Peace! — Transfusions with Synthetic Stem Cell Blood

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PEACE, and AN INSPIRATION FROM GOD: It occurred to me:
Given that we can now produce artificial stem cell blood,
involving no abortion, why NOT take this very youthful,
very germinative blood (which is LIKE embryonic
stem cell blood) and do full blood transfusions with it
for old people, and really a whole lot totally rejuvenate them.

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July 20, 2017
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Peace! — Transfusions with
Synthetic Stem Cell Blood

Could There Really Be a Simple Way
to Virtual Immortality?? (Drive carefully…)

The Daily Walk with Miracles, republished July 20, 2017, by Paul Evans. This is in memory of my father, Dr. Jack E. Evans, WWII marine officer, ASA, AFSIA, NSA, CIA and a Yale Ph.D. in Russian language and literature, (1925-2012, R.I.P.). I am a spiritual, charismatic Christian, I am quite “psychic,” and dad is one of my main spirit guides. He always used to say, “The difficult we do at once, the impossible takes a little longer,” I also want to thank my special friends on Facebook, from my PlentyOfFish – (my dating profile on the largest free dating website, POF). This article is hereby placed in Creative Commons (you can copy this, but please give a link). I especially thank the Great God YWH who gave me this particular inspiration, about two-three years ago, for ALL people to use and benefit from. Amen. Giving credit where credit is due the original basic idea came from a Raw Story article.

Today’s Bible reading from The Official King James Bible Online is 2 Timothy 8-10, a greeting from Paul to Timothy (suggested: read this whole chapter.

See How to Live Longer, Healthier Lives, The Daily Walk with Miracles, July 20, 2017, by Paul Evans; and on a more political note see Will Nursing Home Patients Continue to Be Able to Live Independently?: I’m pretty disgusted with the Republican Party in their mis-handling of a decent replacement bill for Obamacare. They couldn’t come up with decent legislation and what they did have they couldn’t muster enough support for: maybe because it was “wrong” legislation. So maybe it’s time for a third party.

And I’m not the only one talking about this stem cell blood transfusion phenomenon: See Immortal Stem Cells Let Scientists Create an Unlimited Supply of Artificial Blood, Science, March 28, 2017, by Fiona MacDonald; and Could artificial blood soon be on tap? Scientists crack the code for making an unlimited supply using immortal stem cells, Daily Mail, March 24, 2017, by Daisy Dunne.

So we have all these incredible advances in healthcare technology. We would do well to be careful about all this, just as the Hippocratic Oath warns physicians to “first do no harm.” Doesn’t the Bible speak of a great increase of knowledge in the end times? We should be very careful we don’t use this artificial blood and create some kind of monsters, right? I hope they are very careful and not stingy in the human trials. (Did you know that in the human trials for avian flu vaccine, 500 people had severe neurological issues? I take bird flu innoculations only because I have COPD and breathing issues, and especially need to avoid getting the flu, but I’m not happy about it.) It does seem to me that if “they” can control the exact nature of the blood they put into you, I’m not even sure that’s a good thing. However, potentially this is Very Useful. In regard to all this, the Apostle Paul also warns us, in 1 Corinthians 13:2 – “And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity [(“charity” is a larger conception in the Bible than “love,” but similar and understood by all)], I am nothing.” Also please see the whole chapter, 1 Corinthians 13, which is excellent for today’s subject.

SUMMARY: PEACE, and AN INSPIRATION FROM GOD — It occurred to me: Given that we can now produce SYNTHETIC, artificial stem cell blood, involving no abortion, why NOT take this very youthful, very germinative blood (which is LIKE embryonic stem cell blood) and do full blood transfusions with it for old people, and really a whole lot totally rejuvenate them. It could be done with current technology and known methods. I believe it would necessitate “typing” the particular stem cells with the blood type wherein it was to be used, but it’s entirely doable for everybody, and NOT offensive to God at ALL. We could all live VERY long lives. This idea first came to me about 3-4 years ago on the old “Evans Liberal Politics” website, via an article in my left wing sister website, the Raw Story, but the idea of actually using blood this way, I believe is an inspiration from God.

See Could artificial blood soon be on tap? Scientists crack the code for making an unlimited supply using immortal stem cells,, March 24, 2017, by Daisy Dune.

See Synthetic Blood Is About To Go Through Human Trials, The Huffington Post, April 12, 2017, by Zac Thompson, Outspeak Editor:

Every two seconds someone in the United States needs blood. In the U.S. alone, 41,000 donated pints are needed every day and although an estimated 38 percent of the population is eligible to donate blood, less than 10 percent of that eligible population actually do each year.

That’s why we need synthetic blood. There have been decades of failure in making a usable blood substitute but now, scientists from the universities of Bristol, Cambridge, and Oxford have isolated and manipulated stem cells in labs to produce red blood cells.

Their goal is to make red cells for patients with complex blood types because it can be hard for them to find donors. In the future, lab-grown blood could revolutionize medical care by providing a far reaching solution to keeping people in need supplied with blood regardless of type or donor.

