Sex, the Bible and the Real Truth

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December 26, 2015

Free Music57 + politics

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Sex, the Bible and the Real Truth
(…Jesus, at least, wasn’t a hypocrite)

Isn’t it Time we got the government
and the church, too,
out of our bedrooms?


Free Music1957, January 2, 2016, by Paul Evans (seawolf), main video courtesy of mjharon and YouTube. The included video “Hotel California,” which has been called a metaphor and commentary on sex, is courtesy of satusssy and YouTube. (Note: the Free Music57 + politics banner at the top of each post is a link to the Home page.)

I want to keep this simple and basic, but I will discuss these ideas, or debate them, with any person who wants to. Just email me, Paul, at paulfreedom57 AT, or chat with me about it. Let me say, however, ladies, I am very much in love with my lady, Judy Watson, and I’m totally strictly monogamous. Also, I have no money for you, no matter what. Sorry.

Let me start with a joke I like to tell. “There’s three kinds of people who’ve had sex: addicts, monks and hypocrites.” Sadly, there is a bit too much truth to this than we are comfortable with, isn’t there? Maybe you could add “clueless” into the mix, of possibilities, too, right? And then there are those poor souls who are sexually repressed. But besides the “monk” category, hard as this may be for those of us who are somewhat “sexually liberated,” there are quite a few people for whom sex really (actually) isn’t that important. (Do you have to impose the sexual repression on the rest of us?) I mean, God created us male and female and that is WHOLLY a good thing as far as I am concerned.

PG photo of a couple engaged in some hot sexy kissing

The main problem I see that other people have about sex is the whole question of Lust. The apostle Paul strongly condemns lust but then he also goes and says something like, “for those who can’t abstain, there’s marriage.” Or at least there’s strict monogamy within a relationship. (Did you know that over half of baby boomers are now single? A lot of times it is the money burden the government puts on marriage that keeps us “officially” single, although we might fully be married in God”s eyes.) Scientists say that genetically and socially men and women are NOT programmed for monogamy. Bullsh*t. If you haven’t been in a caring, affectionate relationship as equals, then maybe you don’t “get” monogamy. But once you’ve found such a love, you just don’t care about others of the opposite sex like you once did, and strict monogamy makes perfect sense. The (easy-for-me) decision to be strictly monogamous is a matter of faith and also how fragile humans really are emotionally. Violate your partner’s trust and you probably are going to lose it all. And I think that’s the way God intended it to be, too.

Now about “original sin.” Let me be fully open here, totally, frankly honest. “The tree of the knowledge of good and evil,” this involves ORAL SEX in obvious ways that are known to many of us who have been subject to the “perversions” of modern society and the internet. God WARNED Adam and Eve not to, that if they did they would “surely die.” Well, consider, the “serpent” and the “apple,” (and think in sexual terms). I do apologize, before God, for being so bluntly honest, but it’s time to bring this up as an issue before society, so that we can make the right choices. Stimulation, masturbation, feeling good with each other, I think the ancient Hebrews were hung up about this, but that really, God understands. But straight oral sex: NO that’s wrong. It can involve a sort of possession and it’s very dangerous and wrong. When Adam and Even did this, God became angered, and suddenly Adam and Even felt shame at their nakedness. But in a committed relationship, there should be NO SHAME AT ALL, so yes, but no: DON’T do the straight oral sex. Other than that, there is nothing to be ashamed of, there is no sin, right? I don’t believe anyone should feel any shame about love-making in a monogamous relationship, at all.

About the Apostle Paul’s warning about lust: Could we just admit the Bible isn’t perfect here, maybe? (Just as the Catholic Bible of 1909, the New English Bible and the New International Bibles have only 9 spiritual gifts when most committed Christians KNOW that there are TWELVE spiritual gifts, as there were in the King James Bible. ANY Bible is an imperfect vessel for God’s Holy, perfect Word, received imperfectly by an imperfect medium, and transmitted down through time imperfectly. (You can bet that the controlling Pharisees inserted and changed the language some, too.) I see a lot of hope in the wholly new translations coming out made from the Dead Sea Scrolls, which were written contemporaneously with Jesus IN Aramaic. There is an entire and complete Aramaic Old Testament from the Dead Sea Scrolls, contemporaneous with Jesus, from the Essene sect we think he interacted with. This first century source is now being very carefully re-translated in the Spirit with which it was received by VERY committed Christians. There exists now, for example, a “New Aramaic Bible in Plain English” which I liked when I read at it. You can for example buy “The Original Aramaic New Testament in Plain English, with the Psalms and Proverbs, from 2008 at for $50, but I am sure less expensive versions are out there or soon will be. I found in a simple search at Amazon, The Original Aramaic New Testament in Plain English with Psalms & Proverbs (8th edition without notes) from 2014, in paperback for $28.95. The one I really liked was $49 in paperback but had the King James in the left column and the New Aramaic in the right. How cool! What I’d REALLY like to see is a translation from the Aramaic in the beautiful, expressive language of the King James. Now THAT I WOULD pay $50 or more for, despite some personal money problems.

The point is, there are a lot of VERSIONS of the Truth, so they are all approximations. IT ALL HAS TO BE understood by US, the reader, so the words themselves are crucial, and so modern translators of more original sources are working and praying hard to get it right. But even so, we must RECEIVE the Word with our own imperfect, fallen minds. It CAN’T be a perfect understanding, and I will be the first to admit that I have NOT made an extensive study of what the Bible has to say on sexuality, or even read it all. I am just presenting here some thoughts I have on Christianity and sexuality, and I have only tried my best. These are humbly presented as my honest thoughts on the subject.

