Rothschild, Stop This Insanity Before It Goes Too Far! Call It Off!

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a fierce bald eagle and flag expresses our very real patriotism The Daily Walk with Love a fierce bald eagle and flag expresses our very real patriotism

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— There are huge, very powerful forces coming
together into two global factions. If the whole
terrible conflict is fully commenced, there
will be a terrible slaghter, possibly the worst
conflict so far, and it could very well cause
an end of life on earth as we know it.
I will provide the reader with the forces
of the two allegiances lining up to oppose
each other in some kind of death waltz, below.
I will add right here that, from the Bible,
there are nine (9) preconditions before
Armageddon is supposed to occur, and that
this whole thing seems quite insane to me.

January 5, 2020,
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
You will Know, in Your Heart, What it is right
and moral to support from a simple reading
of this article! Battle lines are being drawn.

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Rothschild, Stop This Insanity
Before It Goes Too Far!
Call It Off!

The Truth is What the American
People Need to Know:

The Daily Walk with Love (link to Home page and blog), Updated with additions, January 5, 2020, by Paul Evans. Please, for God’s sake, read this article and share it with your friends.

You will Know, in Your Heart, What it is right and moral to support from a simple reading of this article! Battle lines are being drawn. I used to believe I had the support of the CIA, in a second-hand way, the Christian militias (about 30 million, most of whom are combat veterans) and yes, the American mob, and, absolutely, Donald Trump. I hope so very much that Anonymous will join me in supporting this perhaps unlikely coalition.

Thwe biggest question is the loyalty of the American troops, and what the mob will do, who are they “with,” as well as the neo-nazis. I used to have a photo Rothschild himself gave to me on Google Plus, of him standing in front of a nazi flag… Here is a man, who used to be strongly an Orthodox Jew, calling himself a neonazi… I think the mob and right-wingers are missing the crucial point: Rothschild is thee head of the Illuminati, who have as their three goals: 1.) decrease thee world’s population down to 500,000,000 (500 million, achieved by disease and world war). 2.) all our children raised by the government and 3.) and end to ALL religions as currently practiced, to be replaced by some kind of “religion of the Self. Oh, God, do help us, do send our Lord Jesus Christ and make this right….

Rothscchild, head of the largest and most powerful of the 13 Ruling Families, is supposed to control the British Parliament and royalty, via the Bilderberg Group, controls Microsoft, and has a huge influence on the American presidency, congressional legislation, and the Masons, who might be thought of as the little brothers of the Illuminati. My fellow Americans, all you American Masons, armed forces, Christian Militia, yes, American mob, too: this is our last chance for real freedom. The Illuminati plan on gradually forcing more and more of us into homelessness, and plan on replacing us in the workplace with robots. This has already happened at Amazon, and is now beginning with WalMart. Skilled factory jobs are at risk too. Automation and AI are leaving the common man with no real future, but many homeless from my own town were shipped out of state to a FEMA camp in upstate New York. And, God Forbid, but this time around the Illuminati are buttressed by the support of Neo-nazis. Do you know the three Illuminati goals? They want the world’s population reduced to 500 million, which will probably be achieved through disease and a world war; secondly they want an end to all existing religions, to be replaced by a “religion of the Self,” and finally they want all our children to be raised by the government. The 13 ruling families are 0.1 percent of the population but they control 95 percent of earth’s wealth.

Our Declaration of Independence begins, “When in the course of human events….” My fellow Americans, this is it! Either the forces arrayed against Rothschild and the Illuminati and the neo-nazis triumph, or we ALL must band together. As one patriot once said, “either we hang together (no matter what other differences we have), or we will surely hang separately.” I had hoped to never have to write this; I had hoped, at age 62, to sell my blog and just disappear back into the woodwork. I can’t even think of doing that any longer, and neither can you. For ALL our sakes, for our children and grandchildren’s sake, for America’s sake, I fear we must prepare to be at war with the Illuminati and the neo-nazis. We can either prepare to, hypnotized by the Matrix that is TV and the “New Matrix” of the internet, quietly be led off to the FEMA camps (around some of which are currently stacked 5.2 million “coffin-liners.” To the American Masons I say, stand with us, stand with America, in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN.

