Rock Music Videos: The Who – Rockfest

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Rock Music Videos: The Who – Rockfest

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Free Music57, republished March 13, 2015; originally published December 19, 2014, collection by Paul Evans, videos courtesy of YouTube. Dedicated to my special friend right here in my old location of Shreve, Ohio, the very special Christian woman Heidi, whom I hold in high regard.

I’d like to claim credit for some of the knowledge here, but although I love The Who, I didn’t know some of this stuff. I knew that the crazy drummer for The Who, Keith Moon, would soon die tragically. I remember there was a lot of commenting after he died because on The Who’s last album cover with Keith Moon still alive, he is sitting in a director’s chair that has the words ‘Not To Be Taken Away’ on the canvas! According to the Wikipedia article on Keith Moon, ‘Who Are You’ was released just three weeks before Keith’s death. This song is off of the album ‘The Kids Are Alright,’ and I remember that the song was a major hit about 1978. Roger Daltrey on vocals and Pete Townshend do their usual stellar job, and John Entwhistle completes the usual lineup as bass guitarist.

What was unusual here was that on “Who Are You,” the keyboards had a major role and were handled by Rod Argent, who also did the piano work here, although he does not appear (much) in the video. Rod Argent headed up the band he named after himself, Argent, and they had the one big hit “Hold Your Head Up.” How many people know that he got his start with the British Invasion playing with The Zombies (She’s Not There, Tell Her No, Time of the Season). You can read all about the Zombies and see some great music videos of theirs, here.

The Who
Join Together

The Who
Who Are You

The Who
I Can See For Miles

The Who
Happy Jack

OK, so normally with one of these posts,
I’ll only put out four music videos.
But, you know, this is The Who!
(so here are two more. These are very
controversial and may have brought down
God’s wrath on Keith Moon, especially ‘Eminence Front.’
There is no limit on the eminent omnipotence and omniscience of our Holy God!):

The Who
Eminence Front

The Who
Won’t Get Fooled Again

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