Politics Must Not Be “Right Wing” or “Left Wing,” it Must be Caring

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I know deep down in my heart, that if we don’t soon
build a more caring, sharing society we can kiss it all
goodbye. May God save the United States and her suffering people and all
who suffer around the world. Amen and May it Be.

November 2, 2016
Get Out and Vote!

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Politics Must Not Be
“Right Wing” or “Left Wing,” It Must be Caring

(everything else is doomed to fail)

The Daily Walk with Miracles, November 2, 2016, by Paul Evans, with the spiritual assistance of Dan Hershberger. Video are Anonymous: Hillary Clinton, YOU ARE FINISHED!, Anonymous Official and YouTube, October 30, 2016 — 34:42, included in the main body of this article: Apparently we caught Hillary and NBC in total collusion, this is typical in the liberal press that is the MSM (mainstream media). Also see MIX: Monty Python – Merchant Banker Sketch, YouTube – 6:09 (and a total of 16 videos in the playlist). “The Buddah contemplated suffering for 20 years. I lived it for 35. A lot of unfortunate people don’t have any chance for a decent life ever, and my heart goes out to you, I love you all.” I belive in the First Principle of Unitarian-Universalism, “the inherent worth and dignity of every human being.” This article is dedicated to my old and beloved friend Shay and to everyone who has helped me.

The Daily Bible verse at The Official King James Bible Online is Psalms 7:8 – “The LORD shall judge the people: judge me, O LORD, according to my righteousness, and according to mine integrity that is in me.

The Late Late Show with James Corden: Dunkin’ Donuts is releasing a new iced doughnut filled with vanilla-flavored buttercream, and topped with a sprinkling of crushed candy cane. On the bright side, Dunkin’ Donuts finally put “Jesus” back into Christmas. As in, “Jesus, you’re not going to eat that, are you?”

Why You Should Vote for Donald Trump
and the Politics of Building a Caring Society

TODAY’S NEWS: See L.A. Times Tracking Poll: Donald Trump Leads Hillary Clinton by 5.4 Percent, Breitbart, November 2, 2016, by Charlie Spiering: “Trump is now at 47.8 percent while Clinton is at 42.4 percent.”

RIGHT HERE IN OHIO: Battleground State, Ohio Poll, FM News Talk 107.9 (Fox News Radio) and YouTube — 11:07, among other polls says that Donald Trump holds a slight –very slim — lead here in the Buckeye State, about 46 percent to 42. Get Out and VOTE!

TODAY’S NEWS: Watch Fox & Friends 11/02/16 Trump Leads Clinton in Poll AFTER, FBI Email Scandal ,Private Server Exposed, Fox & Friends on YouTube, November 2, 2016 — 54:54, and also watch The Five 11/01/16 Hillary Clinton emails: What we know, and what we don’t, USA TV on YouTube — 37:23: Apparently Hillary and Anthony Weiner did a bit of sexting back and forth in 2011.

IN THE NEWS: See Clinton, Trump All but Tied as Enthusiasm Dips for Democratic Candidate, ABC News, November 1, 2016, by Gary Langer. A “virtual tie between Donald and Hillary is great for Trump. A “tie” generally means a three point lead for Trump among “likely” voters. Deplorables, let’s get out there and VOTE!

“While vote preferences have held essentially steady, she’s now a slim point behind Donald Trump — a first since May — in the latest ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates.”

See Election Update: Yes, Donald Trump Has A Path To Victory, Five-Thirty-Eight, November 1, 2016, by Nate Silver. It’s all about GOTV, or “get out the vote.” Here Donald Trump’s edge among “likely” voters is particularly telling, but it’s also about who has the better “ground game.” Tip O’Neil said that “all politics is local;” this is what he meant. As Nate Silver shows, you can’t trust the polls, but Hillary’s voters are disaffected more than Trump’s voters:

Tuesday was another pretty good day of polling for Donald Trump. It’s also not an easy day to characterize given the large number of polls published. You could cherry-pick and point to the poll that has Trump up 7 percentage points in North Carolina, for example, or the ABC News/Washington Post national tracking poll that has Trump up 1 point overall. And you could counter, on the Hillary Clinton side, with a poll showing her up by 11 points in Pennsylvania, or a national poll that gives her a 9-point lead.

I believe that there are competing right wing and left wing conspiracies and the world is essentially insane. The moment Obama was elected, he appointed “Bush’s wrecking crew” of Rubinite ecoonomic advisors, and some few who were truly progressive knew (or concluded that) Obama was evil. But neither that nor Obamacare turned out badly nor anything I have seen necessarily means that EITHER Obama OR what have traditionally been labeled as “progressive” political ideas are “wrong” or “evil.” Remember that Pope Francis said that “helping the poor isn’t Communism, it’s the Gospel.” A lot of what happened in Obama’s Presidency, including the way Obamacare turned out, was not his fault. He’s still the guy who gave up multi-millions in law firm offers to work with the unemployed of South Chicago, and I believe he CARES, don’t forget that. Work with him, in effecting change, and I believe he will now do his best to help the common people. But when Paul Ryan took away half the food stamps entitlement funding, he was taking food out of the mouths of babies. (MOST people on food stamps have jobs, and most of them are single mothers.) The left, on the other hand, has to keep in mind that is totally true that Keynesian economics has not exactly covered itself with glory over the last 75 years. We must give Trump’s more “hyper-capitalist” ideas a chance, now. Trump’s tax plan makes sense, too, and many if not most small business leaders and a lot of Christian leaders are behind Trump “all the way.” (As well as all the “deplorables” like me). Donald will effect real, vital reforms.

