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December 11 2015

Soul Rock: Kid Rock
‘Born Free’ (one of my favorite YouTube music videos)

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Free Music57 + politics, December 11, 2015, by Paul Evans. Video courtesy of Kid Rock, YouTube and Martin Rusconi. If you’d like to say hi to me, please email me at Please also feel encouraged to visit our chat room and our forum, which you can access from the links at the right in the sidebar. God Bless us all. Please feel encouraged to leave a comment and let us know how you react to this very special and powerful music. This video is dedicated to Paul Yuhanick, to my whole “second family” here in the house I have lived in since 1986, and to our wonderful Veterans who get a really raw deal in terms of their medical care, and by a society which claims to value the sacrifices these fine people and their families have made for all of us, so that freedom might endure and spread over all the earth along with the exceptional American conception of democracy. Veterans have put their lives on the line for us, and we must do all we can for them. Both Democrats and Republicans must agree on that, if they are using any kind of logic at all. I want to suggest to the American voter that we should support those congressmen who support Veterans, and simply vote the others out of office.

photograph of Kid Rock, one of America's best

Support our Veterans. See this page on Memorial Day, and consider making a contribution. Please feel encouraged to visit the very special website at this link to honor our fallen heroes, and please take a moment of silence in prayer to the Lord, that all these fallen heroes may receive their just rewards, and not be devalued as in fact they are in today’s politics and culture. We owe them our very freedom, and the fact that now democracy and American values have a chance to spread all over the world. Amen.

Here is a description from the Wikipedia article on Kid Rock with a very special music video of an album and song called Born Free. Kid Rock is just about my favorite rocker. You get no b.s. with Kid Rock. I particularly like the song featured here, Born Free, plus the song “CARE,” which is the official theme song of The Daily Walk with Miracles. Finally, Kid Rock has what is really growing to be my personal favorite, “Only God Knows Why,” in which he describes his personal dating/love situation and asks God, “why can’t I find a caring woman to come into my life. It is as if he were putting this in front of us publically because he must be a very caring man, but still he can’t find love, romantically. I know exactly how he feels! He probably has problems with women and people judgeing him when actually, Jesus taught us not to judge each other at all. Sometimes it hurts, too, I can really identify. Here is a short quote from Wikipedia all about Kid Rock (Wikipedia is public domain):

Robert James Ritchie (born January 17, 1971), known by his stage name Kid Rock, is an American multi-instrumentalist, music producer and actor. He is most popularly known for his first commercial success, the 1998 studio album Devil Without a Cause, which sold 13 million albums worldwide. He is a five time Grammy Award nominee and has sold 25 million albums in the U.S. according to Soundscan. The RIAA certified him selling 23.5 million albums. He was Soundscan’s number one selling male solo musician of the 2000s, selling 17.6 million albums; he was 17th overall for the decade.

Born in Romeo, Michigan, Rock was a rapper and hip hop performer with 5 releases between 1990 and 1997, including a reissue and an EP. After signing a recording contract with Atlantic Records in 1998, he gained commercial success in the rap-rock genre behind the singles “Bawitdaba”, “Cowboy” and “Only God Knows Why” (the latter foreshadowing his move into country rock). After Devil Without a Cause’s success in 2000, he released The History of Rock, a compilation of remixed and remastered versions of songs from previous albums as well as the hit rock single, “American Bad Ass”.

Rock’s follow-up records became more rock-, country-, and blues-oriented, starting with 2001’s Cocky. His collaboration with Sheryl Crow on the song “Picture” was his first country hit and biggest pop hit in the US to date charting at No. 4 on the Hot 100. After 2003’s Kid Rock and 2006’s Live Trucker sales declined from the previous releases, he then released Rock n Roll Jesus in 2007. The album featured the song “All Summer Long”, which charted at No. 1 in eight countries across Europe and Australia. In 2010, he released Born Free, which featured an eponymous song that became the political campaign theme of Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee for President of the United States in the 2012 election.

F15 Hunting 300x250

My Motto had recently been: “You tell the truth, and then everything works out all right.” Unfortunately, the situation is more complex than simply always telling the truth. This is a new realization for me, and is a disappointment, but the world is the way the world is, and we all have to get by. You try hard in life to avoid problems, but some things just happen to you in life, like it’s Fate, or Karma. I have suffered a great deal in my life because I thought I had answers that would help people, and I was determined to communicate these truths. But this simply cannot be, because different people will misinterpret the same truth, and it could hurt them and hurt other people. This is a question of fate and karma, which I believe are different attributes of the Holy God of Israel. It’s really nobody’s fault that I have suffered so, except my own, although sometimes a man suffers unfairly because society is evil a lot, and any man who gets in the way of this gets steamrollered. Be warmed, that is the truth and you should be more careful and not mess with the status quo. Any change that happens should and will happen gradually, from within the system. Perhaps I am learning enough to get along in the world and have a happier life. I’ve learned my lesson: there are quite a few things I am just not going to talk about on this website. Sad but very necessary. I just want to have a life, while continuing to help and inspire people, and also serve our Lord.

Keep in mind, people, that I am almost perfectly ambidextrous, but know that I worship God only, as Jesus instructed us. However, at this point I have no issues with darkness, either. I am not having problems with Satan, I am having problems with money and power. I am just about Peace and Love. Love IN NO WAY threatens money or power. Did not Jesus say that there would be poor always? Is not big money still big money…does not power rule?

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