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The Daily Walk with Miracles, November 13, 2015, by Paul Evans:

Here is another category of great music from my old website, evans-politics.com/, everything electronic. For practical purposes, here this would include the sub-categories of true electronic music, house, trance, techno, dance, jazz, fusion and new age music. Basically, I wanted to collect in one place, about all the instrumental music we have on The Daily Walk with Miracles, excerpt the purely rock instrumentals. Ever since I made my first blog post on the Evans Liberal Politics (eight years ago I was an uninformed, “innocent” knee-jerk liberal, an insanity which has, thankfully, passed) on November 23, 2008. I have been collecting music to stream for my viewers, and I really feel I have some good sounds here. Overall I kind of feel it has mostly a trance effect on the listener. This music that I both paid for – most of them – and learned how to get for free so that I could share my favorite electronic music with you. I wanted to collect the electronic and that sort of instrumental music from my my entire history on the net and share it with you.

a great playlist of hot and cool electronic sounds, with examples of pure electronic music, house, trance, techno, jazz, fusion and new age music

Hot & Cool Electronic Sounds to Inspire Us
and Help Us Through Our Day

36 of the Best Electronic Tracks Anywhere

“Spring,” an emotional, sad & sweet and kind of heavy blues rock track with great instrumentation and a lead guitar that reminds me just a little of ELP’s Lucky Man, by “mart,” an anonymous artist from Kiev. Love Mother Earth! We kinda need to have a place to live for a while, right? Ah, a night breeze wafting in through the window on a summer’s eve…. 4:37

“Mind Your Matter,” a slowly building, relentless, spacey and pulsating euphoric trance-house journey, by Bjorn Fogelberg. Originally from The ‘Old Stuff’. 9:25

“Gravitons,” a growing, pulsating analogue techno/trance track with sweeping synthesizers on a deep bass groove, by Bjorn Fogelberg. Originally from The ‘Old Stuff’. 7:00

Astronavigator,” uplifting and melodic, atmostpheric rockin’ space-synth music with trance, classic electronica, rock and progressive elements, by Bjorn Lynne. Originally from The ‘Old Stuff’. 6:07

thumbnail of a colorful spore “Hyperego Exchange (flowerlounge remix)”, a cool, determined and spacey rock instrumental, by Flowerlounge. — 2:01

custom cover art for Banco de Gaia performing their hit song Kincajou live "Kincajou," The techno group Banco de Gaia performs their hit live. — 5:51

custom cover art for Banco de Gaia performing their hit song 'Last Train to Lhasa' live "Last Train to Lhasa," Banco de Gaia again with a live performance of their hit song. — 5:33

“Messages,” melodic and spacey electronica based around arpeggios and warm synths, by Bjorn Lynne. 6:00

U2 – Electronified

custom cover art for a great trance remix of U2's 'With Or Without You' by DJ JIRO "With Or Without You (DJ JIRO Remix)," a great trance remix of U2’s classic. Way it is sometimes. — 9:36

custom cover art for Tangerine Dream performing Ride on the Ray recorded Aug. 1, 1987 In front of the Reichstag, Berlin, Germany "Ride on the Ray," a brilliant rock-electronic piece by Tangerine Dream, recorded in front of the Reichstag in Berlin on August 1, 1987. — 9:49

Here are a couple of nuevo flamenco favorites by my favorite musician in that genre, Jesse Cook – world music with an electronic flavor:

custom cover art as a link launching nuevo flamenco artist Jesse Cook playling 'Baghdad' "Baghdad," Nuevo flamenco artist Jesse Cook really delivers in his haunting and fast paced song performed live. — 5:17

custom cover art as a link launching Jesse Cook playing Havana off of the album Frontiers "Havana," Jesse Cook performs his well liked song off the album Frontiers. — 3:41

beautiful graphic album cover art thumbnail in blue and green by Zero Project “Earthbeat,” a beautiful new age electronic track with some aspects that really rock, by the group Zero Project. — 2:24

“Mystery,” spacey, happy and summery, mysterious, passionate pop, with a new age overtone, with bass, piano, bells and great guitar, by Spinola. 5:17

a beautiful swirl with dominating black and white colors serves as a link to Logik's trance music 'Take ME nfa Mix' "Take ME (nfa Mix):" Logiks very cool trance effort and a single from 2001: Ear Damage At The End by 9barrecordings. 7:39

custom cover art for Pat Metheny playling his hit Last Train Home "Last Train Home:" Pat Metheny and his group make it real in this jazz crosssover hit. — 5:23

Here is some electronic diversion – remixes of rock songs:

custom cover art for the The Beatles singing 'We Can Work It Out' "We Can Work It Out,", which is an interesting electronic remix of the Beatles song. — 5:19

custom cover art for a remix of Lenny Kravitz performing 'Are You Gonna Go My Way' "Are You Gonna Go My Way," a hot remix of Lenny Kravitz performing his classic hit. — 6:15

custom cover art for a remix of Lenny Kravitz performing 'Let Love Rule' "Let Love Rule (Justice Remix)," Lenny Kravitz sounds great and so does the sax on the electronic house remix of his classic. — 5:14

custom cover art for a house remix of Lenny Kravitz performing 'Where Are We Running' "Where Are We Running," A hot House remix of Lenny Kravitz that really moves. — 6:22