Thanks for that, Zac. I’m sure when I first came out with my ideas on synthetic, artificial stem cell blood, many of you thought I was nuts: This article at the Huffington Post is vindication for me. I used to own and write for a blog known as Evans Politics and earlier (before I got sane), Evans Liberal Politics. An investigative journalism blog out of Toledo called The Raw Story had given me the right to republish any or all of their articles and I am very grateful to them. Anyway, about 4 years ago I came across one of their stories to the effect that full blood transfusions for old people using the blood of very young people (or, God forbid, developing, aborted fetuses), resulted in the old people being rejuvenated and made in important ways youthful again. Wow. Thus the basis I guess for real vampires. (Not me.)

But anyway I republished this article and it occurred to me: Given that we can now produce artificial stem cell blood synthetically, and that the use of this blood involves no abortion (or the use of “living” human blood, why NOT take this very youthful, very germinative blood and do full blood transfusions with it for old people, and really a whole lot totally rejuvenate them. In recalling this to people’s attention, I am giving the idea to the medical and scientific community to study. There is no person or unborn life hurt in such a process, and by it I believe that people might youthfully live for several hundred years, or even achieve a practical immortality. OMG perhaps this really has been an inspiration from God, it seems to me.

Perhaps especially watch Race Against the Machine: Andrew McAfee at TEDxBoston, YouTube documentary video – 14:08. Mr. McAfee is very optimistic that artificial intelligence is a probable great enhancement to our shared human future. I’m not really buying it. I’m buying what astrophysicist Stephen Hawking said, that depending on how it’s used, AI is “potentially the best thing, OR the worst thing, to ever happen to mankind.” We really don’t know which yet, do we, but, speaking as a “common man,” I do NOT trust our Illuminati masters in this, do YOU? Also watch The coming transhuman era: Jason Sosa at TEDxGrandRapids, YouTube – 15:37. Also you TV buffs might want to watch The Six Million Dollar Man – (Lee Majors, Barbara Anderson), YouTube – 1:19:50. Read the Wikipedia article on The Six Million Dollar Man. Here, a simple Google Search for The Six Million Dollar Man came out what year brings out the following:

Following three television pilot movies, which all aired in 1973, The Six Million Dollar Man television series aired on the ABC network as a regular episodic series for five seasons from 1974 to 1978. Steve Austin became a pop culture icon of the 1970s.

(1978-79 was about the time I had some issues with mental illness for the first time, too. Like I’ve been sayin,’ none of this is my fault!! It appears that actually I may be some kind of CIA inspired experiment as some sort of transhuman type guy, what is sometimes called a “cyborg.” Thanks for informing me, guys! Well I certainly never volunteered to be an experiment, I just want to get by in life and help my readers. All I ever wanted in life with my websites is to help people understand better, and live somewhat more caring lives, and in that way I try to serve God and particularly the “common man,” about whom I care so much.)

Overall, I think we really need to be careful with these new technologies, maybe slow it down and make sure we get it right. This time, in terms of artificial intelligence, humanity may have only this one chance to “get it right the first time.” Just so long as we keep Bible verses such as Ephesians 4: 31-32, 1 Corinthians 13, and Romans 7:7 in mind. And when is doubt, it’s never a bad idea to simply do the right thing. Take it slower, Microsoft!

See A Gift From God: Cures for Most Infections?, The Daily Walk with Miracles, March 22, 2017, by Paul Evans.

See Autoimmune Issues, Male Sexuality and Antihistamines, The Daily Walk with Miracles, April 1, 2017, by Paul Evans. Even cancer is essentially a misfunction of the body’s autoimmune system, and one area of active research focuses on treating all autoimmune diseases with antihistamines, since the effectively act on the body as if they were some kind of allergy. Actually, some part of the ideas in this article form an area of active healthcare research, such as treating cancer with antihistamines.

See Can Human Growth Hormone Transform Your LIfe?, The Daily Walk with Miracles, April 9, 2017, by Paul Evans, with a full discussion also of the male testosterone hormone supplement DHEA.

JOKE: For a while a few years ago I lived in a very small town (which shall be nameless), and I was renting an apartment but very poor, and not getting by very well at all. Well one day I walked down to the Dollar General and, wanting to pick up a tee-shirt, found they were actually a bit too expensive for me. But I did find one I like I could afford. It had the a very ghoulish face depicted on it, and the words “vampires love you for what’s inside of you.” Sadly, I found that was just a little bit controversial, ROTFL. “Oh, well,” maybe this article makes up for it!

Healing the Feud
Between God and Satan

Hey, it doesn’t matter whether you are a nut for a suntan or like to be up at all hours of the night. You’re still all God’s children to me, and I love you ALL! And those “money” and “sexuality” differences, let’s leave that up to the individual with his or her particular spiritual inspiration and beliefs. And wouldn’t this “fix” in terms of the synthetic ‘stem cell blood,’ in fact, “fix” the feud between God and Satan (and between Rothschild and Putin)? It is a gift of God, I do believe. God Bless everyone, and Blessed Be, too!!

The Who: Blue, Red and Grey

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