Paul Ryan EXPOSED as an Undercover Clinton Operative

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From another Wikileaks revelation, ‘In fact, Paul Ryan’s brother-in-law’s wife
is a district court judge that Hillary Clinton is floating as a possible Supreme Court
nomination, should she be elected in November’

October 28, 2016
Justice is Coming!

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as an Undercover Clinton Operative

I KNEW I really, really didn’t like Paul Ryan.
This is the Pepperoni Pizza of News Stories
Vote Donald Trump in 2016!

The Daily Walk with Miracles, October 28, 2016, by Paul Evans. An extract from BREAKING: UNDERCOVER CLINTON OPERATIVE JUST EXPOSED, ENTIRE REPUBLICAN PARTY FURIOUS, Conservative Daily Post, October 27, 2016, by Martin Walsh, God Bless you Martin. My God, sometimes life is good! The Conservative Daily Post has 419,000 likes on Facebook. Me, too. Video is Paul Ryan Endorses Hillary Clinton – Republican Speaker of the House Favors Hillary over Trump!, YouTube, from back on May 5, 2016, by Mike Dice. God Bless you, too, Mike. The point is, yes, this is way old news, but it speaks to Paul Ryan’s mindset all along. PAUL RYAN IS A CLINTON OPERATIVE, and this give you some idea of just how low Hillary will go. Watch 3rd Force – You gotta be real, YouTube New Age music video – 5:40, and then watch the included video for the John Mellencamp album, The Best that I Could Do, one of his greatest hits albums. All these Christians and moralists who judge me and hurt me repeatedly, which is directly against the teachings of our Savior. Could I ask you good folks to please share this article? People, Donald Trump is the Man. Brothers and Sisters, Peace and Love (but this is politics).

What is the Truth about Election 2016

It’s election time, and the foxes have a sincere interest in guarding the interests of the chickens. I’m sorry, politics is a dirty game. “But first you must learn to smile when you kill, if you want to be like the folks on the hill.” ~ John Lennon, “Working Class Hero,” and see his great MIX of the classic “Real Love” and other wonderful recordings. Maybe we’ll have a caring, sharing society in 200 years (if we might survive that long), like my dad, Dr. Jack E. Evans used to say. OK, shrinks, GET THIS: what schizophrenics REALLY are are autistic mediums who love people so much that they LITERALLY give them a piece of their mind. But if you had a brain you’d KNOW that I am just autistic and MANIC DEPRESSIVE as well as obsessive compulsive, as ANY good blogger is. Like John Lennon said in the song, “I just had to let it go.” Until now.

Here’s another one “they” don’t want you to know. This one I would imagine is just for the rich but here for you is Stephen Hawking Says “Smart Pill” Proven to Double IQ. Apparently the secret ingredient is CHROMIUM, which also essentially reverses diabetes, as in Chromium picolinate, available at many stores. Most people use only 10 percent of their actual brain, but Hawking says that we can not access 100 percent of our brains. Wow. Guess this is me playing the role of Prometheus, giving mankind fire. “Oh, well.”

For REAL change, vote Donald Trump, NOT crooked Hillary. All that yin/yang stuff sometimes seems to me like it’s wrong to me, that the “source” and the Force is Life (but also sacred ARE Light and Love, and this is the Trinity). You CAN’T judge a man based on appearances and you AREN’T supposed to judge a person ever, at all. But you do have to make assessments and I fully support Donald Trump for President in 2016. Just maybe Donald Trump will restore the Republican Party to it’s true destiny as “The Party of Lincoln.” It’s this way: People KNOW they don’t trust the Clintons. Hey, wasn’t NAFTA great? They just suspect they don’t trust Donald, but really, I do trust him. His whole problem is he’s liable to say or do whatever pops into his mind, because he’s genuine, he’s “real,” he’s a patriot, and I am too. Almost any of my lovers from my past: you know I’m easy, you know I really, really wish it could have been different. Ladies, I remain “single and wishing.” Anyone interested I would love to chat with you! My friend and teacher, Paul Yuhanick said that I would know when it was The One when SHE pursued ME a little. God, and CIA, will you send me a nice lady to love and treasure? Ladies, I am over here outside of Wooster, Ohio and sleeping alone, sadly. Basically I feel at this point I will finally find someone or just hang it up. “Arise, awake, sleep not.” Please email Paul Evans at Blessings,

Remember, voters, Hillary would just be “more of the same, only worse.” But actually I truly believe a leopard does not change it’s spots and Obama is actually, final layer of the onion, OK. The President at this point probably wanted you to know. He didn’t have much of a choice in all those sh*tty laws that got passed. Trump will do what he can. See Deutsche Bank turns surprise profit but Cryan warns of ‘tough’ times ahead,, October 27, 2016, by Ben Martin. You SEE, no darned revolution planned or accomplished, at all. But Donald Trump will grant maternity leave, reform the tax code and impose term limits on Congress. Badly needed reforms, which is why the rich b*stards don’t like him, at ALL. This is a people’s sort of revolution, electing a real man of the people, fighting for the common man. Maybe in a Trump administration we can get to the point where 75 percent of all Americans don’t live paycheck to paycheck, in danger of homelessness, and where fully one-quarter of Ohio’s children are not at real risk for hunger, every month.

