Russia Develops Hypersonic Missile, Rendering U.S. Defenses Obsolete (Updated)

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This technology may actually be destabilizing
in terms of world peace: the U.S. may feel
it needs to provoke war now rather than later.
But perhaps the powers that be on both sides will realize
that we have reached a point where peace is about
the only option left to us. “Either war is obsolete
or man is,” goes the quote Buckminster Fuller,
inventor of the geodesic dome.

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updated April 28, 2019
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Russia Develops Hypersonic Missile,
Rendering U.S. Defenses Obsolete

Russia and China seem to have
the jump on America, but all three are fully revamping
their arsenals with their own versions

The Daily Walk with Love, Updated April 28, 2019, first published April 1, 2017, by Paul Evans, (email Main news source is Russia develops hypersonic 4,600 mph Zircon missile, Fox News Tech, April 1, 2017, by Secondary sources are Russia creates ‘unstoppable’ hypersonic Zircon missile with Navy destroying 4,600mph speed, International Business Times, March 27, 2017, by James Billington, and Russia’s is testing the Zircon hypersonic missile and a joint longer range India-Russia hypersonic missile should begin testing in 2020, Next Big Future, March 29, 2017, by Brian Wang. Featured photograph courtesy of a New York City Arts Council. News video is RUSSIA’S ZIRCON NEW HYPERSONIC MISSILE, All-in-One A1 News and YouTube. This certainly seems to be a “game-changer” in military matters generally.

The Daily Bible verse at The Official King Jame Bible Online for the date of original publication is John 10:10 – “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

NEW: See Russia and China are ‘aggressively developing’ hypersonic weapons — here’s what they are and why the US can’t defend against them, CNBC, March 22, 2018, by Amanda Macias.
NEW: See China reportedly tests a new hypersonic missile capable to ‘destroy US warships’, Defense Blog, April 28, 2019.

See from Fox News:
According to multiple reports, Russia is expected to begin production soon of its 3M22 Zircon, a hypersonic missile that will travel 4,600 miles per hour — five times the speed of sound — and will have a range of 250 miles. That’s just three minutes and 15 seconds from launch to impact. TASS reported last year, quoting sources. And last month, Russia’s Interfax news agency cited a source familiar with the Zircon project who said the 5-ton missile is likely to be tested for the first time this spring — earlier than the projected date of 2018 — “from a sea-based platform.”

International Business Times:

The missile employs revolutionary scramjet technology to reach its hypersonic speeds whereby propulsion is created by forcing air from the atmosphere into its combustor where it mixes with on-board fuel – rather than carry both fuel and oxidizer like traditional rockets. This makes it lighter, and therefore much faster.

…The Zircon has been in testing stages this year and would be capable of destroying the world’s most advanced warships and aircraft carriers in one strike and could be put into action by 2020. The US Navy warns it could be fitted to Russia’s nuclear-powered Kirkov warship, where it would have a range of up to 500 miles.

Next Big Future:

India is developing a second generation BrahMos-II missile is collaboration with Russia. The missile will use the same scramjet technology that Zircon has.

The BrahMos-II is expected to have a range of 600 km. The missile is expected to be ready for testing by 2020.

Buckminster Fuller quote on the obsolesence of war

Paul Evans: 4,600 miles per hour and a range of 250 miles. This is Mach 7 speed. Apparently the West’s defenses are at a fundamental level unable to cope with any missile using scramjet technology. The Royal Navy is able to shoot down a missile only incoming at the speed of 2,300 mph. This “hypersonic” missile has been stated to make western aircraft carriers obsolete. Our own “best” seaborne missiles (which are British) only travel half as fast as the Zircon and have a range of about 15 miles. The Zircon literally is faster than a speeding bullet. The fact that some reports indicate that the Zircon may be fitted onto Russian warships by sometime next year is especially alarming.

This changes the whole geopolitical nature of the United States’ relation to Russia. Previously the U.S. has been spending 10 times the total amount on defense of Russia and China combined. To some extent western sensibilities have been that somehow this should make us “king of the hill.” However it should be realized the American defense contractors have corruptly doubled and tripled the price charged to the U.S. defense establishment for many defense systems, and that the competitive engine of capitalism has not functioned here. Also keep in mind that the U.S. appears to have a slight lead in air power. But in terms of naval power, the Zircon appears to be a game changer.

This technology may actually be destabilizing in terms of world peace: the U.S. may feel it needs to provoke war now rather than later. But perhaps the powers that be on both sides will realize that we have reached a point where peace is about the only option left to us. “Either war is obsolete or humanity is,” goes the saying by Buckminster Fuller, inventor of the geodesic dome. Technology has brought us to the point of mutual annihilation, and the U.S. and Russia MUST make peace. See A NEW ALLIANCE BETWEEN THE U.S. AND RUSSIA?, The Daily Walk with Miracles, March 26, 2017, by Paul Evans. I’m more patriotic than most people, I feel, but peace is an idea which is manifestly necessary, given the destructive abilities of the world’s arsenals. Mankind’s demonic preoccupation with war must end.

MindBoggler (below), claims that the jointly-developed Russian-Indian missile Brahmos has a range of about 300 km or roughly 186 miles, and that it will soon see operational use from ships, aircraft and land, and can be used against naval targets as well as land targets. If Russian truly has a missile like this soon to be ready for use by aircraft, that would also be a “game changer.” India (also, supposedly) operates the Brahmos missile in shore batteries.

Watch WHY THE WORLD IS WORRIED ABOUT THIS ‘UNSTOPPABLE’ HYPERSONIC RUSSIAN MISSILE, World Action and Reaction News on YouTube, March 31, 2017 – 2:49.

Also watch 5 Russian Weapons of War USA Should be Worried (About), MindBoggler on YouTube, March 27, 2017 – 7:12.


From the Fifth Dimension, Age of Aquarius 1969, which has the following prophecy:

“When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then Peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars.”

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