Rock Music Videos: 3 Doors Down

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Rock Music Videos: 3 Doors Down

Don’t Know 3 Doors Down?
These are some of their best songs.

Free Music57, January 12, 2015, collection by Paul Evans, videos courtesy of Universal Records, Republic Records, VEVO and YouTube:

Time to lighten up with some tunes as only Free Music57 lets you experience. Most of us know 3 Doors Down, and will enjoy these videos just for the enjoyment of favorite music. For anyone else, please have a listen to my favorite tunes by 3 Doors Down and God Bless.

Here is what Wikipedia says about 3 Doors Down:

"3 Doors Down is an American rock band from Escatawpa, Mississippi that formed in 1996. The band originally consisted of Brad Arnold (vocals/drums), Todd Harrell (bass) and Matt Roberts (guitar). They were soon joined by guitarist Chris Henderson, and later by drummer Richard Liles, who played for the band during their tour supporting their first album. Daniel Adair played drums on tour from 2002–2005. This configuration played nearly 1,000 shows across the world following the release of their hugely successful Away from the Sun album. In 2005, when Adair was hired full-time by Nickelback, Greg Upchurch (Puddle of Mudd) joined to play drums full-time. In 2012, original guitarist Matt Roberts departed due to health issues. Chet Roberts, who was formerly Chris Henderson’s guitar tech, took his spot. In 2013, Harrell was ejected from the band after being charged with vehicular homicide. Bassist Justin Biltonen replaced him."

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Visit the official 3 Doors Down Facebook page or see their comments on Twitter.

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For most of my life I was an agnostic. I now am a strong charismatic Christian. But whatever choice you make in life, please, in the first place, don’t “go mental” about it. Secondly just be yourself and do the best you can, I’m sure that is all God would ask of you. But read your Bible to know God. Then, as citizens, know there is a force out there, a force I sometimes feel in the dead of night, keeping me working when I am tired, and so very peaceful, that wants us to take up our own two hands, like the Phil Collins song “Land of Confusion” says, “these are the hands we’re given…” and work to the very best of our ability to make our land more free, to “love our neighbors as ourselves” and to make a better life for our family and friends and for society.

In honor of my friend Tom Spencer, R.I.P., The First Principle of Unitarian-Universalism: “the inherent worth and dignity of every human being.”

Please visit the official C.I.A. website. The good guys. Also the unsung heroes in our video “Bad Company” by Five Finger Death Punch.

For a work I wrote back on August 9, 2013, coming from a perspective more of Gospel-based kindness, yet very Christian in its spirit, see God’s Glory in his Creation – Forgiveness and Judgment, The Daily Walk with Miracles, by Paul Evans: a response to a very special quotation by John Piper of

Proverbs 13:7 – There is that maketh himself rich, yet hath nothing:
there is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great riches.
(King James version)

With thanks to “the king,” Paul Yuhanick, and dedicated to my beloved fiancé, Judith Watson.

3 Doors Down

3 Doors Down
When I’m Gone

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3 Doors Down
Here Without You

3 Doors Down
It’s Not My Time

God’s Love
A Startling Proof of God’s Omnipotence and Love
For Each and Every One of His Children

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