Yet for the sheer beauty of its language, there is no equal to the King James, admittedly. It conveys the Word of God so beautifully and expressively! If we are honest, knowing that it comes out of the corrupt Vulage Latin Bible from about 300 A.D., we might admit that these new translations do show promise for a better “version” of God’s Holy Word. But think about the Bible and sex. are there not as many different doctrines about what sexual relations between a man and a woman should be as there are different denominations? This is a shame. Why does the church have to intrude into the bedroom at all? This was the beauty of life back in the 1970’s, it was a kind of “lost golden age of innocence.” in our society, as expressed so well in their video called “The Golden Sun,” by my old friends Avalanche. That video, the band leader Mike told me, isn’t about Christianity so much as it is about Woodstock and the personal freedom and love of that time and place. Is that lost forever, America?Was it ever FOUND, or is it just the dream of some visionaries. I pray for some kind of a return to our more innocent roots, good people. People back in the seventies were more friendly and society was more open and not perverted, just more innocent. I know now that we are trying to put that genie of perversion back in the bottle as a society, and that’s why the Republican Party supports “family values.” But in the final analysis, what goes on between a man and a woman in a committed relationship is NOBODY’S DAMN BUSINESS, is it? Leave a comment and let me know how you feel about this.

Here’s what I think. I think that the Apostle Paul was an old prude bachelor and he let that creep into his writings about sex and lust. I’m sorry, how heretical of me, the Catholics would say, but I bet Jesus really got it on with Mary Magdalene. Even if you don’t accept that, what’s wrong with the rest of my ideas here. Let’s be real. Let’s not be a nation of sexual hypocrites. The more we try to repress our sexuality, the more our need for it creeps out as perversion, which need not be there at all, if only we were open and free, yet moral about it, as every Christian wishes in his heart to be. Why do we need to try to legislate and have doctrine about sex at all, other than to have legal penalties for specific perversions? If only men would be worthy of the freedoms Western society offers them. We carry legislated solutions too far. Do we want to have the Christian equivalent of sexual Sharia Law in America? I realize, this discussion is colored by my Libertarian views overall, but just whose business is a man’s bedroom but his and his lady.

About pornography: It’s just human nature in the information age, isn’t it, SOME of it, really, for those who have no partner? I don’t even think a lot of the sexy stuff on the internet really IS pornography. To me, pornography is that which is degrading to women. Is celebrating the beauty and wonder of the female form morally depraved if a guy is single for a long time? Really? Are we ready to impose a sort of social Christian Sharia Law to prevent it? Let’s be real. The only question is, are the photographs or videos you are watching in any way actually degrading to the women, or are they a celebration of womanly beauty? There’s room to disagree within those parameters, but sexy women are in NO way any kind of evil to a single man. I DO THINK THERE is a PROBLEM with the open sexuality on the internet which some men really need to understand better. A woman’s worth has NOTHING to do with how she looks, how much like a Playboy bunny she appears to be. A lot of men have developed unrealistic expectations because of the internet. It’s something we men need to pray about and maybe some of us even seek guidance for. It isn’t fair to the wonder and deep beauty inside that all good women share, regardless of how they look. It’s a shame that is very real in Western society in the information age. A very real problem, but NOT one that can be legislated away, basically, without shutting down the internet. I have faith that in time society will develop better attitudes about what woman’s true beauty consists of, and how to teach our children about sexual danger on the internet, WITHOUT trying to totally repress the kids. Because frankly, today’s kids are sexually mature at 13 or 14 and their hormones are raging and they ARE GONNA HAVE SEX whether you parents like it or not. How-EVER distasteful this is to us. So you’d best give them REALISTIC sex ed, and stop having some unrealistic idea that you can teach them abstinence. It ain’t gonna work, parents, not long term. Today’s kids are smarter, and much more in tune with the world, than we ever were as kids. I think sometimes it’s we parents who need an education.

But cheating? It has no place in a moral relationship. There was an article in Pan Patheos just yesterday, that 400 pastors had been found to have accounts with Ashley Madigan, the sex-cheating website. Let’s be honest, humans are simply sexually oriented beings. “Male and female, He created them.” It’s either a little sexual honesty, and staying away from really stupid stuff like Sharia Law on sex, or else you end up with pastors on Ashley Madigan. Let’s just be more “real” and honest about this as a nation, for our own good. Let’s be a little free, but moral too. Why CAN’T we? It’s just dishonesty otherwise.

Here are a few things Jesus said: About the prostitute: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” And “If we say we are without sin, the truth is not in us,” and “For none is righteous. No. Not one.” Just a reminder that we need to be more humble, perhaps especially, in our attitudes about sex. Jesus also said “judge not lest ye be judged, and in such a manner as ye judge others, so God will judge you.” And was not Jesus trying to teach us FORGIVENESS?

I did the whole internet dating thing for about ten years, and hated it passionately. Towards the end, I couldn’t even get any of you ladies to chat with me unless you were trying to get money. To any woman I hurt or misled, I humbly apologize. I only wanted to find ONE caring affectionate woman to love and cherish. I do want to say that a lot more of you ladies hurt me than ever I hurt you ladies. I found the love of my life, I’m taken.

Any Christian hypocrites reading this who want to judge me? Anybody at all?

Finally, the sex should be an intimate means of expressing the love we feel in our heart for our partner. It shouldn’t be just about the orgasm. A relationship WILL NOT last if it isn’t based on Faith, Trust, Honesty and shared sacrifice and rewards. There is a “wrongness” to it otherwise. Sexual rewards, too, should be for both partners, and should be unconditional, like the love you share. Remember, once the faith or the trust is breached, it is very hard to get back. Keep it in mind.

The Beatles’ take on it all: “The newspapers said, say what you’re doing in bed… I said we’re only trying to get us some sleep.

Tantric Sexuality (M1 extended remix)

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