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— Wow, I really go back with this one.
I must have bought the LP (vinyl) version of this
very shortly after it came out in 1971. With Paul’s
creativity and voice lending a certain “Beatle-ness”
to it, all of these songs are very pleasant to listen to.
My favorites are “Too Many People” and
“Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey.” There’s a lot to love here
for everyone, even though the whole effect does seem
just a little “odd” for people who were raised up on
“straight Beatles” music and “Beatlemania.”

October 6, 2020
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Paul & Linda McCartney *
Ram * (Did the Beatles really
stop making records in 1971…?)

Paul & Linda McCartney’s
First solo album in 1971

The Music Critic’s Corner (Link to Home page and blog), October 6, 2020, by Paul Evans, video of “Ram” courtesy of Apple Records and YouTube and The Beatles, featured photograph courtesy of Jimmie Nicole and Wikimedia CommonsYouTube.

Did you know, to some extent, great Beatles recordings from every single year since 1971 can be found easily on YouTube by searching for “The Beatles” then pick a year and place that in the search too, and finally add “full album.” They are usually color coded as per the 2CD “White Album,” and so we have “The Black album,” the “Orange album,” the “Grey album,” etc. There was also an official release, The Beatles “Love” album, with some “new” songs and more majorly and professionally remixed older songs, which, as I recall, mainly relate to the concept of Love that the album was recorded around. I believe it came out in 2005 and you could buy it in most any store which sold CD’s (or today from such stores as ($12.49 for the DRM-free mp3 download).

In fact, check out all the high quality, digital rights management-free, high-quality (256kbps) mp3 of full Beatles albums at (and make the robots who staff the place happy, lol), or if you prefer the iTunes format, see what Beatles albums they have over at Apple Music. Here is a link to listen to a playlist of the songs from the 2005 Love album on YouTube.

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