You know, I really don’t know quite what position to take. I will, in fact, declare that many facts about each of the last four presidencies (including Trump’s) resembles nothing less that a plot of some kind to destroy Americas power, and reduce us to third world status, and a depression worse than that which commenced in 1929. I can back up that claim with facts, figures and documentation for each one of these last four presidencies. I tried to get the FBI’s attention about this with a couple emails on their site, but I never heard a word back. Apparently, also, there are 20-some “Russian Multicultural Centers, filling up with Russian mob people and KGB personalities. Each one has its own Facebook group, and really good English language skills. I get emails from these (beautiful) Russian ladies, who try to get from me what little money I have.) OK, just one fact: Obama doubled the national debt. But his budget, his last year in power, was about $784 billion. Trump’s spending in his first year in office (including a $200 billion giveaway to the very rich), was $1.2 Trillion. Obama got the IMF to make the Chinese yuan a joint global traading currency… and now a “Shanghai Cooperative” of some 40 nations, including Russia, China and Iran, will be trading in the Chinese yuan. This means, in matthematically proven ways, that we cannot borrow anywhere near what we have been. (30 percent of our current annual budget goes to pay the INTEREST on our national debt. Oh there are a lot more FACTS I could easily show somebody…. I have been trying to get the Cleveland FBI’s attention — I need them to suboena me to have them give me a debriefing followed by witness protection… Please, any mob-type people: I don’t know anything about you people, this is just about an attempt to destroy America’s economic power. A lot of economic experts think this will happen by mid-2020. George Soros, 4th wealthiest man in the world at $72, about a year ago took about $55 billion out of the stock market and put it into liquid assets. Think he knew what he was talking about. But there is ONE way I know of which would stop this…still. F.B.I., in the name of God: my email is…. subpoena me and get me out of here…

On the other side of things are the Illuminati, quite possibly supported by the American Masons, AND the neo-nazis. Yes, unbelievably, it is happening again. Yes, I fully and totally admit that perhaps 10 or 15 of the wealthiest investment bankers, who have destroyed the economy of this nation, deserve to be hung, in public, maybe on TV. But you must not blame the ordinary Jew, or the 30 percent of the American public who are Jewish through descent from their mothers. Yes, so far as I can see, zealous Zionism is in fact evil itself. But there have been three diasporas or scatterings of the Jewish people all around the globe, and everybody has some of this blood… and you Must keep in mind that the Jews are only three of the twelve tribes of Israel. It is the worst sort of ethnic hatred… it can only lead to a terrible conflict and perhaps an end to the human race (both descendants of Neanderthals And Cromagnons).

To really decide, You Need to know exactly what the Illuminati are really trying to do. 1.) They want a “sustainable”
world population of 500 million people. That amounts to seven (7) percent of the people now alive. They would perhaps get that through a bio-weapon such as a genetically engineered version of the bacteria that grows on black mold, followed by a world war. 2.)They want all of our children raised by the government, and 3.) They want to end ALL world religions being practiced, to be replaced by ssome “religion of the Self.” All this sounds insane to me.

I could go a lot farther, there is a lot more to what is going on and unfolding… Please, whatever you may think of President Trump personally, he gets his news from several hours a day watching the hypnotic Matrix of TV, when it has become valid to me that the only place to find “actually true” news is on the internet,… Yes, in some ways he may be just another recent President, hypnotized with money (or for that matter, “hyper-capitalism” (which seems to me just a reformulated “trickle down” and also spending beyond our means, but still, Trump is really our only hope to lead us against the neo-nazi plot involving a demented plan to reduce the world’s population to 500,000,000 (500 million people), probably through pestilance and world war. God help and Bless us all, you know, some days I ask, it’s as if God put me where I am today, maybe so I could tell the truth, as much as I can, to the American people, and though I am poor as a church mouse, maybe somehow make a little difference, to know what’s Really going on, so help me God. In the name of our Savior Jesus Christ who died for you. Amen.

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