Secrets of Life on this Oasis in Space that is Mother Earth

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— The Bible states summarily that “God is Life,” following this
statement with “in Him is no darkness at all.” Could it not be
that, as in so much in the New Testament, that the second phrase
in this sentence is meant metaphorically? Is it not perfectly clear
when the Bible uses the word “IS” that it means “God IS Life,” and that
Life is sacred and must be recognized as such and treated with reverence?
Here we make a few explorations into my own ideas about that Life
philosophically and in terms of religious thought.

July 27, 2020
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Secrets of Life
on this Oasis in Space that is Mother Earth

Explorations into my own ideas about Life on Earth
philosophically and in terms of religious thought

The Daily Walk with Love, July 27, 2020, updated version, by Paul Evans, video is James Lovelock – Climate change on the living Earth, a proceeding of the Royal Society in late July, 2017 — 1:05:28. James Lovelock is one of the two authors of an increasingly well-known proposal now known as “earth system science” otherwise originally known as “The Gaia Hypothesis” (summary on Wikipedia). What I am presenting are some more religious and philosophical ideas concerning the whole concept of life on Earth, or even in the universe. Featured photograph I think my be courtesy of National Geographic.

See Some Notes for my Fundamentalist Christian Brothers and Sisters, The Daily Walk with Love, January 14, 2018, by Paul Evans.

I have theorized on this site a lot about comparative religion. I have spoken about Logos (more or less, in terms of philosophical idealism as the “logic of the universe”), Revelation and my thoughts about the real meaning of it, the Yin-yang, the Gaia Hypothesis and much more, and really this has been much more a personal exploration than it has meant to be any “definitive” sort of truth. I hope you all realize that. I believe that the real “secret” of exactly “of what” God is, who he is, in terms of a factual reality, was not meant to be understood fully by mortal man (although attempts have always been made), and the Bible is one such attempt to “define” God with words. But I do see Life as especially sacred, see the Earth in terms of a living system (or “ecosphere”) we must regard with reverence. I see Life in the universe as “cells in the mind of the universal God,” which to me makes sense in terms of the pre-socratic ancient Greek concept Logos, whose sole value is caring. That’s what make sense to me, from a 38 year study of comparative religion, to the extent God allows me any vision about this. Of course, different people have different ideas, and that’s OK. It could also be viewed that Light is the Source and Life is the Force (and maybe Love is the Holy Spirit).

The Bible states summarily that “God is Life,” following this statement with “in Him is no darkness at all.” Could it not be that, as in so much in the New Testament, that the second phrase in this sentence is meant metaphorically? Is it not perfectly clear when the Bible uses the word “IS” that it means “God IS Life,” and that Life is sacred and must be recognized as such and treated with reverence? Let us look at LIFE overall in various religious conceptions and beliefs.

In patriarchal religions which recognize patrilineal descent (through the father), we see that this Life is recognized as a God overall and that he is masculine, whereas in Matriarchal societies which have matrilineal descent, usually this god is seen as female, often as some sort of Goddess. In other words as we worship God, we are somewhat defining Him on the basis of the whole “sub-culture” we are coming from. But isn’t the truth that, if you look at Life on Earth, it is more feminine in the Spring when there are flowers and more masculine in the fall and winter when flowers have gone to seed? It is also true that the Hindu religion has always seen God in terms of being both masculine and feminine and that even some liberal Christian theologians are now considering a God (in terms of the Christian God) who has both male and female aspects. Even the Old Testament speaks in terms of the Holy Spirit that “her name is wisdom.” This has been a muted undercurrent not spoken of except in hushed terms and in private among mainstream Christians. It is time we started thinking more in terms of a fairly obvious truth. It would also serve, somewhat, as a basis of a certain degree of reconciliation between Christians and witches, wouldn’t it?