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a beautiful little thumbnail of a rainbow colored peace sign against a misty and cloudy sky “Dance to the Music”, an unclassifiable dance rock track that you just have to listen to in order to understand the message; moves and sounds just fine, by Neary. 3:59

“Club Sound,” pumping and sizzling techno club style deep House dish, by 5 Seconds Media. 4:55

“The Black Hole In My Heart,” a relentless, sizzling, deep pounding, dark and ominous electronic track, by Bjorn Fogelberg. 7:47

“Crash Course,” a buoyant track somewhere between rock and electronica, by Dan Gautreau. 2:48

“Drive,” a positive, uplifting, energizing, fresh and funky pop-electronica crossover, by Dan Gautreau. 3:17

“80/90,” an atmospheric groove track with a repetitive, jazzy bass pattern and sensitive electric lead guitar, by Arjun Sen. 4:12

custom cover art for The Alan Parsons Project performing I Robot live "I Robot:" Follow the rhythms and find yourself in wonder. It’s not that hard, but there are several strains and rhythms going on in this live performance of a track that used to be particularly fascinating for me. — 5:50

custom cover art of a beautiful young woman in a white dress on an island serves as a link to Pink Floyd's haunting song Marooned "Marooned:" Pink Floyd’s haunting song of isolation on a desert island…. you tell ME what it’s about (as there are no words). — 5:32

thumbnail of a Microsoft Zune image of a black background with an orange and purple swirl with an eagle “Inside Information”: a positive pure electronic techno track with dancing synth patterns, and upbeat but fairly subtle electro drums, by 5 Seconds Media. Photo © Microsoft Zune. 4:11

Come With Me, a relaxing, feel good electronic chillout pop-lounge vibe with drums that is my romance's end “Come With Me,” a relaxing, good-feeling, electronic chillout pop/lounge vibe with drums that is my romance’s end – and beginning again, by John Radford. 3:05

a beautiful red candy heart serves as a link to launch Paul Van Dyk's huge hit, Nothing But You, dedicated to the one who is in my heart "Nothing But You:" Paul Van Dyk’s huge hit, dedicated to the one who comes to stay in my heart. — 3:59

“Horizons,” an uptempo, optimistic light alternative rock instrumental track, with electronic overtones, full of excitement, by Jeff Tymoschuk. 3:23

“Redemption From a Hero’s Past,” slow, spiritual and soaring, purposeful, dramatic and emotional film music in which a hero finds redemption, by Silence in Central Park. 8:16

a beautiful and magical crystal ball on a purple background serves as a link to Kebabi Man's lostatSea, a podcast called 'radio waves from space' "lostatSea:" a podcast by Kebabi Man, AKA Julien Love out of Brisbane, called radio waves from space, designed for the dancefloor and mixing vintage Detroit techno with Chicago house. 59:53

Helpful Information from Evans Liberal Politics
IQ vs. EQ

Excerpt From High IQ Doesn’t Equal Success, Focus on Your EQ, Dumb Little Man: Tips For Life, No Date, by Jay White, excerpt quoted verbatim:

What Is EQ – Emotional Intelligence?

Comment by The Daily Walk with Miracles owner Paul Evans: We all have a good idea what IQ is, and we all tend to think success is all about smarts, about having a high IQ. It isn’t. People who have this “other” kind of smarts, EQ, or emotional intelligence, tend to be truly successful in life, and raw IQ doesn’t really matter quite as much (although of course both are important). So what is this “EQ,” anyway. Jay White gives us a good summary:

The term “emotional intelligence” first received widespread attention in a 1995 best-selling book by psychologist Daniel Goldman titled Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ. Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to recognize, understand and manage your emotions and the emotions of others.

Researchers have coined the term “EQ” (or EI, link points to Wikipedia article) to describe an individual’s level of emotional intelligence. People with high levels of EQ are those who enjoy more self-esteem, have more compassion and empathy for others, maintain closer relationships and adapt more easily to life’s ups and downs.

These four competencies are recognized as key components of a high EQ level:

  1. Self-awareness, meaning that you know yourself and understand your emotions. This includes being able to assess your strengths and weaknesses accurately. It also includes having a healthy amount of self-confidence.
  2. Self-management, meaning you have control of your emotions, act rationally and react to change in a positive manner. This also includes being trustworthy, conscientious, committed and optimistic.
  3. Social awareness, meaning you have an understanding of the emotions of others and know how to effectively react to these emotions. This includes having empathy and compassion for others, recognizing their unique talents and qualities, and having excellent communication skills. It also includes being comfortable in many types of social situations.
  4. Relationship management, which is the ability to maintain all types of relationships, to avoid unnecessary conflict, and to work through conflict successfully when it does arise. This includes building a sphere of influence and taking leadership when needed.

Comment by Paul Evans: While the way we are raised and educated has a lot to do with a person’s EQ, as does a certain innate, inherited ability at it, one can see from these four components that, unlike IQ, EQ is something that can be learned. Ever wonder why people read self help books?

See The Language of Emotional Intelligence: The Five Essential Tools for Building Powerful and Effective Relationships [Paperback] (Amazon.com book description and purchase page).

See What is Emotional Intelligence? — Goleman’s Five Concepts in Relation to Men, Women, and Their IQ, Suite 101.com, March 5, 2010, by Daya Bihm.


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