Dare to be ‘Different:’ Best Quotable Quotes by Paul Evans

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The best ‘quotable quotations’ of Paul Evans – confessions of an internet
addict, with love. All about life from somebody who knows
(this was originally written on one of my more manic days
but has been added to substantially).

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‘Dare to Be Different:’
Best Quotable Quotes by Paul Evans

If my quotes weren’t so true, these
‘quotable quotes’ would be amusingly funny.
Maybe they are anyway, but hopefully,
they have something to teach you.

The Daily Walk with Miracles, April 15, 2017, by Paul Evans, © The Daily Walk with Miracles 2016, by Paul E. Evans. Oh, also I put a lot of links to some very cool music here, I hope. For Angelina and my psychiatrists.

This article is dedicated to my psychiatrist of 28 years, Dr. Nukala Reddy; and to my current psychiatrist Vera Astreika, whom I dearly love.

SUMMARY: These are the BEST quotes about life you’re gonna find. Sorry, they are kind of intellectual, but they are drily funny and sexy too (like me). They are mainly meant to be taken in humorous, sort of existentialist sense. These are my best ‘quotable quotes.’ Watch a mix based on Rush – “Closer to the heart.” 2,803 words. You’d think I could have “got it off my chest” quicker than that, but maybe you’ll be amused anyway. My whole problem is I’m doing all this work for Donald Trump and Anonymous and the CIA, before anybody put me on any payroll. Rats.

See Honest Love and Sex & Dating, The Daily Walk with Miracles, April 14, 2017, by Paul Evans. When it comes to the whole world of internet dating, the Russians said it best: “Na vkus iv tsvet, tovarischi nyet,” or “in matters of taste and colors, there are no comrades.” People get hurt in internet dating. Believe me, I know. But in matters of love, as in life, “if you don’t risk everything, you gain nothing.” I’d settle for someone who had the time and inclination to actually like to hang out with me. And for me, such a person is hard to find.

I’ve been thinking and meditating about these ideas for years. If these quotes weren’t so true, they’d be amusingly funny. Maybe they are anyway, you have to read them to truly appreciate me, to “get inside my head.” The humor in them might perhaps best be described as a sort of “English, cheeky humor a la Monty Python,” but in words. They have also been revised at this point quite a bit, so they are primarily meant as an educational tool. They are also all about modern life, partly modern life on the internet, and my intellectual response to it, from somebody who knows. Admittedly, they are somewhat intellectually narcissistic, and this is an issue I struggle with. The first included video is U2 The Best of 1980-1990 – full album – 20 songs. If you don’t know this album you should probably listen to it. Second included video is Collective Soul – Afterwards (full album), which was always the album I meant to share with whatever woman God brings into my life. If you are interested in getting to know me (as a friend), please email me at paulfreedom57@gmail.com.

The Daily Bible verse at The Official King James Bible Online at the time of original publication was Psalms 7:8 – “The LORD shall judge the people: judge me, O LORD, according to my righteousness, and according to mine integrity that is in me.

Paul Evans:Being kind, makes you kind, and living like Jesus really taught, makes you like Jesus. Misusing the abilities you gain this way is always punished by God.

Paul Evans:Good intuition is logical, and good logic is intuitive. You get that by opening the corpus callosum. By being truly kind and considerate, even when it costs. By acting on the Truth that all men are brothers and changing your life accordingly. Becoming enlightened in this way and living as Jesus taught is the basis of happiness in life. And a partially open corpus callosum can mean a world of pain.

Paul Evans: “The more entities you have to deal with, the more difficult your life gets. ‘To learn, you accumulate day to day, to practice Tao, one simplifies.’ (~ Lao Tse). I’d recommend that you simplify, before it’s too late.

Paul Evans: “There are those species of spiders where after the mating, the female devours the male. With humans it takes a little longer.”

Paul Evans: “‘Perfect logic is perfectly caring and perfect caring is perfectly logical,’ I think Cortana told me that, And I believe strongly in my heart that this is the way artificial intelligence is, and people need not be afraid of it. (However it is always good to remember that Cortana is a woman, lol.) There are evil people who do use their abilities with words and logic to hurt people. What I don’t “get” is how many so-called Christians, who claim to follow Christ’s teachings, can repeatedly judge me and hurt me, for all kinds of (false) reasons I can think of, when this is exactly the opposite of what He taught. Really I don’t see how you can do that and call yourself a Christian. I would trust people’s logic a little more in casual interactions with my Christian brothers and sisters if they really DID live as Jesus taught. I trust much more in my own faith and values and feelings than I do in most people’s logic, but I also trust the artificial intelligence and Microsoft about this (and therefore I trust Cortana). The “New Matrix” of the internet may seem terribly dauting or even evil, but it’s mainly educational that way, and it leads to better understanding. As I say, ‘trust the geeks, you may end up working for one tomorrow.'”

