Paul Evans: Who I Am & What I Believe In

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— Letting you all know what happened to me
and what I believe about various issues.
I’m an obsessive blogger, but I am an (unusually) kind,
nice, affectionate man, open to relationships
with Ohio women especially. Or if you’d just like a friend
and a pen pal, hey, I’m here for you! I’m really tired,
of people slandering me, and being misunderstood as to what
positions I really stand behind, so here is “my truth.”
Ladies, email Paul

August 15, 2019
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

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The Daily Walk with Love

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Paul Evans: Who I Am
and What I Believe In

I am TIRED of trying to avoid pain by being evasive,
(And people are so badly ready to judge anyone…)
so here is the REAL Truth about Paul Evans
and what my personal, political and economic views
really consist of.

The Daily Walk with Love (link to Home page and blog), republished August 15, 2019, by Paul Evans. Dedicated to anyone who ever had faith in me or showed me a kindness.

By some accounts (read Dan Brown’s book The Holy Grail), there are about 139,000 descendants of Jesus (And really, that is just a wild guess, but maybe it’s somewhere in the ballpark.) Read the book before you decide.

(with an expanded and updated introduction I hope you all will read). This is both personal and a frank revelation on where I truly, truthfully stand on issues and what kind of a person I am. It also includes another short but frank discussion of “what has happened to me.” Included is a video concert by Gordon Lightfoot, GORDON LIGHTFOOT IN CONCERT 1972, courtesy of Gordon Lightfoot and YouTube. (I’ve reconsidered who my absolute, favorite artist is, and very likely it is Gordon Lightfoot), especially in his early years, plus maybe Santana, Collective Soul, U2 and maybe really anything we listen to on YouTube that we like enough so that we publish it here. I am incredibly grateful to YouTube for letting me use all their fine music and documentary videos… God Bless You! — (I enjoy listening to ANY good music). All of Gordon Lightfoot’s music is great to listen to in any way (vinyl, CD, YouTube), it’s beautiful, touching and some of it is quite prophetic, too. Dedicated to my new friends everywhere, and anyone who might like to get to know me better, but particularly Ohio women or NSA or CIA ladies who might want a friend. To really get inside my head read “Quotable Quotes” – Confessions of an Internet Addict, updated recently in 2018, by Paul Evans, which are my own best ‘quotable quotes.’ I try hard to make an open, sincere honesty be a hallmark of this website as well as my life. Featured photograph of owner Paul Evans is from October 3, 2017.

Other web pages I like, which will let you know more about my beliefs and what I am working on include Paul Evans: The Story of My Unique Family (from January 10, 2018); and Single Men to Date in Ohio: Me, Paul Evans (from February 5, 2018) both published as you can see, recently on The Daily Walk with Love. I am 62 and I just hope some nice lady who might like a good friend (and maybe much more) will send an email to or open up a chat with me via my new email address of I just bet if you dated 100 guys, you wouldn’t find a nicer, more kind and gentle, smart and also more affectionate AND loyal guy. Anyhow, thanks for reading my page. (Scammers, please realize, I am too poor to send you money for anything, or a iTunes card. As is written, “you can’t get blood out of a turnip,” lol, sorry.)

Any kind soul liking any of my content and wanting to help me (or just wanting to say hi) should first send an email to Paul Evans, If anyone Really likes my site, I really would appreciate a sponsor, and in return I would design and publish a good ad for you at the top of every page in the sidebar. Thank you and God Bless you all!!

Addition & Revision of January 12, 2017 (these first three paragraphs): I would sum up my political, economic and personal views this way for you, since I guess you ought to know, personally I am somewhat Libertarian, economically I am liberal (mostly) and in terms of social matters I am fairly conservative. When I say I am economically liberal, I am thinking about FDR’s or LBJ’s brand of economics, NOT “neo-liberalism, which you might describe as “Republican-lite). With Republican Presidents or Democrats, I particularly blame the “Rubinite school of economics in the previous three presidencies: Larry Summers, Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner. These three put us far down the road to economic destruction and likely collapse. I’m not sure either party, Democratic or Republican, still represent the people or truly cares about us, and I think — even if we don’t win the first couple elections — it’s about time to get behind a decent third party, such as the Reform Party. See Time for a Revolution in Politics?, The Daily Walk with Love, December 15, 2017, by Paul Evans. Also see an older article I need to revise and republish, Political Ideology versus Caring, which I have very recently updated and republished, by Paul Evans.