I have now come to see that the whole yin-yang model about reality is overblown and mainly false, at least insofar as it is applied to brain architecture and any “yang as Jesus, yin as Satan” sorts of ideas. I now believe, that as the Bible says, “God IS Life,” and that there is something very sacred about Life, and that we should honor it and value it much more than our society does. So now I try to “stay centered and balanced and grounded” and not slip too far into either a yin OR a yang framed of mind. For those who might wonder at this point what I mean by that, let me give you a sort of word association grouping of what is sometimes or even often associated with each of them. It is yang/left-brained/logic and words/male/sunny days/Jesus sorts of things; against yin/right brained/intuition/darkness/night;gloomy and rainy/Satan sorts of things. The founder of Taoism, Lao Tsu, came up with the concept of the yin-yang about 500 B.C. For the first 1,000 years of this concept, there was no god of light associated with yang, nor was there a deity of darkness associated with yin. This happened in Western society (Europe) during the Dark Ages. But putting Satan on top of the yin category had a very terrible consequence, because it made intuitive thought and women evil in a fundamental way still believed to be true among many conservative Christians, when of course that is obviously simply not true. It is a full truth by simple common sense. In western society yang and yin have conflict terribly but it need not be so. In eastern thought (Hinduism to a large degree and totally in Buddhism and Taoism, but also in yoga) yin and yang are considered to be complementary and NOT oppositional at all even up to the present time. In that case, we should take Satan and Jesus all the way out of any word association having to do with the yin-yang. So I think what is sacred is LIFE. Although the experience of that life is different during the day (infra-red light, oxidizing atmosphere) and at night, there is nothing particularly sacred or powerful in of itself about the day or the night (ultraviolet light, reducing atmosphere), at least in terms of the intuitive (yin) or logical (yang) natures of your mind and life on earth, there simply is no diety which should be associated with the day and with the night. (Don’t a lot of sick, evil persons do evil deeds under cover of darkness and then think/feel/say Satan made them do that?) Ah, a sunny Spring morning with sunlight filtering down thru the trees! Or, think, how peaceful and quiet it is at night, making it easy to get things done! Mother Earth, the circle of life around the whole, Life, what a beautiful gift from God!

Here is what I mean in terms of brain architecture: yang and logic are in fact more associated with the left neocortical hemisphere of the brain, as yin and intuition are more associated with the right neocortex. I believe it is a mistake to feel the left neocortex is more masculine and the right neocortex is more feminine. But I believe it is a much worse, grievous error the think that yin and yang, or the left of right mind/brain, have anything to do with Satan vs. Jesus AT ALL. I feel it is very important to realize this, and that thinking otherwise causes a lot of mental illness in our society, individually and collectively. Also, my previous ideas that what is sacred is “Life and Light and Love” do need to be rethought somewhat. I would now say that course light is a goodness (and maybe the Source overall), and Love is a great force for good, but what is especially sacred is LIFE itself. There is just something extremely special and sacred about Life that needs to be realized deeply, and I believe this Life in fact to be the Judeo-Christian God YWH.

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You can “get there,” to a “place” where yin and yang are complementary and you find mental ability and personal peace, either by opening the Corpus callosum between your brain’s neocortical hemispheres or else somewhat by living as Jesus taught (living those simple rules, NOT memorizing scripture). This means being kind even when it costs, and not judging and hurting people at almost any cost. There is also the exercise of simply holding your breath and bearing down (but not too hard, and probably for years), that tends to open the blood/brain barrier and also the Corpus callosum. But the main thing is, to affirm life and love and never death or hate, and to stay firmly centered and grounded as you live your life.

Some Notes to My Fundamentalist
Christian Brothers & Sisters

I just wanted to help you all, and understand religion better myself, so I studied comparative religion on and off for almost 40 years now (on and off), and this is what I was able to come up with. I have been exploring these ideas with you on Evans Web Design, Evans Politics, The Daily Walk with Miracles and now, The Daily Walk with Love, for ten years now. I do realize that most Christians view God as Light, but though light is special and good and necessary, it’s Life that I see as sacred. This is however contra-indicated with the idea that when some people die, you can see the light go out from their eyes.I ask my fellow Christians to please not judge me for my emphasis on life, and God’s instruction that we be “stewards over the land.” That idea is a far cry from the polluted environment and de-forested Earth we see today. Perhaps it is that while light is the “Source,” it is life which is the “Force.” That seems to me to be a novel and interesting conception I have never seen elsewhere before.

Jesus gave us only two commandments: they were his life’s mission, that we would learn and follow these two simple rules — Love God and love your neighbor as yourself. People make such a complicated mess out of that. It’s pretty simple, really though: Help people and be kind to them when you can. Don’t hurt anyone if you can possibly help it, and don’t judge people. I think those messages from Jesus are straightforward in the Gospels. Nowhere did he ask us to memorize any scripture or to follow any doctrine. (And the Pharisees hated him for it, too.) I will go to my grave believing these are the true teachings of Christ. God Bless and Blessed Be. ~ Paul Evans.

See The Gaia Hypothesis: Love Mother Earth!, The Daily Walk with Love, December 6, 2017, by Paul Evans.

James Lovelock
Climate change on the living Earth

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