Rubio, DeMint, Cruz: It’s essential that we keep the internet secure, free and open

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One Day left for Open internet?
Our freedom and national security is at stake.
Obama, Google and FB and other international interests
are pushing for a global and corporate control of it.

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September 30, 2016

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Marco Rubio, Jim DeMint & Ted Cruz:
It’s essential that we keep the internet
secure, free and open

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The Daily Walk with Miracles, September 30, 2016, by Senator Marco Rubio, with additions by Paul Evans. Article excerpt from Marco Rubio: It’s essential that we keep the internet secure, free and open, Fox News, Opinion, September 16, 2016, by Sen. Marco Rubio and It’s Now or Never to Save the Internet, Fox News, September 30, 2016, by Senator Jim DeMint. Video is URGENT REPORT Obama – ICANN – Internet Free Speech Switch Will Be Turned OFF October !st 2016, YouTube — 2:25., YouTube news video by Hard News TV, September 14, 2016 — 4:41.

Paul Evans: I feel it is shameful that the Obama administration is pushing for this changeover to global, corporate control of our internet. In fact, the deadline to renew ICANN’s oversight has passed and the budget compromise has gone through without any change that would force the Obama administration to keep the administation of domains, and thus internet control, out of the hands of foreign despots and international businesses not based in the United States. The change could come as soon as tomorrow, October 1st, so it is absolutely essential that we raise our voices today! Our very freedom and free, transparent access to the internet and even our national security is at stake here. Please share this article.

It is absolutely essential that the Senate passes Senate Bill 3034. Call your Senator NOW at 1-202-224-3121, and tell your Senator you KNOW he or she will do the right thing and keep the internet free, open, and out of the hands of foreign, despotic governments.

It’s Now or Never to Save the Internet

Senator Jim DeMint:

Although there are many problems with this budget deal, only one is irreversible and permanent: allowing the Obama administration to cede oversight of the internet to foreign bodies. It’s troubling that the Senate has failed to include language prohibiting this transfer of power.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the nonprofit organization responsible for maintaining databases for internet domain names, essentially the phone book for the internet.

Free, Open Internet, Censorship
and “One World”

See iPv4 and iPv6 Internet Connectivity and “One World”, The Daily Walk with Miracles, March 19, 2016, by Paul Evans: Microsoft, Google and w3schools are changing the way the world connects and empowering a global consciousness:

I have faith that the world is coming together, gradually and painfully, towards a new global consciousness and that we are becoming One with each other. May it be, and Amen.

There was a time when societies and “sub-cultures” were distinct and separate and nobody had to really deal with the whole spectrum of “cultures” around the world. Now, however we live in an essentially “global society,” where we are all exposed to and influenced by each other’s ideas. Sub-cultures and special interest groups try hard to stay separate or maintain their own “correctness,” but it’s a global, connected society now, and the only way to keep humans from basically learning more of the truth about the way things are in the world would be to actually shut down the internet.

“Stratified knowledge” is my term for how special interest groups like fundamentalist Islam, the Masons or Communist nations (and in recent years multinational corporations) have always tried to prevent the “common” person from getting at — esoteric or “special” knowledge about the way things really are in the world — and this no longer can fully be made inaccessible to the masses, because of the very fact of the internet and how it connects people. I believe ultimately we are transforming ourselves and our beliefs into a growing, global consciousness.

A Secure, Free & Open Internet
Is Vital to Our National Security

Senator Rubio:

For most of the internet’s history, the important role of assigning domain names has been left to a nonprofit group called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which is under contract with the United States government. If the Obama administration has its way, however, that will change prematurely on September 30, when the contract expires and governance of ICANN will transition to a global multistakeholder community. I believe ICANN isn’t ready for this transition.

…I believe Congress has a responsibility to ensure the internet is not subjected to unnecessary risk. In its short life, the internet has revolutionized every existing industry, created entire new ones, sparked untold billions of dollars in global commerce, and even spread the hope of freedom to countries around the world. It has become a thriving exhibition of the power of free people in a free market to create prosperity and opportunity. It is crucial to the future of our global economy that we preserve the security and openness of the internet, and the governance of ICANN plays a fundamental role in doing exactly that.

Read the full article here.

GOP chairmen ask administration to reconsider ICANN transition, The Hill, September 8, 2016, by Ali Breland:

A group of Republican committee chairmen on Thursday wrote a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker asking them to reconsider ceding control of the group in charge of internet domains.

See US Has Duty to Ensure Internet Freedom, Cruz Says at Hearing on Obama Plan, The Daily Signal, September 15, 2016, by Leah Jesson:

Because of the power of the internet, Cruz and others said, the U.S. should not transfer vital administrative controls to an international body that includes oppressive regimes. One homeland security expert called the Obama administration plan to delegate accountability a “leap in the dark.”

Also see Keeping the Internet Open, Communications of the ACM, September 2016, by Vinton G. Cerf.

National Security Now Depends
on the Freedom and Openness of the Internet
Will that Freedom Disappear Tomorrow?

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