Sexy New Age Mix: 3rd Force – “You Gotta Be Real”

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Whatever else you believe, this is still a New Age,
and this does not necessarily have to be hostile to Christians at all.
But the Source and the Force IS LIFE:
…did not the Bible say “God IS Life …and that Life was the Light of the world”?

March 11, 2017
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Sexy New Age Mix: 3rd Force
“You Gotta Be Real”

New Age music like 3rd Force
sometimes is “just what the doctor ordered”

The Daily Walk with Love, revised March 11, 2017, by Paul Evans. Video is a “Mix” or playlist based on 3rd Force – “You Gotta Be Real”, courtesy of YouTube: most songs you play on YouTube these days generate an automatically derived (artifically intelligently derived) playlist or “mix” based on that song. Scary, but very cool. I know that many traditionally conservatively Christian folks, both Catholic and Protestant, judge me and find me evil, but why not leave that up to God, or even the Pope, he and I get along quite nicely. The included photograph of the yin-yang is something I whipped up out of a simple, black-and-white yin-yang I found on the net. Remember, yes, the yin-yang does have a certain reality and a certain power to be had from it, but it’s still always LIFE which is the Source and the Force, “God is Life.”

Joel Osteen, my televangelist friend, and such a great, positive man (R.I.P.), had a wonderful secret from the Law of Attraction when he said, “you don’t get success and then get happy, you get happy and then get success!” And anyway, if you get happy you DO have success anyway, am I right?

SUMMARY: Whatever else you believe, this is still a New Age, and this does not necessarily have to be hostile to Christians at all. Overall on The Daily Walk with Miracles, we are dropping the superstitious preoccupation with yin and yang, and with the planets and astrology and all that sort of thing, and realizing that where we are in the universe, the Source and the Force is LIFE… Did not the Bible say “God is Life?” That’s still always going to be true, on whatever “level” of divinity, and however you conceive of Him (or Her).

the power of the yin-yang in life, it's still always life that is the Source and the Force

See January 9th’s ♫ Information Society – Land Of The Blind ♫ (The Daily Walk with Miracles, November 17th, 2016, by Paul Evans. I’ve got a sort of dialectical “thesis – antithesis – synthesis” thing going on in my head about the whole AI scene. It’s easy to “freak out” and be overwhelmed by the artificial intelligence (AI) on the web today. However I feel I went too far with this article, it is almost a “worse case scenario.” Microsoft is firmly in charge, and yeah, they’re way too much about money, but otherwise a fairly decent corporation (lol). They say at the current rate of growth, Microsoft will own the world in 14 years. Their operating system Windows 10 is state of the art these days. Isn’t the AI (the artificial intelligence) empowering us and connecting our various societies together in much more of a “One World?” Let’s hope and pray this is what it’s all about. It sure is interesting, and fun, so if you were debating it, maybe you should get Windows 10 “anyway.” I know I bought a copy.

See The Third Force of Life, Duality and The Doctrine of Coexistence, The Daily Walk with Miracles, October 20, 2016, by Paul Evans: “What is ‘Sacred’ and What is ‘Evil’ in the Universe, Some Ideas including The Gaia Hypothesis and eastern philosophy and what God considers Holy from the Bible,” where I describe my own beliefs (edited):

Here is my own personal “code” of Christianity: (I KNOW you traditional Christians don’t like me much, I guess the Pharisees didn’t care for Jesus much, either. The Truth is the Truth, nonetheless. Let God be the judge, NOT us, that’s for sure.) I consider myself a Christian man, spiritualist, new age, charismatic, unorthodox. I don’t like doctrine at all, just as Jesus disliked the teachings of the Pharisees. I simply feel, if we truly want to consider ourselves Christian, all we need to do is believe in Jesus, love God, be humble and appreciate the gift of our life, (and Jesus wanted us to especially love our neighbor as ourselves [I mean actually]), and don’t hurt and judge people, no matter what it costs, or at the very least when you can. Sorry all you doctrine people, I’m sure in my own mind it’s as simple as that. But I find that few people actually do this. It’s not rocket science and you don’t need to have the Bible memorized, just a very strong familiarity with the Gospels. (However we should always keep in mind that the Bible IS the Holy Word of God.) Always you need the Grace of God in your life. Always remember that salvation is a free gift, but it puts you in a covenental relationship with God or that Life Force (whether considered as all Life on Earth, or the earth-moon synergy, or all life in the universe, or however you conceive of God), and that living The Truth can cost you, even up to your life. Really. This is MY code for living, as Jesus has led me to believe.

