Pray for President Donald Trump

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The Daily Walk with Miracles

With “America First” and His Program
of Job Creation, Donald Trump is Totally
Doing the Right Thing, So Pray
for Your President, God Bless you Sir!

May 2, 2017
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

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Pray for President Donald Trump

With “America First” and His Program
of Job Creation, Donald Trump is Totally
Doing the Right Thing

The Daily Walk with Miracles, May 2, 2017, by Paul Evans and Dan Hershberger. Video is President Trump’s First 100 Days, YouTube White House channel – 2:56. Featured photograph courtesy of Agence France Presse (AFP).

The statement I wanted to thank people who have helped me with: "I will be open to the goodness and caring of the universe, as granted God’s grace, we all come to see," thank you all, Paul

The Global Currency Wars

Under George H.W. Bush, Clinton, W. Bush and Obama, almost every war America has fought can be subsumed as being fought as a “global currency war.” That is, we fought against nations who dared change their national currency over from the dollar to something else. This was immoral but we felt we needed the dollar to be the “global reserve currency” and we fought against those nations who seemingly betrayed the United States by using a different currency. At this point, the destruction of our dollar’s value seems well under way. Under Obama, the Chinese yuan received co-joint reserve status all around the world. This makes it much harder to borrow money and highlights the need for austerity in our budget process.

The Second Iraq War

Saddam Hussein of Iraq, in fact, the second time we fought him, had no weapons of mass destruction and we knew this very well. Bush asked the CIA to investigate whether Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and the first and official CIA report to the President SAID there was no evidence of weapons of mass destruction, nor any nuclear program. W. Bush, perhaps under instructions from his father or for whatever reason, got his own lackey in CIA to prepare a fully bogus report saying that there was considerable evidence, and in so doing he outted an active CIA agent in Africa, which act is de facto treason. The whole scheme of using global currency wars so that we could prop up the dollar was corrupt and evil, but its echoes linger in our foreign policy even today.

Donald Trump and “America First”
versus American Exceptionalism

The overall scheme of the global currency wars was in support of or alongside the whole scheme of “American exceptionalism” which the State Department put out in the late 1950’s and which has motivated our foreign policy ever since. (The link points to the Wikipedia article on American exceptionalism.) Donald Trump, realizing the crudeness of all this, has reframed our foreign policy into a new scheme he called “America First” (Wikipedia). As I understand it, this is to first and primarily look after America, not try to conquer the world, withdraw from some of our NATO and EU commitments, stress American nationalism, and create jobs here at home. It is daring, brilliant and very moral of Trump to do so, and all Americans need to support the President in this.

See Global Charge into Economic Collapse and U.S. ALLIANCE WITH RUSSIA?, both here on The Daily Walk with Miracles.

The Bible (and Gordon Lightfoot): “Oh thou that dwell on many waters, rich in treasure, wide in fame, bow unto a god of gold, thy pride of might shall be thy shame…” even the Royal Bank of Scotland thinks we’re in for a 20-30 percent market correction, but it might be much worse, AND this actually is a deliberate Illuminati — Communist plan, do DESTROY the western economic system…. and only Donald Trump stand in their way.

The FEMA Camps, The Poor
and Donald Trump

The evil Illuminati and the 13 ruling families still have some horrible evil up their sleeve though. In a creeping fashion like the whole “New World Order,” the Illuminati are planning on continuing to send the very poor and homeless off to several FEMA camps where an as-yet uncertain fate awaits them. This is a sick and creeping evil and Donald Trump stands almost alone against it. Did you know that it has been proven that around various FEMA camps are stacked some 5.2 million “coffin liners”? Did you know that gradually the minimum wage workers are slowly being replaced in the workplace by robots and drones? All orders from their warehouse are now filled by robots and soon Dominoes is said to start their delivery using six-wheeled robots. In Iraq under the Obama administration, looking for a way to look good and withdraw our combat troops, tens of thousands of Blackwater (Xe) mercenaries are supplemented by robots. These robots have programmed into them the authority to take human life on their own initiative. This seems to me an insane way to win the Nobel Prize for Peace, don’t you think? We must immediately program Issac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics into these creations or humanity will NOT be at all safe.

Donald Trump and Jobs

Here at home, Donald Trump has expanded oil and gas exploration and coal mining, which will create tens of thousands of new jobs. His main distinction to date in my book was the “Buy American, Sell American” executive order which will create hundreds of thousands of jobs (or keep them from being lost overseas). In April, about 235,000 jobs were created. This is in direct opposition to Illuminati ideas of replacing common jobs with robots and represents Trump standing up directly to the Illuminati bosses. It is a HUGE reason why everyone, even on the left, needs to pray for and support our President, Donald Trump. I hope this article has been demonstrative to those on the political left as to why you should support Donald Trump. God Bless you Mr. President!!

President Trump’s First 100 Days

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