Samba Pa Ti – Santana (Live in Mexico)

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Samba Pa Ti – Santana (Live in Mexico)

Free Music57, December 25, 2014, From the music video courtesy of Aerosmith and YouTube:

Visit the official Santana website.

Read the Wikipedia article on Santana:

“Santana is a Latin rock band. Founded in San Francisco during the late 1960s, it is based around the compositions and playing of lead guitarist and founder Carlos Santana. The band first came to widespread public attention when their performance of their Latin rock song “Soul Sacrifice” at Woodstock in 1969 provided a contrast to other acts on the bill. This exposure helped propel their first album, also named Santana, into a hit, followed in the next two years by the successful Abraxas and Santana III….

“In the years that followed lineup changes were common. Carlos Santana’s increasing involvement with guru Sri Chinmoy took the band into more esoteric music, though never quite losing its initial Latin influence. …The band has earned eight Grammy Awards and three Latin Grammy Awards, the latter all in 2000. Carlos also won Grammy Awards as a solo artist in 1989 and 2003…..”

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