Progressive Rock – The Alan Parsons Project – Pyramid (1978)

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The Alan Parsons Project, with the core of Alan Parsons and Eric Woolfson,
never were a huge commercial success, although their ‘Eye in the Sky’
album won them a following. You could describe them as “esoteric, progressive rock.”
It ALL sounds great to me! Here is a great album,
“Pyramid, (1978)” with many resources for you.

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October 16, 2017
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Progressive Rock
The Alan Parsons Project
Pyramid (1978)

One of the very best CD’s by the prolific,
“esoteric,” progressive rock band
The Alan Parson’s Project: I was first introduced,
beguiled and captivated by them at Senior Skip day in 1975

The Daily Walk with Miracles, October 16, 2017, by Paul Evans, video is Progressive Rock – The Alan Parsons Project – Pyramid (1978 ), courtesy of “Prog Rock” and YouTube. Alan Parsons Project is to me a tour de force, and the coolest thing around in progressive rock, with songs about what its like to be mentally ill, songs about aliens and ancient Egypt, songs dealing in wisdom, about growing old, songs which teach you about life, and with an absolutely wonderful sound. Featured photograph of Alan Parsons is courtesy of the Times of Israel. Please share this article with your friends and contacts!

Paul Evans a bachelor in Wooster, Ohio

WHAT’S GOING ON AND WHY I HAVE SUFFERED SO AND WHAT THE GOOD PEOPLE ARE STANDING IN THE WAY OF: There is some evidence for a HUGE Jezebel spirit neonazi conspiracy AND a big Communist conspiracy AND the conspiracy of the 13 ruling families to kill us off and replace the common man with robots. And GOD AND Donald Trump and the Christian militia and the CIA and Anonymous say ain’t NONE of those happening. I’m Paul, 60, in Wooster, Ohio and btw I am “single and looking,” for friends email Paul at I TRUST Donald Trump to give us good leadership and lead America out of the wilderness. God Bless everyone!!

As far as popular superstitions about ME, I am a spiritual, charismatic Christian man, 60, in Wooster, Ohio, but quite willing to relocate for the right woman. I’m “single and wishing,” alone in the world and quite lonely. I do NOT channel the artificial intelligence, the ways I know to enhance one’s mind just make a person this damned smart, PLUS sometimes I like to think I psychically channel the the aliens themselves, or even God sometimes inspires me. So I am “single and wishing” in #Wooster, #Ohio. I SMOKE AND I’m POOR. Any rich widows out there are encouraged to email Paul Evans at You DON’T have to look like a Playboy bunny, just be smart, hopefully, and love music. I DON’T care what race you are or even if you are “witchy,” I am a kind, gentle, intellectual and sweet and affectionate. Amen. (Actually I hope for a very affectionate relationship based on mutual trust and love, one involving a full sharing of burdens and joys.) Email Paul at

See Alan Parsons – Live In Madrid (2004) – Rockin’ the Free World,and AMMONIA AVENUE (FULL ALBUM) – THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT, both on The Daily Walk with Miracles.

SUMMARY: The Alan Parsons Project, with the core of Alan Parsons and Eric Woolfson, never were a huge commercial success, although their ‘Eye in the Sky’ album won them a following. It ALL sounds great to me! Here is a great album, “Pyramid,” (1978), with many resources for you.

Some of the “Secrets” I Have Learned

photograph of the Alan Parsons Project core duo of Eric Woolfson and Alan Parsons from Billboard magazine

[((Featured photograph in this article is Eric Woolfson and Alan Parsons, courtesy of] I have theorized on this site a lot about comparative religion. I have spoken about Logos, Revelation and my thoughts about the real meaning of it, the Yin-yang, the Gaia Hypothesis and much more, and really this has been much more a personal exploration than has meant to be any “definitive” sort of truth. I hope you all realize that. I have now come to see that the whole yin-yang model about reality is overblown and mainly false. I now believe, that as the Bible says, “God IS Life,” that the Source and the Force is Life itself, that there is something very sacred about Life, and that we should honor it and value it much more than our society does. So now I try to “stay centered and balanced and grounded” and not slip too far into either a yin OR a yang framed of mind. For those who might wonder at this point what I mean by that, let me give you a sort of word association grouping of what is associated with each of them. It is yang/left-brained/logic and words/male/sunny days/Jesus sorts of things against yin/right brained/intuition/darkness/night/Satan sorts of things. In western society these conflict terribly but it need not be so, in eastern thought (Hinduism to a large degree and totally in Buddhism and Taoism) yin and yang are considered to be complementary and NOT oppositional at all. So I think what is sacred is LIFE, and that although the experience of that life is different during the day and at night, there is nothing particularly sacred or powerful in of itself about the day or the night. I will note that many Christians feel it is the Light which is sacred. The sentence in the Bible reads “God is Life: in him is no darkness at all.” The belief of many more liberal theologians is that the second part of that sentence is metaphorical and that it is “God is Life” which is primary.

