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Poverty, Wealth & Justice,
Self-actualization, Maslow,
the Hierarchy of Needs and Acceptance:
(Marrying Humanistic Psychology with Morality)

Practice Mindfulness, Be Kind, Make Some Sacrifices
and When You “Have” Enough, Be Satisfied

The Daily Walk with Miracles, updated March 15, 2016, by Paul Evans. Video is Unlocking You, Human Needs, Self Actualization, How to, Maslow, Humanistic Psychology, courtesy of PsycheTruth and YouTube.ru — 11:23. The featured image is a cool fractal called “by night.”

This is an essay discussing a relation between human psychology and human ecology, and its relation to morality, with an appeal both to the average American for patience and the the wealthy elite for a more moral realism. Psychiatrists are making a religion of psychological theory mortgaged to social Darwinism and pure scientific materialism. I suggext that a humanistic psychological ethics backed by a strong morality (ulitimately based on Christianity) would be far better.

In 1979 I took a graduate level course in human ecology taught by Gary Barrett, head of the Institute for Environmental Science at Oxford, Ohio (I am a Miami University graduate, class of 1980). We learned about a fundamental “law” of human ecology called the “Weber-Fetchman effect,” which basically states that “the base level of stimulation is proportional to the human’s prior experience,” or, “the more you have the more you think you need.” Can you see a parallel with Abraham Maslow’s Self-Actualization? A Self-actualized person, in pyschological theory, is a SATISFIED person. This is however in Western society usually a condition never achieved. We are taught from infancy that we need a hot car, a bachelor’s or master’s degree, a great job, a really good looking wife or husband, and as a society we have sacrificed so much or our basic decency, or our truly Christian morality, in order to reach that point in each of our lives where we might have for ourselves all that the Matrix of television and high society teach us we need. It has cost our society grievously. And even worse, now the whole world wants to live the life of the successful American television show man and woman: it’s a tragedy towards the end of the 3rd act.

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To the average American: If you have a roof over your head, basic safety, electricity and a few appliances, running water and food to eat, you are better off than 75 percent of the people in the world. Why not simply accept that it is an ACTIVE EVIL to ruin our society with thoughts of owning the hot car, being able to make those outrageous mortgage payments, having those fancy clothes and belongings. Sure, we’re only human, and it’d be nice, AND, you are completely right, MANY MORE OF US SHOULD BE A lot CLOSER TO HAVING THESE THINGS THAN IS POSSIBLE TODAY IN AMERICA. American used to lead the world among developed countries in upward mobility; now we’re last. And it’s political, it’s engineered this way.

Globally, 1 percent of the population owns 95 percent of the wealth. 75 percent of Americans live pay-check to pay-check. Not satisfied with that, these elite seem determined to finally work towards the empowerment of all of us, and it probably works with the election of Donald Trump for President in 2016. It’s partly because of the internet and the gradual awakening of the masses. It is not possible with an open internet to so stratify and limit the dissemination of information the way the Masons and the church, too, traditionally have in America. We humans are waking up as fully aware, fully conscious humans and breaking free of the Matrix of television, AND THAT OF THE INTERNET, TOO. An inflection point has been reached, much as an Anonymous member said it would this Spring to me last fall. So what are the choices for the elite?

A Warning to the Illuminati

The strident unrest of the masses is largely YOUR FAULT, elites, YOU created the expectation of this wonderful life which you – to a certain extent – enjoy. If you cannot hold down the masses any longer, will you admit that a more even distribution of wealth and resources is a logical and perhaps inevitable part of any likely future, lacking a terrible bloodbath of revolution? How much is enough. I appeal to you as human, moral and sentient beings, PLEASE, restore the 50 percent food stamps cuts you have just made (5 percent a year for ten years), even if you must balance the cost ($34 billion a year) with other cuts to entitlements. Most of the people on food stamps HAVE jobs, and actually, the majority of them are single mothers. Have you ABSOLUTELY no heart? Are we dross and chattel? Mere serfs or slaves to you? NO, I strongly believe in the First Principle of Unitarian-Universalism,the inherent worth and dignity of every human being.” For WHOM did Jesus not die? For what purpose is YOUR lives, I ask you elite.

