Simple Steps Which Must Be Taken to Save the Republic

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— With the foundation of the Shanghai Cooperative, and our aging population,
mounting debt, lobbying and corruption running rampant,
20 percent unemployment and fear from coronavirus,
and a largely unleveraged debt of perhaps $552 trillion,
so that the interest on our debt makes up 30 percent of our
budget, America seems on the verge of some very hard times.
(However, with Evans Politics, The Daily Walk with Miracles
and now our new adaptation, we have a new name, but the same patriotism).
I have have done a lot of reading in books & newsletters
and on the web and given all this a lot of thought: I find that
there are a few, simple changes and reforms which would
serve to save our economy and greatly strengthen
our nation. — Sadly, it’s very unlikely to happen as is.
Only a benevolent dictator or the Voice
of all America raised as One, might “fix” America.
Donald Trump will Rob America of any Morality We May
Have Left. Vote for Joe Biden!

August 27, 2020
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

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Simple Steps Which Must
Be Taken to Save the Republic

The question is, is congress interested more
in filling their wallets, old ideologies and posturing
or are they truly patriotic: “As ye sew, so shall ye reap.”

The Daily Walk with Love (link to Home page and blog), republished August 27, 2020, with a couple of additions, by Paul Evans. I will try to keep this brief: in my mind it isn’t rocket science. In fact, I’m just republishing this from an article I had back in April, 2019, with editing. I think these suggestions are important if we want to avoid becoming basically a third world country, and to maybe even escape bad hunger among most of us. For friends, email Paul at

The pull of money which runs America is so strong, I wonder if any small, basic changes stand any chance at all of making it through congress (I mean not watered down and ruined by lobbyists in the same way Obamacare was ruined, on orders of the elite and super-rich.) Our stocks are 70 to 80 percent overvalued versus what they are worth, and we are on the verge of a terrible depression worse than the Great Depression. CITI bank and Deutsche bank are teetering on the brink of failure, and if either of those fail, it will be five times worse than 2007-2008, just for starters. Actually, we badly need a “Jubilee,” where all debts, public and private, are forgiven, as happened three times in ancient Israel. But our billionaire creditors won’t easily let that happen. (Though I would think that for the 78 percent of us who die in debt, we’d really love to see it, right? Oddly, almost all major banks would also welcome a Jubille, as they also are in debt.) We have (best guess) $47 Trillion (another source says $552 trillion) in sh*t derivatives and junk bonds illegally given AA and AAA ratings by Moodys and others, on orders of the elite. Most of what was the middle class is now living almost in poverty, borrowing money they will never be able to repay, as things are. 78 percent of Americans now die in debt, and the average debt is $61,000.

Donald Trump will rob America of any morality we may have left. He’s basically just a corrupt billionaire demagogue. Just how dangerous he is is up to the American people. Vote for Joe Biden! If we don’t get behind Biden, we are going to see starvation in America (if coronavirus doesn’t get us first). A fouth “weaponization” of coronavirus would kill off ALL of us who are’t Neanderthal (aren’t racial descendents of the 12 Tribes of Israel). The CIA MUST do its duty for ALL Americans, as must our armed forces and each one of us. A Jubilee is the only thing I can think of, after much reading and writing, which would save us from a terrible and lasting depression,which is likely to occur, many economists feel, sometime soon, most believe in mid-2020, unless action is taken. Hopefully, Biden might win by a margin that even Trump can’t dispute. (But hey, far-right wing and neo-nazis and Russians too, Trump is going to stab all of us in the back with phase four of coronavirus.) Hopefully some of the reforms written about in this article could be enacted if Biden wins.

Also see The Sky is Falling: Why Big Deficits, Inequality, “Trickle Down,” Greed & Hyper-capitalism and socialogical factors are Leading Us Into Economic Collapse, The Daily Walk with Love, by Paul Evans.

Hypercapitalism: Big tax cuts for the very rich do fuel the economy but cause deficits because offsetting changes to the tax code (closing loopholes), really can’t be done in the present political climate and with the Shanghai Cooperative of 40 nations (including Russia, China and Iran) trading in the yuan, which Obama got the IMF to set up, basically dealing a death blow to America’s future economy. Much better for the economy would be a slightly progressive fair and flat tax, as first Ron Paul and then his son Rand called for. Say 15 or 16 percent with two five percent bumps way up high. I believe this would be fair to everyone and would allow us to maintain the entitlements and necessary programs, and still keep our armed forces strong. It would be necessary for congress to suck up its gut and cut out some of the worst loopholes in the tax code, but you know and I know, they will not do that. We are on the verge of a terrible depression which might be worse than 1929.

I expect the vote for President in 2020 to be closer than you might expect, I think the vote will be hacked, the Post Office led by Trump’s crony will totally mess up the mail-in ballots and there will be sheer chaos after election night. That’s when Trump will make his move and try to become dictator, a racist, Zionist dictator, which will soon show the far right and neo-nazi’s who now support Trump that they’ve been suckers. Anyone who does not have fhe white blood cell called a “T-cell,” probably only found in Jews, will die. This is a racist, Zionist Illuminati depopulation plot. Anyone not of the Twelve Tribes of Israel will very probably all die. (And Trump’s big campaign contributers in 2016 were all billionaire Jewish investment bankers.)

In 2007, a major problem was “liar’s loans” the banks made on home mortgages. They are still holding that debt, nothing really was done to fix it. Now they are doing liar’s loans on both house, somewhat and cars a lot… it is as though the rich are stumbling to their own “financial Armageddon,” led their by their own greed.

A fair and flat tax is the most crying need for us to stay solvent. I personally would like to see a few other reforms passed such as Federally funded elections for Federal candidates, and more limitations on lobbyists. But legally, corporations are considered as people and limiting lobbying is preventing their “free speech.” Did you know that (despite promises of transparency), the Obamacare legislation was negotiated and drafted behind closed doors with a healthcare or pharmaceutical lobbyist in every other seat? To limit Goldman Sachs “program trading” by computers, I would issue a tiny tax on all stock trades, which would not hurt the ordinary investor but would stop program trading in its tracks. Well, that’s really about all I have to say. (You know, these reforms have “a snowball’s chance in hell” of being passed by congress. This may very well lead to economic catastrophe.)

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