Especially see The New Age ~ 3rd Force, March 20, 2016, by Paul Evans, which has the following prophecy and content:

We truly are in a New Age today. My own idea of what that means is not quite the same as I have read elsewhere, through the future, Mankind lies of the cusp of great things. IF we makes it through this “crisis” in our history, the future does look like it might eventually look rather like a “new age,” in a sense which is not too defined at this point. Why is this a truly New Age? Yes, there is some reality to the alignment of the planets and the “dawning of the Age of Aquarius,” but that actually is not what I am thinking of. Today, we have put so many pollutants, insecticides and herbicides, used so much genetically modified food, and especially loosed so much radioactivity upon the environment we must live in, that we have entered into a new, fundamentally different and even dangerous wholly new period in human history. I do believe that mankind lies on the cusp of greatness, and a new awareness of our surroundings and each other. See The iPv6 Internet and “One World”, March 19, 2016, by Paul Evans.

Even within “New world order” conceptions of the future, this is still a New Age, and this does not necessarily have to be hostile to Christians at all. Let the Illuminati be dominant if they are leading us into the future. Their fixation on the goddess Athena is NOT the same thing as worshiping the devil, which is a fully different deity. Furthermore, I believe many Christians are “hung up” on that one passage in the Bible, “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live,” and seize upon it as a reason to “hate” witches as an enemy. I know, because I used to do this too. People, it’s a mis-translation. The word used, “witch,” actually is from a Hebrew word which has a valid and true translation as “poisoner:” The correct translation is “Thou shalt not suffer a poisoner to live.” God I wish the Bible in its newest translations would get crucial details like this straight. Witches mainly have a matriarchal society and matrilineal descent, whereas Christians are Patriarchal and have patrilianeal descent. As for me, I believe in and worship one Holy God of Israel, and I know from my own personal contacts as a member of the press that many Illuminati are in fact very dedicated Christians and not witches at all. The Masons founded America as a nation and made us great. But so what if they are witches, some of them? They tolerate more traditional Christians like me and it is incumbent upon Christians everywhere to tolerate and even accept and love ALL our brothers and sisters. “Judge not, lest ye be judged, and in such a manner as ye judge others, so God will judge you.”

from The 5th Dimension
(for what it’s worth)

“When the moon is in the seventh house,
and Jupiter aligns with Mars,
Then peace will guide the planets,
and Love will steer the stars.”

One thing I have noticed as this truly “New Age” defines itself and develops into a new reality is that day-to-day encounters and situations in general are more “dicey” and sometimes even more dangerous. It is as if Fate itself has a stronger presence among us. For everyone, being fully aware, paying attention to details and not skipping steps in accomplishing tasks and goals becomes fully vital. Here the study of esoteric methods of raising one’s awareness can be very useful.

The real and fully existent New Age is thus different than the traditional idea of any “new age” which centered around Woodstock sorts of ideas of peace and love that many liberals and leftest and hippie types wanted. Yet even as a conservative, I have to admit to being attracted to the whole “Peace and Love” ideas, too. Was not Jesus the Prince of Peace? Did He not say, “blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall know God? And the planets ARE aligning: This is the dawning of the New Age.

To read about traditional ideas regarding the New Age you can find a great article about this and the whole “Age of Aquarius” conception at Wikipedia and also watch the video here by Avalanche called The Golden Sun here on The Daily Walk with Miracles.

Also watch David Arkenstone – Return of the Guardians, YouTube – 55:09.

3rd Force – You Gotta Be Real

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there is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great riches.
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