Paul McCartney – RAM [complete album]

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Here is the First Paul McCartney Album
After Paul Left The Beatles:
“Ram On,” Brothers There Are Just “Too Many People”
Who Don’t Know McCartney’s Great Music

April 2, 2017
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Paul McCartney – RAM
[complete album]

Here is the First Paul McCartney Album
After Paul Left The Beatles:
“Ram On,” Brothers, There’s “Too Many People”
Who Don’t Know McCartney’s Great Music

The Daily Walk with Miracles, updated April 2, 2017, by Paul Evans, with main video of Paul McCartney – RAM [complete album], YouTube — 51:45. Dedicated to Genoa Pharmacy in Wooster, Ohio, as affiliated with The Counseling Centers of Holmes and Wayne Counties in Wooster, Ohio, who have finally “fixed” this suffering soul, Praise God! (Somehow, by His plan, wrong diagnosis, right medicines.) Included photograph is courtesy of Bill Bernstein and and featured photograph is a “Triqueta,” or Irish good luck charm, given by a man to the woman he fancies or loves, which I offer in humble gratitude to my new friend “Jewel,” who is also a new Facebook friend of mine. Thanks for being my friend, Julie.

SUMMARY: Paul McCartney’s first solo album after he left The Beatles, RAM, is a great effort, with his wife (or beloved wife-to-be), Linda, has such great songs as “Too Many People,” “Ram On,” and “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey, which I believe hit Number One on the Charts in 1971. It’s a great listen.

Paul and Linda McCartney, beloved by fans all over the world, courtesy of Bill Bernsein and the Daily Mail

Paul McCartney, sometime lead singer of The Beatles, was a heartthrob to millions of girls all over the world, a while before he was ever associated with the band Wings. He was also a bit of a “sellout” to the Illuminati, but he’s basically a good man in his heart, I feel, and writes and sings great music. In this album, his co-singer is his girl Linda, who soon, if she was not already then, became Linda McCartney, and had a sweet, good and loving relationship with Paul. And did you know Paul McCartney, I believe a Knight of the British Empire now, is still making records, and they are quite good, too?

On this Album, Ram, from 1971 (just a year after the Beatles split up), Paul and Linda celebrate their relationship and sing from the heart. The very first song on the album, “Too Many People,” had a lot of FM airplay on classic rock stations. It speaks of population over-whelming resources, and I was very aware of this song when I attended the World Population Institute representing Wooster High School, at the Batelle Institute. One thing we saw there is that, while, yes, population growth does seem to be out of control, really we have reached an “inflection point” where the RATE of population growth is slowing down, which means ultimately population will stabilize or even decline. If for no other reason, Mother Nature feels the very Earth groaning over the weight of humanity, with islands of trash and garbage two miles wide floating in mid-Pacific. So the population will go down, whether through disease and starvation or, God forbid, some kind of world war, or else, hopefully, through birth control and education, which is what such thinkers as Bill Gates, co-owner of Microsoft, are counting on. Me too. But even if current population trends continue, ultimately earth’s population will stabilize and then decline. It’s just a long, painful journey, but ultimately mankind’s future is in space!

Anyway, “Too many people” is a really cool song I hope you all enjoy. Among the album’s other hits is “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey” which was a number one hit and is just so cool. Hope you like the whole effort, it’s really great for Paul’s first solo album. I believe the video presented below is even the “expanded” edition which has some songs I didn’t even know. I do especially also enjoy “Ram On,” after which song I believe the album was named. Well, everybody, God Bless and keep you!

Paul & Linda McCartney
RAM (full album)

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