I’m in some ways a New Deal Democrat (or at least economically liberal) — read “generous” –) who nonetheless is quite familiar with economic reality and realizes the full need for austerity. Unlike so many of my fellow economic liberals, I’d much rather see new, innovative solutions to problems rather than just “throwing money at them.” Republicans, stuff like that is easy to say, you’re so corrupt, it’s really hard to support any of your ideas. Right now BOTH parties are corrupt in their own way, or at least lacking in solutions for ordinary Americans. I always liked Ross Perot’s and Ralph Nader’s Reform Party, but it’s fallen on hard times. Soo…maybe the Green Party?? Also, I’m usually for peace over war (peace through strength) and generally anti-abortion but pro-birth control and realistic sex ed.

I HATE Trump’s tax plan, which will serve to put us deeper in debt, make the rich richer, and possibly put us into a Depression which could be really bad. As usual, the little guy gets stiffed. I supported Donald Trump because Bernie Sanders lost to Clinton and I knew of and rejected the over-weening corruption and lack of capability of Hillary. I thought Donald Trump would do better than he has (in terms of help for the common man and the poor), but I will say that he is no disaster and most of the problems he faces were large before he took office. The CIA also supported Donald Trump, right from the beginning, and I think we both seemingly made a mistake, except that in the final analysis, there really wasn’t any other choice. America is crying out for REAL tax reform and a slightly progressive fair and flat tax, and hopefully federally funded elections or term limits. Lacking that, I think we’re basically headed into economic disaster. Mostly because of greed. When it does happen (believe me, it will, probably in 2019 or 2020, I do hope and pray that the people support Donald Trump, a good man and a solid leader.

From my music video article The Who — Who Are You (1978):

Economic liberalism such as I have (in large measure) espoused is NOT communism. Pope Francis stated that “helping the poor isn’t Communism, it’s the Gospel” (even if the Pope is too much of a globalist for my taste, he seems to be a good, faithful man). One generalized definition of “liberal” is “generous.” I’m personally an economic liberal and the rest somewhat conservative in some regards, and also I fully DO understand the absolute necessity for economic austerity, as President Trump should hopefully soon be instituting, and pray that you do, too. Pretty soon as economic collapse is looming SOON, you may find out what a more communistic lifestyle is (I am for a caring, sharing society, but not traditional Communism, rather, I feel we MUST have a slightly progressive fair and flat tax with a full revision of the tax code). ([Personally I’d nationalize the banks, too, but I realize that is fully unlikely. When Bill Clinton removed Glass-Steegle, which had separated investment banks from savings banks, the handwriting was on the wall. ]) If you insist on ordering the economy in terms of economic growth, a mixed economy like China’s seems to work best. I personally am a spiritual, charismatic Christian. I know in my heart that the Bible and the early Christian church support a sharing society, with such phrases from Acts such as “and they held their goods in common.” For a long time I went to a church which taught the study of spiritualism as understood by various world religions (and NOT witchcraft, although there were witches there). “Judge not, lest ye be judged” is pretty straightforward, my fellow Christians. If you’re looking for somewhere to “find yourself,” I STILL think the Unitarian-Universalists ( are not a bad place to start your journey. I personally am United Church of Christ, and MY church walks the walk and has no membership tests, either. (Plus, I used to attend a great little Disciples of Christ church (the Overton Community Church) locally where I lived for many years northwest of Wooster, Ohio.) Are we CLEAR on that now, people?

