lose it all. We don’t need either kind of revolution, what we need are about four basic, simple reforms which would allow our world (and the United States in particular) to actually get beyond our debt and prosper. We desperately need a somewhat progressive fair and flat tax, we need to nationalize our banking system or at least reinstate Glass-Steagall, which separated savings banks from investment banks, and we need publicly funded elections or at least term limits (as Donald Trump has proposed). With the progressive fair and flat tax, or at least the system that Trump has proposed, it is absolutely vitally important that we somehow get offsetting cuts to the tax loopholes which will pay for the lower tax rates legislated in congress. The tax code must be properly reformed (and I KNOW that if the Illuminati leadership wants the tax code to be revised, it will be). Fourth and finally, the food stamps cuts MUST be restored, the 50 percent cut, 5 percent a year for 10 years. Did you know that most of the people on food stamps have a job, and MOST of them are single mothers? Paul Ryan is the economic theorist responsible for this, currently, and in the White House under Bill Clinton, Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner (“Bush’s wrecking crew), we have suffered through irresponsible and foolish economic policies over three presidencies. For example the 5 percent a year for ten years cuts in food stamps: this is literally taking food out of the mouths or our babies and children. For shame, sir!! For these reforms to happen, public opinion will have to be almost totally with us, since the lobbyists who virtually run congress these days will be tooth-and-nail against the reforms. Those really are the “big four” that common sense is crying out we have to legislate, or else the whole corrupt system will come crashing down like the house of cards it has become.

Did you know that in America, the richest nation in the world, some 75% of us live paycheck to paycheck, in danger of homelessness in the event of any unexpected major expense? Did you know that the super-rich and investment bankers have floated a total of $552 trillion (with a “T”) in derivative investments backed (leveraged) by very little? (Many of these are repackaged under water and foreclosed mortgages dating back to 2008: we have never honestly addressed this issue as a nation. And 40 percent of the last major “stimulus” went for tax cuts for the very rich.) And did you know that “they” have looted our savings accounts to the point where only perhaps half a cent is left in them backing every dollar in circulation? IF we do these reforms, our nation and society might go on much as before. If we DON’T enact these reforms, we’re all going to “hell in a hand basket.” I apologize for the publication of these figures to those intelligence operatives who have known these things but have been forced to remain silent, as I mainly have, until now. I am first and foremost an American patriot, and I see this as my patriotic duty. I am also in no way officially connected to any intelligence organization and so feel no constraints in being boldly honest with my readers. May God have mercy on us and a suffering people all over the world. Amen.

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SUMMARY: Out of pure patriotism I now ask: May God grant that a new era of an “America first” as Donald Trump sees it and an attitude moving away from “American exceptionalism,” the global currency wars and the whole neo-colonial, neo-conservative and neo-liberal mindset (which has got us to the fine state in which the United States now finds itself) prevail along with rational and intelligent full cooperation between our intelligence services and Anonymous. THAT would fully change the outcome of American decline, impoverishment and destiny. We need to find agreement and fully cooperate not only on the matter of ISIS and the social networks (where there is good cooperation now), but also in the matters of surveillance and all about the evil of the larger investment banks and the banksters.

END the New World Order
and the Global Currency Wars

Intelligent, informed people now know the evil of the global currency wars and the NWO (New World Order, begun in earnest in a September 11, 1991 speech by George H.W. Bush, YouTube — 1:51), but the Illuminati need not themselves take an evil or wicked approach any longer and they must get along with their Christian brothers and work together on the level of common society for real change. You cannot any longer keep the truth from the common man, good sirs. Surely both the Illuminati and Christians both can see where their current mindset, hard-core American exceptionalism, the greed of the investment bankers and the global currency wars have brought the United States and even the world. It doesn’t really matter whether you approach U.S. government from a Christian point of view such as mine or even from a much darker mindset, righteous government is righteous government, and our interest is clear. Perhaps real change might begin with full cooperation between intelligence people in liaison with Anonymous, and having seen the hopes and wishes of our people in electing Donald Trump. The American people will no longer stand for less than fairer government which represents the people, which represents all the American people, and not government run by the big corporations. There’s nothing wrong with corporate-government cooperation or even partnership, but right now in America the tail is wagging the dog and corporations are writing our laws and running our government. And they do this not in any way for the interests of the American people but only to maximize their profits, short term. I humbly ask for this intelligence community – Anonymous cooperation in the name of rationality, full loyalty to the CIA and also full patriotism.

