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— This is just a summation about what I believe and what I stand for, through laborious thinking, writing, editing and plenty of meditation and praying over the last 10 years, at first mostly about politics, and more recently (with a new website) mostly ideas about religion, largely through the lens of Christianity, and also conformable with modern science and philosophy.

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September 27, 2019
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Putting it All Together
About Me in a Nutshell
& What’s Next

This is me, Paul Evans,
These are My Strongly Held Beliefs

The Daily Walk with Love (Link to Home page and blog), September 28, by Paul Evans, (email sailingtokansas@gmail.com)

Did you know, that since the time of Christ, more people have died because of active warfare because of different dogmatic and doctrinal disagrements than from any other cause? And this despite our Saviours’ earnest wish, at the Last Supper, “That they all may be One.” The only doctrinal-type belief I hold at all comes from the First Principle of Unitarian-Universalism, “The inherent worth and dignity of every human being.” I also think back in terms ot the only logical premise I hold in all the discussions I have or logical arguments I make, when writing. Pontius Pilate, in sending Jesus off to his death was “What is Truth?” Thus, standing his argument on it’s head, my only premise is “reality is real and truth exists about everything.”

A lot of what I do here at The Daily Walk with Love involves understanding other philosophical and religious ideas from a Christian point of view: This is what comparative religion does. If true knowledge and understanding are enhanced by reviewing significant truths from other religions, can our Christian faith be harmed? Won’t we only gain by exposure to other world religions and philosophical ideas from down through the ages? Some of this involves philosophical views which might increase our overall understanding? How could that be wrong if our Christian faith is strong?

But, right here hear in one paragraph of this article, let me make it perfectly clear to everyone what I stand for politically: I’m not Communist, I’m not even socialist, I’m not neo-nazi, nor am I ultra-right wing. I am “Truth, Justice, the American way, AND reform.” I am for rationally addressing the terrible issues America faces, and doing so truthfully, pragmatically and practically.

I want to apologize to the very rich, the Illuminati, and “the powers that be.” I never meant to upset or stand against anyone, yet I find myself renting a room in a group home, living in a small town which doesn’t even want to recognize that poverty is real, or that as Christians, we do need to be our brothers’ keeper. But it seems to be like that everywhere in America these days, to me. I made hardly any money at all with my websites, and it cost me financially much more. I do not have the money to rent an unsubsidized apartment, and I canb. Despite my efforts to tell the truth for the common man, helping us work towards a more caring, sharing society, I guess I stepped on some very powerful toes… even if in the last year or so, I never meant to. So, more that just easing up, I’m actually going to call it quits for a while, and let you younger people carry forth the torch for building a better society, NOT one where all the common people’s jobs are lost to automation and robots. And what becomes of us then? And what about our children? In the name of Christ I pray, AMEN.

Maybe I am an effictive researcher and not too bad of a writer or website designer. I worked hard at it, 15 to 20 hours a day for ten years, most of the time. Believe me, this whole business has cost me, my health is no longer good, so, actually, as edited and corrected today, I am going to let this article be my last for a while…. Yeah, I could write a book about a lot of the stuff that has happened to me, but seriously? I don’t think it would get published partly because no one would believe it.

People never cease to amaze me with how little they think of me, or make me feel that way (and I’m like anyone else, it really hurts me and I have felt that, really, everyone is much more sensitive and even psychic than used to be the case centuries ago. It may have something to do with the situation we face today with too many people and not enough resources and the greed of some of the elite, and also with the increasing connectivity of the internet). Maybe I’m just too sensitive to have been successful in life…. I am also a nice, kind and affectionate man, although poor, and I cannot understand why I never get any emails from ladies who might want a good friend (or maybe more). That’s Paul Evans at sailingtokansas@gmail.com.

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