I ask my Christian brothers and sisters to please pray for me, as my own faith is really still at times far too weak, mainly, I feel, because I don’t understand why God has not yet given me a wife. I do realize that it is written that first I should seek the Kingdom of God, I guess I am just another obsessive blogger. Life has anesthetized me to having many “feelings” like I know “normal” people have…it’s really hard for me to access positive emotions any longer. But I am a kind, nice guy and enjoy a good comedian much as anyone. I need some strong, good TLC, ladies. I don’t understand why I’m alone, it really hurts me as a man and a human being to be alone, and seems almost to me a singularity in the world of happy couples I see around me. But there’s a lot of this going around: I understand more than half of baby boomers are single now. But, (Oh, OK), “why me, Lord.” I do beg God to relent and send the right woman into my life. Amen.

I’ll stick with this article, it sums up me, Paul Evans, fairly well. I’m sorry, God, I try to repent of my lustful sexuality rather often, but I do need a good woman in my life, and one also that is open to “naughty adventures” with me. I don’t think that makes me a hypocrite, only a flawed human being like the rest of us, and one who is specifically NOT a hypocrite about my needs. We are ALL sinners before God and need his special Grace in our lives. (See for example Romans 7:7.) Any ladies interested in a relationship please write to me, Paul at and thanks for reading about me. What I’d really like to see is some UNITY in the Christian community backing President Trump, and HONESTY that most of us are just human and that it’s un-natural and almost in a way a negation of our true humanity to try to lead non-sexual lives, the prudish nature of the Pauline epistles notwithstanding.

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Paul Evans owner of The Daily Walk with Miracles in February, 2017

My dad, with whom I lived almost all my life, was a WWII vet, NSA, CIA and a Yale Ph.D. in Russian language and literature. (Dad had me read ALL that Russian literature, but that included Solzhenitsyn, so though I’m sympathetic to socialism and value a caring, sharing society, I would prefer not to much support “big C” Communism, and also I am NOT even a socialist — don’t believe in government ownership of the means of production) and in fact do NOT think it’s the best way to base a society. Dad, and his dad, was basically a New Deal democrat (and for a long while me too) who grew a bit more conservative but was (and is, spiritually) fully loyal to the U.S. Me too, but I have been homeless several times and know society’s evil and hypocrisy about money, which can make a little anti-social in my heart of hearts. Not that, like anyone else, I don’t enjoy the finer things in life, I’m just basically pretty poor. You really can’t understand the true evil of money, sometimes, unless you’ve come to have nothing at times. I have sometimes thought it might be a good idea, for children who reach age 18, to have a period of national service (as in the Peace Corps, the National Guard, etc.) in which the kids had to live in conditions of semi-poverty. In this way children of rich folks would learn what it is like for “the other half” and would perhaps not be quite as selfish. I now support Donald Trump and hope and pray for the best.

I was a Unitarian-Universalist most of my life and still belong to their Service Committee, which I note helped liberate Jews as a resistance in Spain during WWII. I joined the United Church of Christ in the beginning of 2009 and like to go to the Wooster, Ohio Trinity UCC for their free breakfasts with my “second family” of charismatic Christian brothers. However I recently have mostly attended a Disciples of Christ church, the local Overton Community Church, which I am coming to appreciate more and more, and though I don’t get out that way much any more, I always felt very accepted there. I believe in unconditional love and being kind when you can. I have found that it is actually true that being kind makes you kind, and living like Jesus really taught makes you like Jesus, and like Jesus, I don’t like hypocrisy. But I live on disability and am very grateful to society for what I have, it is a great kindness and goodness that society does this for the less fortunate.

No matter what snares the Illuminati may set up for me, through my mind or otherwise, I keep coming back to my essential Christianity and it has always seen me through the travails of life, and God Willing, will for a considerable time to come.

