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January 31, 2016

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Real Help – Mindfulness:
“Being Real” and Truly Conscious
with “Paul’s cocktail”

This is the system which so many mystics
and religious seekers have struggled
their whole lives to find, de-mythologized for you.

Free Music57, updated January 31, 2016, by Paul Evans, following the philosophical ideas of Paul Yuhanick. Gratitude and thanks are due to Dan Hershburger, Paul Yuhanick, Chris Spielman, Bert Bishop and many others. Musical inspiration provided by Information Society. Check out their Google Plus profile. Psychedelicized photo exhorting us to not give up courtesy of

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As one who has long been (in the authorities’ eyes) “mentally ill” and who got a lot better, I wanted to give you “Paul’s cocktail” of special pharmaceuticals which have aided me in getting to a higher level of consciousness, greater awareness, and probably a higher IQ. I hope this helps a few people:

    “Paul’s Cocktail”

* Resperidal constanza (25 mg IM push 2x/month) – (4x/month to start), an antipsychotic but elevates the level of your logic and awareness.
* Aripiprazole 30 mg 1x/day (may or may not be important)
* Benedryl 50 mg 2-3 times / day (you get so it doesn’t even make you sleepy)
* Monster energy drinks (especially the blue ones) 3-5 x/day for a week, (changes your physiology in important ways, so that you permanently have more mental energy and also need less sleep. The key ingredients here are lots of amino acids such as Taurine, Creatinine, etc., tons of B vitamins and also caffeine).
* Really high potency multivitamins, hopefully with Chromium (picolinate) in it, and lots of B vitamins for stress.
* Potasium and Iron sulfate supplements: (be careful with the potassium, too much can cause heart arhythmia or failure).
* Chromium picolinate, over the counter, advised to take by a specialist physiologist at The Cleveland Clinic, to get your blood sugars to low enough levels so that your body flourishes, you have so very much more energy with blood sugar of 60 to 90, [and also this supplement (over the counter) almost reverses diabetes by helping the body to produce more insulin and use it better to digest sugars]. Trace elements likely will be found to have a lot of potential to elevate one’s mental capabilities, such as green drinks, which have Zinc, and blue drinks, which have Arsenic, and energy drinks which glow, which have Neon and Argon.
* Glucophage (metformin), prescription only, 1000mg – 1,700 mg /day (formerly just used as a diabetes medication, has been shown to increase longevity among lower animals, may be important in mental directions).
* Smoking Cannabis sativa (weed, pot, marijuana) greatly improves intuition and creativity. It should be legalized as soon as possible and those who are nonviolent but jailed because of smoking weed should be pardoned. The people in power smoke it, why shouldn’t the “ordinary” citizens? (2004 deaths from alcohol: 44,000, deaths from marijuana: 19 — all marijuana and something else, documented cases where Cannabis alone actually caused ANY deaths at all are rare to nonexistant.) I have seen estimates that the government could get up to $20 billion annually in revenues if pot were legal.

    Awareness – Mindfulness

Life is as if we were in a sort of computer program, a simulated reality, AS IS God’s creation. You THINK you are aware, but you are “asleep,” in terms of real awareness. You must “de-program” yourself from the matrix of how our very culture has you basically unconscious. The best way to “de-program” yourselves is to wake up to real reality and real consciousness. In other words, to make a positive change rather than to think in terms of anything negative. The only way to “escape the program” and enter a much more real reality lies in a set of three behaviors. It is possible to do this from true Christian faith or even outside of it. Faith — especially living like Jesus taught — DOES SOMETIMES enable a few other behaviors which can and do let us escape the programming and WAKE UP to true consciousness. This is to live in a truly real reality. To “WAKE UP” and truly live. Again, it is possible to “find the Self” or become truly conscious through faith, but you may also come from outside of the faith through sheer effort, observation and understanding, and changing some behaviors. It might take a few years of effort, really strong effort.

This is the system which so many mystics and religious seekers have struggled their whole lives to find. It is the following three or four behaviors which are part of “the process” of escaping our programming.