If Donald Trump isn’t elected you wil very likely see the end of the United states as we know it, and perhaps Armageddon, whereas Trump and Putin respect each other: this is NOT a bad thing. I am making a strong plea to stop all the ideological, political bullsh*t and just do the right thing, Obama. I DO have confidence that Obama will, to the extent it is possible right now, and I deplore those on the far left and especially the right who hate him: he really hasn’t had that much of a choice in much of his Presidency. I believe he did about the best he could, under the circumstances, however I am more socially conservative than Obama in a nuber of ways.

As to the Christian community, I plea to you and beg you to not be “right wing” or “left wing,” but be CARING for the people. If Clinton gets elected, perhaps we might have to have some sort of revolution. (In 1876, after the Presidential election, when the Democrat Samuel Tilden narrowly lost to Rutherford B. Hayes, “Tilden or death” clubs sprung up all over the country. Americans must respect the Constitutional process of this election and accept whomever is elected as their leader.) Vote for Donald Trump and let it not be any other kind of revolution except a “people’s revolution,” and perhaps, one way or another, America my soon more actually become truly for ALL Americans. As America is, the rich perpetuate the whole virtual impossibility of upward mobility and 50-75 percent of us live paycheck to paycheck. One-quarter of Ohio’s children are at the risk of real hunger every month. I don’t really believe most statistics I read anymore anyway, but I believe those two are accurate. See Political Ideology versus Caring here on The Daily Walk with Miracles, by Paul Evans.

Why has it come down to this? How is it that the world is so greedy and insane. It is insane mainly because of all the violence and sex you expose your brains to, and all the fancy advertising of, by and for the wealthy, primarily on the media of the internet and TV, which has “infected” average American’s minds. “The medium is the message.” But it is TRULY bad, really, in fact because of the huge greed of 13 “ruling” families or bloodlines around the world who are in my opinon evil in their greed. I believe strongly that we don’t need some kind of revolution, whether right wing or left wing, although I know it might come to that. “When in the course of human events….”

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We only need about three big changes to essentially “fix” the United States and make things much better: Nationalize the banks, put in a progressive fair and flat tax and have publically funded elections. And the huge greed of the investment bankers is NOT the Jews fault, it’s just that most of the top bankers happen to be Jewish. Even just Trump’s tax plan alone, or better, a slightly progressive fair and flat tax might be enough to fix the economy enough. Trump’s tax plan is halfway to a fair and flat tax and he would impose term limits on Congress, which might be “doable,” whereas getting publically funded elections probably is not. Please understand that revolutions traditionally accomplish nothing. Is Germany better off now than in 1938? How about the Russian people, are they better than they were in 1917? As God is my witness, just do the three reforms mentioned and the United States will prosper. It is NOT Obama’s fault that the laws being passed these days by Congress suck. Obama is bipartisan. It is the fault of Congress and the far-right wing billionaires who essentially write our laws via their lobbyists, and have got America conned into thinking they should be right wing. If you can’t limit lobbyists any other way, at least limiting terms of office lessens their influence by making congressmen less dependent on them. Obama denies Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News, his KeyStone XL pipeline, costing him $100 billion, and you expect fair news coverage from Fox? You gotta be kidding me. Perhaps it is too late, perhaps we must have a revolution. Only God knows. But I feel that electing Donald Trump would be enough for now.

All the ruling elite seem to care about is money and power and possessions, and the expression of this is the New World Order. See These 13 Families Rule the World: The Shadow Forces Behind the NWO (New World Order) on Humans are Free. Humans are awakening, we are demanding better lives, and the whole reign of these families is in jeopardy. Therefore they are tightening the screws and trying maintain the status quo (or even make it worse for “us”) and keep us down. If we do not elect Donald Trump, I fear there may be some sort of real revolution. I do hope and pray not. President Obama I do pray for your soul and also for your help, for I feel there is a lot of the “good Obama” left in you. Your time as President is almost over and you must fear, if nothing else, for the judgment of history. “How will you raise your hand when they call your name?” One day, too, you will face a greater judgment than this. I DO know that whatever happens, we must keep God in it and make it truly caring, (AND sharing) society, or all our efforts will fail. Money is evil and big money is very evil indeed. Jesus would say, as have others, “the only true revolution is a revolution of the heart.” Humanity stands on the cusp of greatness, but as Jackson Browne said, “just as easy it could all disappear.” I know deep down in my heart, that if we don’t soon build a more caring, sharing society we can kiss it all goodbye. May God save the United States and her suffering people and all who suffer around the world. Amen and May it Be.

New Quotable Quotes by Paul Evans

“QUOTE ME,” by Paul Evans: “Being kind, makes you kind, and living like Jesus actually taught, makes you like Jesus. Misusing the abilities you gain this way is always punished by God.”

“QUOTE ME,” by Paul Evans: “Good intuition is logical, and good logic is intuitive. You get that by opening the corpus callosum. By being truly kind and considerate, even when it costs. And a partially open corpus callosum can mean a lot of pain.

“QUOTE ME,” by Paul Evans: “The thing about “fame” and having a lot of people notice you is that it has two major disadvantages: When you get “up there,” the air gets rarified and hard to breathe, and the fall is a lot harder to live through. It’s best to try to remain humble.

“QUOTE ME,” by Paul Evans: “The more entities you have to deal with, the more difficult your life gets. ‘To learn, you accumulate day to day, to practice Tao, one simplifies.’ (~ Lao Tse). I’d recommend that you simplify, before it’s too late.”

Monty Python – Merchant Banker Sketch

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