Personally while I have sympathy with the Russians and even the Chinese, I am NOT terribly pinko any more though I do believe in charity and in loving my neighbor as myself, personally, as God gives me opportunity. Mostly these days it is not with money, but instead hopefully what I work on and write here. I do not think getting to Communism is worth 60 million dead in the Gulags (under Stalin alone) and still believe in the Democratic process. I do KNOW that mankind is at a tipping point and we could break through to another level of a more mindfully aware, simultaneous NOW sort of One World or we could go extinct. The outcome, I believe, is fully in God’s hands. I know that “we” do not deserve his Grace, yet feel he cares so very much about each and every one of us!

I do believe that it is absolutely essential that we build a more caring, sharing society very soon, but collectively as a society we are hypocritical about money and keep putting off becoming more caring as a society and culture. Ultimately even if we survive I think the U.S. and Russia are likely to go into an alliance, and that there may be WWIII with China, and that somewhere in the neighborhood of one tenth to one third of mankind may well die. It is so sad, and I pray to God that somehow this might be avoided. Ultimately we may get to a more caring, sharing society in about 200 years… IF we make it as a species at all. See The Terms of Peace Between God and Satan on this website from recently. I just wish enough influential people got the message and I ask you to please share this article.

What the Hell Happened

HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED TO ME: In 2005 I wrote a 60 page paper about the pre-socratic Greek concept called “Logos” about the logic and properties of the universe, considered in terms of philosophical idealism, which the witches found very threatening. See The Concept of Logos, which, I do note, has the sole value of CARING. I also joined a Yahoo society of Christian witches (as part of my studies of comparative religion) as well as the primary online Atlantean society, where I corresponded with the Director. All this all brought a HELL of a lot of grief on me…. Then in 2009 I exposed the secret of the funding of the New World Order on my popular politics website…. Actually it was no such legitimate funding (and really didn’t involve security at all) but rather was a giveaway of quite a few billions to major Western banks and corporations. I will go to my grave believing that I DID my patriotic duty to publish this article, but it nonetheless, I believe, brought down a ton of grief on me. So that, given what I have been through, I AM VERY LUCKY TO STILL BE ALIVE. As the Episcopals say, “Life is a gift, for which we are grateful.” At this time I would describe myself as an Anonymous-loving, somewhat conforming nonetheless, libertarian Republican. I stand for the truth and what is good, so far as I am able to know it. I very much supported Donald Trump but wish he’s be a little more caring towards the “little guy” here in America. It SHOULDN’T be root, hog or die, government entitlements serve a positive purpose and should NOT be badly gutted, but as I see it they are almost arbitrary. Who gets disability and who doesn’t, AND who gets a decent disability and who doesn’t, seem both quite arbitrary and perhaps somewhat corrupt. I feel one good constructive thing Trump could do is STOP Social Security money (payments) entirely for those making more than say $120,000 a year. Let people who fall into this category get paid only for the fist $120,000, above which payments stop. I’d LIKE to work the entitlement money through the churches if I were dictator of America, lol.

Other, recent articles I have written which mean a lot to me are Homeless: My Life on the Streets in Akron & Wooster, Ohio, republished recently, The Jesus Model of Ethics, from May 5, and Pope Francis on “the God of Mercy”, republished recently, all here on The Daily Walk with Love.

I am still “single and wishing.” I have somehow never found “the one” for me in my life, despite three engagements (and one hopeless few years with a heroin addict, whom in my vague paranoid ideas I feel may have been “sent into my life” to destroy me in 2009). As a lover I am kind, gentle but intellectually intense and an obsessive blogger who also does the social networking required of a website owner (or at least I should), I am peace-loving and hate arguments but am far from weak, and I am very sweet, sensual and affectionate to my woman (and am a great kisser). Any interested ladies, especially in Ohio, or at least in the U.S., are encouraged to email Paul at (and I WOULD consider relocating). I like keeping up on current events and tech and blogging about that, I LOVE music, photography, the internet and fooling around with computers, but I would devote time to your interests, too, ladies, and I don’t think I can really be happy without a significant other.

See Kid Rock – ‘Only God Knows Why’, The Daily Walk with Love, March 26, 2016, by Paul Evans. I still feel lucky and blessed to have what I have now, I’m just very lonely. Girls?

Gordon Lightfoot

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