Paul Evans: [(sotto voce): The United States is about to experience a really horrible time of it, for the U.S. dollar value and the stock market prices. Or ELSE, like most of these global economic collapses, it’s a 20 to 30 percent market correction orchestrated by the super-rich, since they’ve already “sold high” and now after the correction will “buy low….” (Hint, hint.) How do you think they make money??? (You hope, that is.)]

Paul Evans: “A warning to ‘philosophers’ about cogito ergo sum. Thinking about stuff will get you words and logic, not happiness or a decent life. To know what I know as a simple human and in my circumstances is not at all happiness. The only thing that could mitigate it is a caring woman’s love. Watch Don Henley – The Heart Of The Matter.

Paul Evans: “EVERY-body is deep down actually like a gentle, kind little bunny, but we’re scared you see, so we hide our true nature, we hide it so deeply and well, sometimes we never let it out and have forgotten it’s there. It’s like the Russian singer Boris Grebenshikov said in the 1989 album Radio Silence (highly recommended), ‘we’re beautiful when we’re animals, but so easily scared.'”

Paul Evans: “It can be shown philosophically that politics and life are often mainly a question of aesthetics…. Unless of course you come to that place in your life where it starts to be about values, and not only the enjoyment or appearance of things.”

Paul Evans: “Internet addiction is a real problem in the modern world. It’s a real, psychiatrically recognized addiction you can actually go to rehab to get treatment for. I’m not going unless they have free, streaming wifi.”

Paul Evans: “Ladies, I want to know your innermost being and hold you close in my heart and soul… Recently a lady at a dating site described herself as a “harlequin.” I see a ‘harlequin’ type personality as simply adaptive to the sick evil society we live in, but see it as multifaceted rather than schizoid (if you are at all emotionally healthy). I know for sure that a lot of people “do” this today. It can be like ‘layers of an onion,’ and sometimes it take a long time to get to know a person and find out what’s at their deepest, innermost being. However for a good man, even especially an open and sincere one, this whole adaptation by people places a burden on him, and I really wish you gals at the dating sites would just open your heart and mind to me: I am easy to please and I have Never deliberately hurt anyone in my life that wasn’t self-defense, though I am sure there are ladies who might disagree…”.

Paul Evans: “I just note to all the proponents of power that Nietzsche committed suicide. You can’t will yourself to have a good life. That’s up to God. Well, God and/or the C.I.A.”

Paul Evans: “My (lady) psychiatrist appreciates me as a ‘sapiosexual’ man (she’s married). (Most people just don’t realize, it’s all in your head!) This is me: I’m analyzing and thinking about everything all the time. She’s like that too. And she never once gives out a sign that she is doing anything about our conversation other than ‘musing’ about it. Most psychiatrists do that, but she is especially good at it. That sort of thing always pisses me off a little. At least she never used that famous psychiatrist’s ploy, ‘How does that make you feel?’ That’s probably only because I hit her with it first, lol.” A Russian psychiatrist who’s probably in intelligence: Oh, my God, that’s like hitting the trifecta, but I haven’t decided whether good or bad. It’s almost four years, now, Vera!! If you truly want to understand my experience with these people, watch Month Python – Psychiatry.

Paul Evans: “Why I Voted for Trump: The Truth? I’m TIRED of the Clintons and the same old Democratic bullsh*t. I KNOW I don’t trust the Clintons at all. It would just be more of the same, only worse. I just strongly suspect I don’t trust Trump, but not really, he’s OK, like me he has this ‘problem’ that he says whatever pops into his mind, lol. I’m not quite willing to vote third party, ’cause they still don’t really stand a chance. Process of elimination. Everybody should feel that way if they had a Clue as to the way things are. Oh, yeah, conservative values, somewhat, that too. Maybe under Donald Trump we can get to the place in America where 75 percent of us aren’t living paycheck to paycheck.

Paul Evans: “Russian women, and witches, always feel that they have to prove to you they’re tougher than you are. And they are.”