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IN THE NEWS: See Which Republicans Oppose Donald Trump? A Cheat Sheet, The Atlantic, October 27, 2016, by David A. Graham: “Colin Powell has reportedly announced that he will back Hillary Clinton for president.” Screw Colin Powell, he lied for Bush to get us into Iraq, I guess this is just more of the same, anything for publicity or honors, or maybe a big position in (an entirely theoretical) Clinton administration. [You want the straight dope? You get it on The Daily Walk with Miracles.]

More of Donald Trump
and Hillary Clinton in the News:

See Clinton fails to contain the damage from email leaks, The Hill, Cybersecurity, October 28, 2016, by Jonathan Easley and Katie Bo Williams, yeah, the truth hurts, doesn’t it Hillary.

Also See Huckabee Slams Hillary: ‘She Doesn’t Give a Rip’ About Working-Class People, Fox News Insider, October 27, 2016, as seen on The Kelly File.

See THIS ‘CLINTON INC.’ STORY IS THE LATEST SIGN HILLARY’S CAMPAIGN IS SPUTTERING TO THE FINISH LINE, NewsHub, October 27, 2016, by The Washington Post. What’s the matter, the Post have an attack of conscience or something? “In a normal election, the past four days for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign would be somewhere between ‘really, really bad’ and ‘just plain disastrous.'”

IN THE NEWS: See ‘F*****g Insane’: In Email, Top Hillary Adviser Went Off on Her Use of Private Server, Fox News Insider, October 27, 2016, as seen on Outnumbered.

Also See Judge Jeanine: An ‘Octopus of Connections’ Between Media and Clintons, Fox News, October 26, 2016, as seen on Hannity.

Wow. Watch BREAKING: Michael Moore Admits Trump Is Right, The Alex Jones Channel on YouTube — 23:00.

See especially 1,050 is how many times Ryan and the Ryan budget were talked up on Fox News: The Making of Paul Ryan, Politico, August 24, 2012, by Jonathan Martin, Mike Allen and Katie Glueck. Oh, yeah, his primary ideas include slashing every social program he possibly can, and he’s the genius who pushed slashing food stamps by 50 percent (Officially these food stamps cuts are 5 percent a year for 10 years, very sneaky, and this was all Ryan’s idea.) Funny, my food stamps were slashed from $194 to $63 a few months ago, probably for publishing articles like this. Did you know that MOST people on food stamps HAVE JOBS and most of THEM are single mothers. Ryan, you’re literally taking food out of the mouths of babies. Such a fine, moral Christian man Paul Ryan is. Are there NO patriots left in this whole nation? I believe Donald Trump is in fact a true patriot.

and a Tool of the Monied Establishment

Conservative Daily Post:

Paul Ryan has been running a not-so-secret shadow campaign for Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton and Paul Ryan have many things in common, such as progressiveness, open borders, amnesty, special interest lobbyists, and global worldviews. None of that coincides with Donald Trump’s “America first” approach, and that is very telling.

In a leaked WikiLeaks email, we see more collusion between Paul Ryan and Hillary Clinton. It has been revealed that the Clinton campaign attempted to list a close relative of Paul Ryan as a potential Supreme Court pick.


Hillary Clinton’s campaign circulated the name of one of Paul Ryan’s relatives as a potential Supreme Court pick, suggesting a conflict of interest that could feed in to the Republican Speaker of the House’s dislike for Donald Trump.

An email released in part 19 of the Wikileaks Podesta dump features an article sent by Hillary advisor Sara Solow to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and Hillary’s foreign policy advisor Jake Sullivan on February 29, 2016.

The piece draws attention to Ketanji Brown Jackson, a judge on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

See BREAKING: Wikileaks Dump Reveals DIRECT Connection To PAUL RYAN…, America’s Freedom Fighters, October 27, 2016, by Sean Brown:

It’s another day and there’s a fresh batch of emails from Wikileaks, and this time around we found a connection to House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Ryan claims the reason is that Trump is so outrageous he can’t in good conscious support the billionaire, but a new email from Wikileaks may lend some insight into Ryan’s true reason for being against the people’s candidate – he’s an establishment hack in bed with Washington elites.

In fact, his brother-in-law’s wife is a district court judge that Hillary Clinton is floating as a possible Supreme Court nomination, should she be elected in November.

Brothers and Sisters, Peace and Love! Donald sir, you have to let it go, you can’t get mired down in anger or nastiness because of these idiots selfishness and self-righteous crap and lies. You have to let your anger go. You have to forgive them. May you find peace, whatever the results of the election, and me too. Amen.


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