It is an established FACT that you need to practice mindfulness, and awareness and living in the present moment. Also you need to 1.) NOT SLEEP (literally, to “arise, awake, sleep not”), as in “Awake is aware and aware is awake, though it’s “gonna hurt” to get to this point. 2.) to try HARD to be much more aware, attentive and conscious, AND 3.) ESPECIALLY YOU MUST NOT DRINK WATER MUCH AT ALL, and mainly drink caffeinated fluids. The sleep isn’t quite as important as practicing awareness and not drinking water and other non-caffeinated juices. It does matter, more than is generally accepted, though it follows with drinking stimulants and not water. This takes years to get used to. I like to have Monster Energy drinks as well. The caffeine contributes to a mild dehydration. Carry this too far and you can suffer from delusions, though. It might take years. If you practice these three behaviors you will WAKE UP TO REAL LIFE and TRUE CONSCIOUSNESS.

Meditation and Mindfulness

This all has to do with Mindfulness. There are some excellent definitions of mindfulness at,where you can also download some excellent audio resources. For me, writing and also programming a web page to graphically be appeling is an exercise in meditation. MINDFULNESS IS:

  1. The awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally to the unfolding of experience moment to moment (Kabat-Zinn, 2003).
  2. The non-judgmental observation of the ongoing stream of internal and external stimuli as they arise (Baer, 2003).
  3. Keeping one’s complete attention to the experience on a moment to moment basis (Martlett & Kristeller, 1999).

I have heard it said that “PRAYER is talking to God, and that for those who believe, MEDITATION is listening,” though it has to be mindful. Wow. How is it that in Western culture, meditation is mostly overlooked as a resource. Eastern religions such as Taoism and Buddhism stress mindfulness and meditation. In a sense, mindfulness consists of fully living in the NOW, or present moment. One excellent resource for simple MEDITATION EXERCISES is The Guided Meditation Site, which says:

Mindfulness is awareness of the present moment. It’s living here and now. Through mindfulness, you are freed from becoming entangled in thoughts of your past, and you are freed from worrying about the future.

Developing true consciousness and awareness is approached through various esoteric and religious systems. I approach it by living as Jesus taught and “catching myself” in various situations, forcing myself to higher awareness. That takes practice. The method employs “Guerdjeff exercises” much as P.D. Ouspensky ( books) taught.

It is strongly tabboo to awaken except through religious and traditional means such as the practice of Christian faith or say, the Masons or other secret societies. You must be sure to act the part of “Joe Normal” in the world. In the outside world, the sleeping reality, just act your old, “normal” self in real time. This is an important warning.

One real warning would be that you really need to live as Jesus taught to not have your effort have negative consequences. Trying to “use this” evilly will destroy you. You need to be truly caring, open and honest — and that costs. Your NEW Self-conscious reality must exist in love, must be caring and you must truly “love your neighbor as yourself,” but in this evil, fallen world, you need to keep a low profile. Really, Jesus knew the dangers of this well, didn’t he? If one person does this, the tendency is that society will tend to persecute him or her. If 1,000 people did this, the world be made heaven on earth.

Watch on YouTube videos by Alan Watts (zen), Ram Dass (yoga and Vedic thought) and Krishnamurti. Watch The Matrix – Our Reality In Question, YouTube video — 1:14:41. Check out the EyezOpenWyde channel. “It’s time to wake up.” you will find these to be exellent although dissident videos which nonetheless have real merit. Remember, I stated above that one needs to not take any negative attitude of “escaping the matrix,” but rather to concentrate on the positive direction of your developing mindfulness and abilities with your mind.

Suicide Prevention

IN MY LIFE, I have been suicidal several times. Suicide — the ultimate giving up — may be preventable, and sometimes it just takes the kind consideration of someone who truly cares. If anyone needs someone to talk to, let’s email and chat. I am Paul Evans, paulfreedom57 AT If someone you love is really depressed, as one-sixth of us get at some point in our lives, please see How to Help Someone who is Suicidal. In this fast-paced, hectic world, addictions are a terrible problem, and once hooked on something, things can seem pretty hopeless. I care. I don’t have any money for you, but I do truly care:

"If you’re thinking about committing suicide, please read Suicide Help or call 1-800-273-TALK in the U.S.! To find a suicide helpline outside the U.S., visit IASP or"

a psychedelicized photo exxhorting us to not give up, no matter what

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