Wealth is NOT
what matters in a life,
beyond a decent sufficiency

These “things” are NOT what is important in life, not at all really, it is an ETHIC OF CONTRIBUTION, the sharing of camaraderie with a circle of friends, and if we are fortunate the love of a partner whom we can fully trust and share affection with: THOSE are all, if you are fully honest, that matters in ANYONE’S life. We all strive, we all suffer in “this veil of tears,” only the selfishness of fthe elite has made the common man’s lot almost unbearable. And the MISERY INDEX stands at 32. It is an excellent indicator of the economic future. There is a large American investment bank with a $44 trillion mortgage and derivatives debt, more than 70 times more over-leveraged than Lehman Brothers was before it went down. Ron Paul warned you. So did the Bible, “Oh thou that dwell on many waters, rich in treasure, wide in fame, bow unto a God of gold, thy pride of might shall be thy shame.” The misery index was only 28.5 in 1929, just before the Crash and the Great Depression. Let me say it more clearly, then: If you do NOT offer the average man and the poor some easement of their situation, you will lose most if not all of your wealth, one way or another. Karma can be a bitch. Yes, a LITTLE greed is the basis of capitalism, but you have been very, excessively greedy and it is coming home to you, one way or another. And when the 80-percent over-valued currency and stock market go south, DON’t SAY YOU WEREN’T WARNED, just as I have warned you for years. LEARN TO LIVE WITH AND ACCEPT (have acceptance) to have luxury just a little less. Be quite a bit more generous to the average man in the laws you pass. I personally would add that God is not mocked, and there are 30 million mostly-combat-trained Christian militia standing at ready… Are you beginning to see yet? THERE ARE SO MANY AND VARIED REASONS WHY YOU HAD BETTER, REALLY, DO A LITTLE BETTER BY YOUR CITIZENS, ILLUMINATI. Or you’ll regret it. Yes, you might “win,” but with such a slaughter as would ruin you all individually and collectively. Why not just give up one vacation a year so that poor working mothers might feed their children? Is that asking too much?

An utterly “social-Darwinist,” Ann-Randian sort of motivation for life and society, without a moral component causes a sterile, meaningless soft of life.

Personal note: I am nobody, only fortunate enough to serve God, just smart and educated and observant, and I only desire what is basically moral and just. In prayer once, God said to me, “don’t expect fairness, but intentional injustice is to be avoided.” To the elite, I say, YOU had better keep it in mind.

Some Resource on Maslow’s
Theory of Self-Actualization

Wikipedia states that “Abraham Harold Maslow (April 1, 1908 – June 8, 1970) was an American psychologist who pioneered humanistic psychology and developed ideas related to a hierarchy of needs.” See Wikidpedia’s article on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Read the Wikipdeia article Abraham Maslow’s book on Motivation and Personality.

A few books by Maslow and about humanistic psychology at reasonable prices on Amazon.com: Check out a good read at a website titled The Theory of Self-Actualization: Mental illness, creativity and art, by Ann Olsen. Read A Theory of Human Motivation. Also very important is Maslow’s Religions Values and Peak-Experiences, which is summarized:

One of the foremost spokesmen for the Third Force movement in psychology, Abraham H. Maslow, here articulates one of his prominent theses: the “religious” experience is a rightful subject for scientific investigation and speculation and, conversely, the “scientific community” will see its work enhanced by acknowledging and studying enhanced by the species-wide need for spiritual expression which, in so many, forms, is at the heart of “peak-experiences” reached by healthy, fully functioning people.

This is a FAR cry from the recent finding by the American Psychological Association in their decision that all “religious belief” is a “delusion.” You psychiatrists are making a religion of psychological theory mortgaged to social Darwinism and pure scientific materialism. SHAME ON YOU!!! Even Freudianism, as sterile and simplistic as it is, is a preferable way of viewing human motivation that to say it is PURELY ABOUT PERSONAL GAIN. This is NOT the value of a human life.

Watch Resilience, Hope, Passion., by Gurbaksh Chahal and YouTube – 1.49, and enjoy The Moody Blues performing To Our Children’s Children’s Children — 1969 – 1:23:20. Also see Real Help: Mindfulness, The Daily Walk with Miracles, January 31, 2016, by Paul Evans and also Intellectual Intelligence IQ vs. Emotional Intelligence EQ and Why EQ Is Vital to Success, The Daily Walk with Miracles, February 16, 2016, by Paul Evans. Is the current “humanistic” “Third Force” approach to psychotherapy emotionally intelligent?

Finally, I realize that this has been an “ambitious” attempt, so let me finish with David Crowder Band’s For the Glory of It All – 5:14. …If for no other reason, for your children.

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