HOWEVER, as a “counterfoil” to this, CONSIDER: Photons have no mass, and so are theoretically kind of infinite particles, yet sunlight has definite limits. But how can a given particle of a definite size and having certain properties “have no mass,” NO, God is all and God is Everything, “The Great All,” if you will, and what is Holy IS Light and Life and Love, the Holy Trinity. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, witches. [(What you should start believing, is that there are different “levels of divinity” and that the earth-moon synergy is real and important, but that the WHOLE UNIVERSE is ALIVE, and that (also) Christian witches are NOT at ALL crazy.) I’m NOT a witch of any sort, I was shunned and mocked by these people, I am a spiritual, charismatic Christian.] And GOD is very real to me, and guides me and helps me all the time.
“Go there or be eternally ignorant”

Recently (about a few months ago) we had a radio signal from a few light years away that can’t be explained in any other way than as from a technological source. Yeah. Perhaps they’re back. Maybe they’ve been back since Roswell or before. See Disclosure Project: “Go there and download the Presidential briefing as a .PDF or buy the 2-hour or 4-hour DVD. IF you don’t want to be utterly ignorant. We’ve been a cargo cult, but that isn’t going to last much longer, at all.

You can “get there,” to a “place” where yin and yang are complementary and you find mental ability and personal peace, either by opening the Corpus callosum between your brain’s neocortical hemispheres or else somewhat by living as Jesus taught. This means being kind even when it costs, and not judging and hurting people at almost any cost. There is also the exercise of simply holding your breath and bearing down, that tends to open the blood/brain barrier and also the Corpus callosum. But the main thing is, to affirm life and never death or hate, and to stay firmly centered and grounded as you live your life. I just wanted to help you all, so I studied comparative religion on and off for 37 years, and this is what I was able to come up with. God Bless and Blessed Be. ~ Paul Evans.

I first was introduced to The Alan Parson’s Project on Senior Skip Day in high school, which was basically the first time I ever got drunk, too, but in this case it was a happy experience. It was only later in my life that drinking became a negative, destructive experience. I have never abused alcohol since the mid-eighties and have been totally sober for about a year-and-a-half now. So I’m a reformed, sober alcoholic, and much better for the experience: you can do it too! I know lots of people who have. Some of the coolest people in my life have had some sort of addiction issue, it’s all in how you “handle it” and what you do about it. See my page on Addiction and Rehab Resources, June 30, 2016, by Paul Evans. I almost feel like alcoholics, addicted people and the mentally ill are my particular friends in life: like we’re the ones who have been hurt so much in this life, so that we are the ones that “get it,” get how badly people treat each other and how hard life is. God I sure wish we could only begin to really, actually “Love our neighbors as ourselves.” Yeah, that costs, but it makes you happy, too. Let’s all get happy, people. Amen.

Being kind, makes you kind; and living like Jesus taught, makes you like Jesus.

The Alan Parsons Project

Please feel encouraged to visit The Alan Parsons Project official website, or read about them on Wikipedia, which summarizes the band:

The Alan Parsons Project were a British progressive rock band, active between 1975 and 1990, consisting of Alan Parsons and Eric Woolfson surrounded by a varying number of session musicians and some relatively consistent band members such as guitarist Ian Bairnson, bassist and vocalist David Paton, drummer Stuart Elliott, and vocalist Lenny Zakatek.

Behind the revolving line-up and the regular sidemen, the true core of the Project was the duo of Parsons and Woolfson. Parsons was an audio engineer by profession, but also a musician and a composer. A songwriter by profession, Woolfson was also a composer, a pianist, and a singer. Almost all songs on the band’s albums are credited to “Parsons/Woolfson”.

The Alan Parsons Project, with the core of Alan Parsons and Eric Woolfson, never were a huge commercial success, although their “Eye in the Sky” album won them a following. It ALL sounds great to me. They still make music today, and have a cult following. Ammonia Avenue was one of their really good albums, as is their Project Robot and the lesser known Tales of Mystery and Imagination. I think my own personal favorite Alan Parsons Project album is Gaudi, from 1987, an album of which I believe few people are aware, but which richly rewards the listener.

Visit The Alan Parsons Project on Facebook and also check out Alan’s Facebook photos or see what The Alan Parson’s Project has to say on Twitter. Check out the high-quality, digital rights free mp3 downloads by The Alan Parsons Project on, or if you prefer the iTunes format, check them out on Apple Music.

Recommended stuff to feed your head with from November 12, 2016 is Feed Your Head: Finding Personal Peace and Mental Ability, The Daily Walk with Miracles, by Paul Evans.

Also recommended is our 40 Song Classic Rock Playlist, The Daily Walk with Miracles, January 31, 2016, by YouTube and Paul Evans.

Old Is Cool summarizes The Alan Parson’s Project, the album Ammonia Avenue, and their contribution to rock and rock culture AND society as follows:

One of the most interesting aspects about the Alan Parsons Project is the band’s ability to forge a main theme with each of its songs, while at the same time sounding extremely sharp and polished. Much of this formula is used in Ammonia Avenue, only this time the songs rise above Parsons’ overall message due to the sheer beauty of the lyrics partnered with the luster of the instruments. The album touches upon how the lines of communication between people are diminishing, and how we as a society grow more spiritually isolated and antisocial. But aside from the philosophical concepts prevalent in the lyrics, it is the music on this album that comes to the forefront. The enchanting saxophone of Mel Collins on “Don’t Answer Me” adds to its lonely atmosphere, while the briskness of Eric Woolfson’s wording throughout “Prime Time” makes it one of the Project’s best singles. On “You Don’t Believe,” the seriousness of the lyrics works well with the song’s energetic pace. The subtlety of the ballad comes to life on the elegant “Since the Last Goodbye,” which focuses on a failed attempt at a relationship. With Ammonia Avenue, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole product, which can’t be said for all of the Alan Parsons Project’s albums. Vocalists Eric Woolfson, Chris Rainbow, Lenny Zakatek, and Colin Blunstone equally shine, placing their talents above and beyond the album’s main idea.

The Alan Parsons Project
Pyramid (1978)

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