There are those who see Donald Trump as just another Republican with a bit of a crazy attitude, and those who realize that his economic proposals would actually grow the economy and employ the American people gainfully, as opposed to Obama’s fake statistics and fake GDP growth achieved by Goldman Sachs and the investment banks’ (illegal) program trading by computers. In other words CIA, you know in your hearts that Anonymous is basically right about the evil of the investment banks and banksters. And Anonymous, the United States is under attack by many enemies, and if you are honest you KNOW that we do need the surveillance provided by the amended Patriot Act. Both “sides” can see these simple facts. We must ADMIT this and begin a new era of full cooperation. May God Save the United States of America. There are also those of us who understand that in his heart, Donald Trump IS a man of the people who would heal our great land.

The Obama administration has pulled your strings, CIA and Anonymous, far too totally and exclusively, and with evil consequences for the world. Both Bush’s and Obama’s insistence on unbridled American exceptionalism and the global currency wars and failure to help institute a fair and decent “global currency reset,” have brought the world to the brink of the annihilation of the human race. The investment banks (incredibly) have made some $552 TRILLION in risky derivative investments, nine times the total annual value of the goods and services produced by the entire world. Starting with Bill Clinton, the divide between savings banks and investment banks which had been provided by the Glass-Steagall law was removed, and now the evil banksters have taken YOUR money, America, and put it into paying for their greedy, risky derivative investments so that there is less than one-quarter to one-half of a cent left in the savings accounts backing every dollar in circulation. 75 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and in my own home state of Ohio, at least one quarter of our children are at risk of hunger each month. This is NOT the America I grew up with, we have become almost a Third World country. And it’s due to the greed of the super-rich and the investment banks: ADMIT this CIA. And Anonymous, YOU must see that we need the full degree of surveillance and cyber-security that we now have. This is not so hard, either.

Obama you were once upon a time a man of the people. What happened? Either help the American people throw off the shackles of their enslavement, or go down in history as a despotic, evil man. Surely it is now your legacy which matters to you. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Either the CIA and NSA & Anonymous ACTUALLY come to some cooperative agreement or perhaps the time of human life on earth is ending. God grant that it not be so. God grant that the CIA Director of Central Intelligence Mike Pompeo, whom I see as a good and decent man, sees the absolute need for cooperation and understanding now, with Anonymous. Change your minds and change the world and save the American people! I put it to you plainly, it is that or revolution. The American people will NOT go down without a fight, or there must be major changes. WE MUST INSTEAD of a revolution HAVE A REVOLUTION OF THE HEART. We must build a more caring, sharing society of we risk extinction as a species, along with most life on earth. It’s not rocket science: too many people, too few resources, therefore share the resources intelligently. Elect Donald Trump and we might have a chance: with Trump, there will be no WWIII with Russia: Trump and Putin understand each other. Putin’s people have claimed that a Clinton Presidency would likely lead to nuclear war. But there must very soon be full cooperation between the intelligence services and Anonymous to help fix and save America and the world. Amen and May it Be.

I am Paul Evans, I just turned 61, I’m the owner of The Daily Walk with Love (please feel invited to have a look, our home page is at – and we are The Official Music Blog of the CIA ) …and you can reach me at if you’d like, yes please let’s chat. You MUST realize that NSA, CIA etc. watch every word I write, and will get everything you say too…. So I must warn you, if you ask about money the conversation with be OVER right then, please I don’t mean to be hurtful, OK? I think the way security has this set up you are the one who has to ask me to hangout but I will try, thanks and Happy Valentine’s Day. ~ Paul

Message to the Citizens of the World

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