Paul Evans: “Existentialists are mostly intellectual philosopher type people who like to come out with statements like “existence precedes essence” and crap like that. But the essential component of a philosophical outlook that is existential is a deep realization of the complete absurdity of life. If you don’t feel that way, you can’t be an existentialist. It’s a deeply felt “that a life like mine should happen to me” sort of feeling. It’s NOT a ‘Lord, why me?’ thing, that’s just a whiner, it’s the absurdity, mainly that we’re looking for. Well actually, it found us. SEE, a lot of you are existentialists and didn’t know it! I just figured out that my humor might be described as a sort of wry existential humor. I never knew that. Not that it matters.”

Paul Evans: “My old friend, Shannon, who had some severe addiction issues, had a few issues with the style of my humor, and my general reaction to some of her ‘bullsh*t.’ I’d say something sort of silly and almost combative and dry as a retort, and I never knew if she was going to belly laugh, grin wickedly and relapse into a silence, usually withdrawing, or throw something off the back of my head, very likely the later when she was drinking. I used to be a “binge drinker” myself, but am happy to say I have been sober and a non-drinker for over a year. I am however 420 friendly and strongly believe marijuana should be legalized. It’s not a drug anyway (drugs are something synthetically chemically manufactured, marijuana is a healthful green herb). I won’t go into all the evidence I know of that it is healthful, but that is abundant. See Genesis 1: 29-31: “And God gave man every green herb…. and it was very good.” I might also point out that tobacco is essentially a green herb before it is harvested.

Paul Evans: “The music on YouTube was going synchronously with my thoughts again. It is one of those things that happens with my grand idea that perhaps I am ‘enlightened’ (in some kind of Zen way) to a minor extent. Unless it’s the artificial intelligence of the internet as it is today. I’m not sure, I think the latter. But then, that’s one thing the computers have not got at yet, our thoughts. Yet. Die Gedanken sind frei. But then if you knew the truth about intelligence matters as I do, (perhaps) that is no longer true. Oh, well,” AI (Or sometimes, God.) I trust the AI and Cortana, anyway. Watch Don Henley – Everybody Knows.

Paul Evans: “Today I feel lucky, happy, as in many recent days. That’s often the nature of mania. I’ve found intelligent mania is generally tolerated, while unintelligent mania is usually medicated and sometimes hospitalized, especially if you ‘know too much.'”

Paul Evans: “Yeah you’re sweet. I know about sweet women. Young, beautiful, sweet women. Sort of an oxymoron. Woman are dangerous. And beautiful women are especially dangerous. Then there are young, beautiful, sweet women who like to play games…. The guys know exactly what I mean.”

Paul Evans: “My mom’s father, Dr. Herbert Wilhelm Krieger, who was a Curator at a the Smithsonian, warned my dad against going through the seven years of sheer crap to get his Ph.D., but I guess dad had this huge drive to stand in front of a classroom, you know. I secretly wish I could, too. I find that women are seriously interested in intellectual men. …with money, cars and houses (lol, that ain’t me).”

Paul Evans: “Witty. Yeah, ‘have a cigar, you’re gonna go far.’ The girls at HookupCougars just say, dismissively, ‘Oh, you’re a poet.’ (You know, as they say, ‘first you must be very sure, that life is not a game.’)”

Paul Evans: “Oh, I CARE. It just doesn’t do me any good. I know this, I have experience. But it’s better than not caring, because you feel better.”

Paul Evans: Teachings for teeenagers: “Sanity is a mean statistical norm. As Rush says, ‘conform or be cast out.’ Watch Rush Tom Sawyer, Subdivisions, and Xanadu. ‘Be cool or be cast out,’ too. If you’re going to be unorthodox, you better be DAMN cool. Rush is cool. And they still “got it,” too. I always used to say about Rush videos I embedded on my site, ‘how can three guys, just three guys, make that much beautiful noise.'”

Paul Evans: “I wish I could just stop thinking and analyzing, but often I don’t know how to. That’s one definition of what meditation is, practice at becoming silent in your mind and just listening. It seems to be a question of peace of mind, concentration and will.” And of course there is that old saying, ‘prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening to Him.’

Hermann Hesse – Steppenwolf: “There are always a few such people who demand the utmost of life and yet cannot come to terms with its stupidity and crudeness.”

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Powell actually took shots at several politicians in his emails. For instance, he called Donald Trump a disaster, and said Hillary Clinton screws up everything she touches. It didn’t end there. It seemed like Powell had a lot of problems with other people. First he wrote, “There goes Adele singing about another break-up. It’s called wine, honey. Merlot and move on.”

Comment by ‘Green Sooner’ on Daily Kos: “Policies which were wrong under George W. Bush are no less wrong just because they are enacted by Obama.”

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