Speaking from my Heart about Tolerance and Acceptance in Religious Differences

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— The idea of this article dates back more than ten years to a sermon given at the local Unitarian-Universalist fellowship here in Wooster, Ohio, by the pastor, Rev. Dr. Strawn. Did you know that more people have died in the last 2,000 years because of religious differences in active religious warfare than from any other single cause? And this is despite Jesus’ wish at the Last Supper “that they all may be One.” In other words, (you know in your heart), now we must lay aside our differences and and tolerate and accept each other, and cease trying to force everyone to believe just as one person or one church or even one denomination believes, in all these doctrines and dogmas which have been put forth.

We must (as Pope Francis put it a few years ago) come to know that God is patiently waiting for us to accept his love, with open arms, “NOT as people say we must be, but just as we are.” I have my own ideas about some of the more important beliefs, and teach those ideas here, put forward not as any sort of doctrine at all, but only as a sort of (hopefully informed) exploration, which however I have arrived at through 40 years of on and off study of comparative religion.

August 30, 2020
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio
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The Daily Walk with Love, (link to Home page and blog), republished with additions, August 30, 2020, by Paul Evans. Republished, because “if war is not obsolete, humans are” (a quote by Buckminster Fuller)! The weapons are too strong, too horrible and effective; another world war would probably finish us all, I see that clearly. Moreover 50 to 60 percent of America’s economy directly depends on imports from China, and a lot of our industrial capacity has been outsourced (so it would take too long to mobilize).

A suggested reading is What it Means to me to be a Christian, The Daily Walk with Love, February 28, 2020, by Paul Evans.

Also See One World: Global Consciousness: The internet is helping us to become more mindfully aware, not just ourselves, but in the whole world, we are more and more exposed to different cultures and sub-cultures. We are waking up as a species, but if we do not at the same time learn tolerance and acceptance of those who are different than we are, I foresee that the horror of nuclear winter is not far off. Politically, we are all Americans and must act with discretion and bipartisanship and avoid extreme statements. Donald Trump, if you want to have my vote or any consensus, also, among Independent voters, you must avoid the poilitics of conflict and division and move beyond your base.

I have been badly persecuted by various intelligence, perhaps the NRO the most (the National Reconnaissance Office, direct descendant of Project Blue Book, (the agency near the top of Air Force which tried to “squelch” any belief that aliens and UFOs exist, starting with the Roswell crash in 1947.) What this has meant for me is that I have been homeless five times. I have been in general kept on among the strongest anti-psychotics while three fairly recent CAT scans and an six-month-old MRI of my brain ALL show a relatively healthy, non-schizoid mind. Once in my writings, about three years ago, they hospitalized me in a mental hospital over 100 miles from Wooster, Ohio, where I live. For four days, despite my pleas that they were killing me, and then one night I just died, they came in for a bed check and saw I wasn’t breathing, and unsuccessfully tried to revive me…. all I know is that some time later I woke on a different floor of the hospital… The super rich ones hate me because, as much as I can, I tell the truth what is going on absolutely to the limit of what I can say and not be killed or else perhaps lobotomized. I am given only enough money to rent a room in a psychiatric group home…. well thank God, there are some good people left, and at least they are kind.

I don’t usually at all speak in the way as do some preachers with a “fire and brimstone” sort of sermon, so I will let this paragraph speak for that. I believe that when God judges us, what will be most important to him is whether or not we have led caring lives, and not lived lives of false righteousness or hypocrisy. About a week ago, my friend Bill and I heard the voice of God, audibly, so loud and resonant that I had absolutely no doubt but that it was God. What he said was absolutely chilling: “Why should I leave even one of you alive,” he said. Thinking in terms of God’s “angels,” do you remember this passage from the Bible? God had sent two “angels” to earth to destroy the immoral cities of Sodom and Gomorrah… “and he raised his staff and Sodom and Gomorrah disappeared in fire and brimstone.” And so I so strongly know that CIA and others who spend billions reverse engineering alien technology as potential weapons, well, that is just a laughable joke to me, in terms of what the alien motherships, which have recently arrived, have waiting. I think the main reason I remain under the control of the local Counseling Center is that they feel as though they have a real live alien on their hands (or an alien-human hybrid, which is offensive to the 13 Ruling Families), and/or they may have orders to never set up a “normal” life for me. What I have felt like for several years is like an insect pinned alive on a dissecting board, and it is very damaging to my emotional life…

Please ladies, I’m looking for some friends to chat with for friends and Christian fellowship and maybe dating, who knows? My family have all passed on, I’m LONELY! Where are the hot intelligence ladies when you need one? (C’mon girls, I’m LONELY. — Email Paul at pe.fullsail@outlook.com. While this is not among my very most popular articles, I strongly feel it’s an important one. I have written about these ideas at length, in over 600 articles here, I have 381,500 subscribers, for which I had to get business class hosting, but God Bless you for reading my stuff, I love you all.

It seems to me that one of the main differences between the way most witches and Christians about what they believe to be most Holy could be taken from one sentence Jesus spoke in one of the Gospels: “God is Life, in him is no darkness at all.” In many straightforward understandings of this sentence, I sometimes have thought, the first part, “God is Life,” is meant factually, while the “in him is no darkness at all” could be taken either to mean Light is Holy too, just as he said Life is in the first part. Witches tend to see God (or Goddess) as Life, while Christians see God pretty much straightforwardly as Light.

I believe perhaps as Bono of U2 said in a lyric, “I believe in Kingdom Come, when all the colors bleed into one. The main question we have to ask ourselves as a society is whether we would, metaphorically speaking, have more of a tossed salad or races and ethnicities or a gumbo stew. Demographers insist that by 2045, whites will be a minority in the U.S.

I have also come across a sociological interpretation of the way particular cultures of witches, Christians and Muslims believe. In a society which is patriarchal and reckons their descent through the father (“patrilineal”), these are mostly Christians or Muslims. In a society, or culture, which is matriarchal and reckons their descent matrilineally, through the mother, these people are almost always witches. Then, too, in societies which are patriarchal but with matrilineally descended, these are the Hebrews. There also are native peoples whom the sociologists call “animists.” These people might worship a few to many things, and in Greek and Roman times were the paganists. Now it is a mythology, but in those ancient times it was their strongly held religion.

Men and women, historically, have gone to wars and fought bitterly to impose their religious beliefs others. This was particularly true of the early Christian church verses thee pagan emperors of Rome. There was an alternating rule (I would guess in the second century A.D.), first a pagan emperor, theen a Christian emperor of Rome, and sometimes there was terrible slaughter.

I will conclude this with a warning. Mankind has progressed to the point with his technology and weaponry that we must soon stop and make war a thing of the past. Otherwise it might well be the end for mankind. We stand on very precarious ground. Either we break through and have a more mindfully aware but tolerant and even accepting relation with ALL our fellow men, however different we are, or we may even face the end of mankind. We are in the midst of the fourth great wave of extinctions in Earth history. Is mankind the next to go?

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