Stephen Hawking Says Smart Pill Is Proven To Double IQ

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Here are ALL about my methods with LEGAL drugs.
Here are most of my secrets, and also there is a new article
from Forbes about a new drug Adderin they are pushing,
along with a playlist based on The Moody Blues Legend of a Mind.

November 19, 2016
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Stephen Hawking Says Smart Pill
Is Proven To Double IQ

Or Else you could just Drink Monsters
and Get an Anbesol Habit
Peace and Love, Everybody!

The Daily Walk with Miracles, November 19, 2016, by Paul Evans, with main news source of Stephen Hawking Says Smart Pill Is Proven To Double IQ, Forbes, Mental Health, November 19, 2016, Special editorial by Jon Stewart from Forbes. Music video accompaniment is a playlist based on THE MOODY BLUES-LEGEND OF A MIND (TIMOTHY LEARY’S DEAD)-1968, YouTube, with lots of groovy videos. Let me say that while I TOTALLY am for the legalization of Cannabis sativa, I would never advocate publicly the use of any drug which was illegal. Photo is a neon sign from Pinterest saying it’s 420 somewhere, trust the spirit, smoke it: (See the Bible, Genesis 1: 29-31 people). Now here below are ALL my secrets… I mean about drugs.. LEGAL drugs. PLEASE HELP spread the word: please SHARE The Daily Walk with Miracles and help fund us by visiting our advertisers.

WARNING: Remember 1 Corinthians 13:2 – “And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.

THE SECRET: Being kind, makes you kind, and living like Jesus actually taught, makes you like Jesus.

image of a neon sign from Pinterest saying it's 420 somewhere, trust the spirit, smoke it

OK, I drink Monsters. I think the stuff is GREAT but it does permanently change your physiology if you drink enough of it. It has a LOT of B vitamins (great for stress and your brain), about 200 mg. of caffeine (about what you’d get in two cups of coffee), it’s very sugary, and then there are amino acids (the building blocks of DNA), such as Taurine and Creatinine. In 2013 for about 10 days I was drinking three or four to five or so Monsters every day. Now I have maybe one a week. It’s “too late” for me, my physiology has permanently changed. But for me it’s worse than that (better than that). You can now purchase it with or without the caffeine, and with or without sugar, and I like the Lemonade Rehab version (which has 10 calories) the best, or else the zero calorie Monster Ultra Blue. My friend Dan likes the coffee Monsters, it’s all good. is a good place to order it in bulk:

I wonder if you can order Novacaine (new-caine) legally on the web?? It would bring a whole new meaning to the expression “comfortably numb” LOL

And then in 2010 to 2012 I had a bit of an Anbesol habit going. You know, tincture of iodine, oil of cloves, and Anise? Anise as in Uzzo or black licorice? You could also buy a bottle of oil of cloves and get Anise seasoning, right? OK, THIS IS THE GOOD STUFF. Just coat your gums with some Anbesol, and when you DO want to stop it is NOT that hard a habit to break, OK? But it permanently changes the physiology of your mind, much for the better.

Forbes on People of the News, November 19, 2016. This Adderin they are pushing — sounds a LOT like the psychiatric medicine Adderol. You can buy it here. Stephen Hawking says it doubles your IQ and drastically boosts your long term memory. X-out the page and it will offer you two for one. Personally I am taking the psychiatric drug Resperidal consta at twice the maximum dose, too. Here’s Forbes:

Recently Hawking made some comments in an interview with Anderson Cooper about a brain booster that would become the biggest event in human history.

tephen Hawking credits his ability to function and maintained focused on such a high level to a certain set of “smart drugs” that enhance cognitive brain function and neural connectivity, while strengthening the prefrontal cortex and boosting memory and recall.

In an interview with Anderson Cooper, Stephen Hawking said that his brain is sharper than ever, more clear and focused and he credits a large part to using Geniux. Hawking went on to add “The brain is like a muscle, you got to work it out and use supplements just like body builders use, but for your brain, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing to enhance my mental capabilities.”

Everyone that has taken this, from athletes like Tom Brady to musicians like Kanye West have nothing but praise for the brain booster, which doubles IQ, skyrockets energy levels and connects areas of the brain not previously connected….

(Timothy Leary playlist)

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